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Jyske Global Asset Management seminars in 2010 may help your portfolio survive and grow.

Sadly at a time when American investors need more multi currency investments and a better global view, overseas banks are increasingly restricted from helping US investors.  Anti tax evasion, money laundering and anti terrorism regulations have created so many regulations on banks that increasing numbers of overseas banks have stopped accepting US investors.

Yet at this crucial time when the US dollar has great fundamental weakness, US banks have little experience in helping its clients invest in other currencies.

This is why Jyske Banks upcoming April 2010 Forex Seminar in California may be helpful to you.


I talked about green investing with these speakers at the Jyske 2009 Naples seminar.  Here I am with other speakers, Left to right: Samuel Rachlin,  Rich Checkan, Steve Blumenthal, Joe Cox, John Mauldin, Gary Scott, Lars Stouge. Thomas Fischer Moderating.

Fortunately for me and readers,  Jyske Bank in April 2008 set up Jyske Global Asset management as an Asset Management Company servicing US clients called JGAM.

During the first 9 months JGAM  had to help their US clients cope with the worst financial crisis since the thirties.

They changed the investment strategy accordingly and over weighted their clinets portfolios in defensive investments.  During 2009 they became cautious optimists and began increasing the exposure towards equities and corporate bonds.

All investment decisions in JGAM are carried out by an Investment Committee who meet at least once a month.  Every member in the committee has responsibility for an asset class.

JGAM offers a number of portfolio’s depending on the size ranging from low risk to high risk… with or without leverage.

Since May of 2009 JGAM  also offers managed IRA accounts.

JGAM’s portfolios have performed very well in 2009  and the performance opf their client’s portfolios range from 10-33% depending on size and risk profile.

The IRA portfolios which were established in May 2009 has returned between 12% – 18%.

JGAM offers two types of multi currency service for US investors.

US investors can have a fully managed portfolio or have an advisory account where they make their own decisions.  For clients living in the US the advisory accounts come with many investment restrictions.

Managed portfolios are best for most US resident Americans.

Americans living outside the US can have advisory accounts without limitations regarding the investments.

Jyske Bank Copenhagen is the custodian for all JGAM accounts and for larger clients Jyske offers a VISA debit card associated with the account.

The VISA card comes with restrictions. It is a debit not credit card and normally requires a minimum balance of two times the spending limit PLUS  a minimum  investment account with JGAM of $50,000.

JGAM maintains a close relationship with its clients, makes regular visit to the US and provides a direct phone line for each client to an investment adviser.  JGAM also visits its clients in Ecuador as they participate in seminars that I and International Living conduct in Ecuador.

Beginning in 2009 JGAM also started conducting  their own seminars.

Last years seminar was in Naples Florida.

The 115 delegates reported that they really gained from listening to what we had to say and…


talking among themselves during the coffee brakes and at meals.


One benefit of these seminars is talking to an overseas banker.  Here I am at the seminar  with my Jyske account executive Anders Nielsen.


In April 2010 JGAM will conduct a Foreign Exchange seminar in Laguna Beach California.   In August JGAM will venture with Jyske Bank to conduct a seminar in Copenhagen.

JGAM is a fee based only company. Their only objective is to make money for their clients.   All JGAM employees, as with Jyske Bank,  are on a fixed salary WITHOUT BONUSES.

2009 was an extraordinary year and JGAM does not expect a repeat in 2010 as they expect central banks to begin withdrawing liquidity from the market.

JGAM does expect some interesting theme based investments in 2010. Clean energy will probably play an important role as governments across the globe focuses on the climate.  JGAM believes that the “climate aspect” has to be integrated into future investments, and that such a strategy can offer good returns.

They have already invested in iShares S&P Global Clean Energy Index.

This Exchange Traded Funds (ETF) aims to track the S&P Global Clean Energy Index and offers exposure to 30 of the largest publicly listed companies around the world that are involved in clean energy related businesses.

JGAM expects many country’s to tighten monetary policy (Australia and Norway have already started) which will create tension and volatility in the currency market.

JGAM plans to take advantage of these investment possibilities also in 2010.

Merri and I will join JGAM  at their Laguna Beach seminar where you can be introduced to foreign exchange trading and investing in general. I will speak at the seminar and review my portfolio… why… what and what if.

The Laguna Beach forex seminar will be conducted 30 April  to 2 May 2010.

You will have the opportunity to:

• find out about JGAM’s BRAND NEW upcoming Managed FX Portfolio

• find out how JGAM  use’s currencies in our portfolios

• find out how you can take advantage of the profit
opportunities available with foreign exchange trading

• learn about and ask any FX questions that you didn’t dare to ask

• discuss key foreign exchange topics in greater depth than normal

• network with currency experts and JGAM’s experts.

For more details about the seminar contact Thomas Fischer at fischer@jgam.com