Spontaneous Ecuador

by | Jan 30, 2010 | Archives

Ecuador is a country where it is easier to be spontaneous.

It’s the weekend.  Are you trying to decide what to do?

Be spontaneous! In a moment I’ll share why being unreasonable is reasonable and good.

For example, maybe you’ll decide to just jump on a plane and fly down to Ecuador.

The air fares war can help make this inexpensive and easy.  The fareCompare.com note Merri just received shows that air fares from Atlanta just dropped 20% ($123) to only $557 for a round trip fare.


The idea of being spontaneous came from a note our son Jake (who is a trainee attorney in Bristol, England) wrote:

Dad, I finished work on Friday night and realized I had a rare free and clear weekend ahead of me and thought it would be nice to get back to the Villa for some peace and quiet and to relax.

I wondered how best to get back and thought – ‘I’m in no hurry – I’ll just walk.’

So I spent the weekend walking the 40 miles of Cotswold Way/National Trail it takes to get back to Witcombe from Bristol.

It was marvelous! – and a wonderful reminder of how profoundly lovely our Gloucestershire landscapes are.

Here are a few images from the trail (and one from the end of Day 1 in the pub-The Black Horse Inn at North Nibley) warming my feet by the fire.

I hope you all had nice weekends yourself.  Love.  Jake

Jake took…


some great shots… morning mists and…


the day awakening with…


stunning views of the Cotswolds and…


daily life in the English countryside until…


dusk overwhelmed the nature of the day and brought cozy delights by the fireplace at a Gloucestershire pub.


What a nice spontaneous adventure! You can see why Merri and retain our right to live in Great Britain.

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However Merri and I find it easier to be spontaneous in Ecuador than in Europe or North America. Facilities are not so rigid. There are not so many fears. Prices are so low that it matters less if things don’t turn out as expected…but wasn’t it great that Jake just decided to walk 40 miles through the countryside!  We just love that.

Spontaneous is good because it helps us escape the tyranny of reason.

Reason…as defined by the mindset of the society in which we live…does not always make sense.

One of the most enlightening understandings gained from 42 years of global travel is that every society has a different definition of “reasonable”.

It is fascinating that entire societies place great importance on some thing or some thought that other societies do not think of, or even know, at all.

This fact is important because clear vision in business and investing can be hard to attain unless we escape the reasonable mind sets that surround us…because these mindsets often are not really reasonable.

Clear vision is vital for fighting inflation by spotting distortions in real estate, commodities or shares and business.

The global marketplace we live in requires us to adapt more than we did 

in the “good old days” (1970s-80s)  when investing was easier.

Back then, the US government was conducting a “Guns and Butter” policy that cost more than the government’s income. The political idea was great…spend now…let the next government worry about the payback…if you are a short term thinker.

Good or not, politically it was bad economically and the deficit spending caused the US dollar to fall versus industrialized currencies where governments (especially Germany and Japan) were more fiscally prudent.
   So investing and business was easy. Just staying out of the US dollar was enough to guarantee extra profits.

Then the prudent governments learned deficit spending as well…Germany to finance the buy back of East Germany….Japan to bail out an economic meltdown.

Other (most in fact) governments hopped on the deficit spending band wagon as well.

 Today, one great social economic problem everyone faces is the destruction of purchasing power of many currencies, all over the world, all at the same time.

Investing in the playground of currencies now is like trying to choose the rising tetter totter on the playground, when all all the teeter totters are going downhill on a slide.

We are living in global inflation.

For most people, this is bad.

Yet inflation creates fortunes for those who know what to do.

There are numerous ways to profit and stay ahead of inflation. Because the world has been so dollar and currency oriented for such a long time, our intuition is a better guide to informed decision-making and problem solving skills, than reason.  Intuition and its forms of spontaneous wisdom, can be powerful navigational tools that escape the tyranny of reason when we are faced with questions that cannot be humanly answered.

We should not abandon logic… and we always need to make sure that we exercise the three Cs…Caution, Clarity and Comprehensive.

This comprehensive view is especially important…yet hard…because change, by its nature, is caused by the majority being wrong.

Investing in change is buying when everyone wants to sell… and vice versa.

This requires two Addtitional Cs, Confidence and Courage.

Investing in change requires a broader horizon to see what everyone around you does not.

Where can we get this view that goes beyond the common logic?  One path to intuitive wisdom is spontaneity.

So this weekend… whether you are in Ecuador, Canada, England, the US or wherever… if you feel a whimsical thought… follow it.  You may find yourself enjoying a spontaneous adventure that is wiser than you would think.


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