Ecuador Rose Savings

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First, excuse my error.  Our message this morning dropped a link that showed an Ecuador beach condo for $23,000.

I’ll share this link in a moment.

First wow!  Our Ecuador Valentine’s roses offer a great savings.

I have been watching the price of roses in Publix Supermarket and they are running up to $1.99 a stem.

The Ecuador Valentine’s roses available through us are a far superior product… much fresher and larger at only $1.78 per stem…  including Fedex delivery to your (or your Valentine’s) door step.

How much can Ecuador roses cost from other Ecuador suppliers?  I was just sent a clip of an Ecuador rose seller interviewed on Orlando TV

He is asking $340 for just a dozen red roses!  They are really special roses but Wow!

See our Ecuador Valentines roses (50 for $89 including Fedex delivery to your or your Valentine’s home) here.

Second on the subject of Value…

During these tough economic times we have added value to our seminars… four days instead of three and we just added two more contacts who will be available for you to meet at our Mt. Dora course.

Merri and I had originally planned for you to meet seven magnificent speakers and contacts at our upcoming seminar who can help enhance your health and wealth.

Quantum Health…. Sheri Clary. Sheri helps us with our health.  Sheri is a nurse practitioner who with her husband, James Clary MD, have been helping delegates learn natural ways to improve their health.  Specializes in hormonal balance using bioidentical compounds.  Sheri will share ways to increase longevity and enhance health.

Quantum Investing… Ted Tidwell.  Ted is the founder of 1st Envirosafety the maker of Ted’s Stuff… a colloidal compound that has been helping farmers globally as well as helping create global business opportunity for Americans and Canadians moving abroad. Ted will talk about ways to develop an import business.

Quantum Asset Protection… Joe Cox. Joe has been my friend and attorney for more years than I care to remember.  He specializes in estate planning, insurance, trusts and taxation is a frequent speaker on tax planning topics such as income taxes, insurance trusts, irrevocable trusts and offshore asset protection trusts. He has also written hundreds of articles and books concerning income tax and irrevocable trusts.

Joe is listed in Who’s Who in America and Who ’s Who in American Law. Chosen by Florida Trend Magazine as one of the top 1.6% of lawyers in Florida and one of the top 34 Wills, Trusts, & Estate Planning lawyers. Chosen by Worth Magazine to be one of the top 100 attorneys in the Nation.

Joe will outline the latest tax and asset savings strategies.

David Crossour webmaster who will explain ways to start our own global internet business.

Thomas Fischer… former currency trader and international investment banker for over two decades. Thomas will look at where to invest now.

Other contacts at the seminar to answer questions are

Anders Nielsen my Danish investment adviser for nearly 20 years.

Shirley Peacock, the real estate broker we use to find Smalltown Florida real estate.

Now we have added two more contacts who will join us in Mt. Dora.

Jeff Neal, a realtor/broker with Ashe High Country Realty will be on hand to discuss real estate potential in Smalltown North Carolina where we have also invested and live.

Eric and Maggie Schwartz, who have lived and done business in Ecuador for 25 years, own the Amazonian La Selva Enviro Lodge, a busy Ecuador travel agency and who specialize in Galapagos tours will also be on hand to meet you and answer questions.

Finally here is the link I missed this morning.  See Ecuador Beach Condo to see the $23,000 beach condos near Ecuador’s beach.


This is the last day to gain the largest savings on our Ecuador tours.

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