Ecuador Beach Lots

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Ecuador Beach Lots

Below is a paid advertisement below for Ecuador beach lots in a new development planned for this beach.


Ecuador’s Pacific is what caused Merri and me to  first fall in love with Ecuador, when we took our first trip up from Salinas into Manabi Province.  We have been traveling Ecuador beaches for 15 years since.

We love the fact that you get the Pacific wildness… yet the water is warm and beaches empty most of the time.

As coastal roads improve and access to the beach from Quito and Guayaquil is shortened, many new developments are appearing  like the one advertised below.

Paid Advertisement

We have recently started a progressive urbanization of 50 hectares, carried out by a group of Canadian investors.

The new Playa San Jose real estate development is 123 acres that runs along the Pacific Ocean, and limited at the other end by the Highway called Ruta del Spondylus (formerly Ruta del Sol). We envision that the project  will be developed, gradually, over 5 years.

Here are…


photos of the land.


The project offers more than 1500 lots from 150 to square meters to 334 sq meters.

We launch the opening for the project ceremony in August 15th 2009


Special rebate until March 31st, 2010.  Reserve with only 10% down and receive 15% discount from list price if paid with in 30 days.  Some restrictions apply to some lots.  Visit web site for more info and enter code (1967) to receive additional discounts.

•    60 month financing is available with only 25% deposit

•    There is 12 km (7 miles) of virgin beach

Plans include:

•    24 hr security.

•    Project realized to comply with the environment.

•    Recovery of used gray waters will be used for watering plants, trees.

•    Rotoplax ecological system septic tanks, transforming solids into organic compost.

•    Underground electrical.

•    Streets and avenues will be interlock pavers, lighted, and treed.

•    Walking and cycling paths.

•    Recycling and garbage services, by laws dealing with parking and motorized vehicle traffic on the entire site. Strict By-Laws dealing with cleanliness, noise, respect of the environment cleanliness of beach etc.


Guard house under construction.

The septic system and well has been completed and…


the guard house is completed

Each owner must purchase a minimum of 1 tree for each 50 square meters of land which she/he owns to ensure that we reforest the site.

The Routa del sol has only been open to this part of the coast for a few years, making it accessible to the public.  This road, along with virgin beaches and panoramic views, will help Playa San Jose grow as a tourist destination.

Access is now extremely easy and the newly resurfaced Ruta Del Spondylus runs through many different landscapes and typical fishing villages.

The native habitat in this area is dry forest, which we plan to preserve but will add other species such as palm trees and fruit trees.

Recovery and recycling of waste water and domestic garbage will make us one of the first ecological urbanized sites in Ecuador.

We have divided the project in three distinctive zones and each will have a different style of architecture:

•    Zone A closest to the ocean
•    Zone B in the center
•    Zone C closer to the highway and Cassa club area

Lots range from the $7,000 to $50,000 range.

For more information contact Frank Thibault at


I am also offering special four week rental rates on this first rental units that is just about completed.  The rental for four weeks stay is $300.00.  This house Is also for sale, treed and landscaped.

Visit our web-site for more information.

Frank Thibault
Skype/frank thibault
Russell, Ont, K4R1C9

End of Paid Advertisement

We have not inspected or visited the property in the advertisement above nor do we know the advertiser. Interested parties should use all normal caution, take care with all due diligence and use an independent attorney in all purchases to check title, contracts and all aspects of the purchase. We highly recommend that interested readers always visit and inspect any property and/or construction before purchasing.


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