Ecuador Wonders

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There are many Ecuador wonders such as…


these shoes that tell a tale of…


mystical Lake Quicocha… mist shrouded and serene… a place where the shamans go and…


so do our Ecuador shamanic minga tours for…


purifying shamanic ceremonies.   They begin on the shore and then…


off with the shoes and…


into the lake where…


with this shaman we…


bury our intentions, sharing them… with the water and the earth… creating positive frequencies.

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Thoughts of Ecuador wonders began last week when our grandson uncovered this right handed shell in our back yard.


The conch shell is revered by wise men all over the world because it unfolds on the golden mean which is a 1 to 1.6 ratio.  This is ratio at which nature, in its healthy state, unfolds… a fundamental measure that permeates almost everywhere, including crops, flowers and the growth of shells.

The actual golden ratio is about 1.618033988749894848204586834365638117720309180.

Some believe the golden ratio is the unique ratio that symbolically links each new generation to its ancestors, preserving the continuity of relationship as the means for retracing its lineage.

This was discovered by Fibonacci and the ratios appear in the ratio of the number of spiral arms in daisies, in the chronology of rabbit populations, in the sequence of leaf patterns as they twist around a branch, and a myriad of places in nature where self-generating patterns are in effect.

Leonardo da Vinci used the Golden Ratio in his painting of The Last Supper in both the overall composition (three vertical Golden Rectangles, and a decagon (which contains the golden ratio) for alignment of the central figure of Jesus.

Shamans in Ecuador begin ceremonies blowing a conch trumpet because they know that the frequency emitted is created by this Golden Mean, 1 to 1.6 expression of nature… the rate at which nature expands.   Hearing this frequency helps integrate the brain, body mind and soul.  The frequency balances all living things.

This belief is not unique to Ecuador.


Wise people from around the world blow conch trumpets at ceremonies. Here is a picture of a Fijian blowing a conch.


Here is a young Buddhist priest with a carved conch and these…


Hindu pundits began their Puja blowing the conch.


Here is a Mexican shaman in full regalia blowing a conch.

That’s a wonder in Ecuador and around the world.  You can hear the sound of a conch trumpet at Wikepedia.


We were really excited when our grandson found this shell buried in our back yard.


Conch shells have deep significance and are used in a variety of ways from culture to culture- worship, instruments of war, containers, and in many types of jewelry.  The overwhelming majority of  shells have spirals opening on the left side when observed with the face in front and crown pointed down.   This is the spiral normally seen in nature.

The right-handed conch which opens on the left, is known as the “Sri Lakshmi Conch”, is extra special and is believed in the Hindu culture to bring abundant blessings on the possessor.  These special conch shells call Sri Lakshmi and help generate intelligence, success, and worldly freedom.  According to tradition, opening on the right (or Dakshinavarti) side, is an extremely low-probability genetic variation; this number has been reported within oral tradition as a rarity of 1 in 100,000,000.

So we were impressed until we realized this is a right handed Lightening Whelk.  That spin though rare overall is common with the shell in our back yard. Most spiraling shells open to the right with the rare specimen opening to the left.  Not the Lightning Whelk. Its Latin name, Busycon contrarium, indicates its contrary nature. The Lightning Whelk scientific name is Busycon sinistrum. Sinistrum is Latin for left.

So this shell was not such a wonder after all… though still rare because Lightening Whelks normally grow about one foot in length though 15 inches has been recorded.  This shell in our back yard is 16 inches… so maybe it’s a rare wonder.

Whether it is or not, the shell sparked some thoughts on rare wonders.

Perhaps this was because our son just sent a note about  a rare wonder in Mexico.

Mexico’s Cave of Crystals stunned geologists when it was first discovered in 2000. The underground chamber contains some of the largest natural crystals ever found – some of the selenite structures have grown to more than 10m long. Professor Iain Stewart got a rare glimpse of the subterranean spectacle while filming for the new BBC series How the Earth Made Us.  See a glimpse of a Mexican rare wonder the cave of crystals

Ecuador Rare Wonders.

Some of Ecuador’s rare wonders include the Galapagos.


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The Amazon.

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Some Ecuador caves are also a wonder. Cueva de los Tayos (Spanish, “Cave of the Oilbirds”) is a natural cave located in the Amazon.

They run almost three miles and are  largest of three entrances is a 65 meter deep shaft leading to 4.6 kilometers of spacious passages and a chamber measuring 90 meters by 240 meters. The cave has a vertical range of 201 meters with its lowest point.

The sacred LLanganatis valley is a wonder. Legend says Atahualpa’s treasures are stored there.


Here is Merri and me, with a friend, hiking in the LLanganatis.

There is a wonderous sacred grotto near Cotacachi where the water flows out the color of…


a golden sunrise.  Our shamanic mingas have…


purifying ceremonies here.


One of our delegates at the sacred grotto.

There are the Santa Cruz lava tubes mentioned in a message about a Galapagos farm for sale.


To me however the really great wonder in Ecuador are the people.

Ecuador may have…


good times, or…


bad. But I hope…


that these pictures I have shot of…


people in Ecuador, reflect…


the gentle nature of the Ecuador’s people because…


in the end the…


reaction to events in any country is determined by…


the nature of the people.   Here’s a photo I took of President Correa.  The fact I could get so close in a crowd to El Presidente is a statement about Ecuador in itself. He may turn out to be a good leader or not but…


the fate of…


Ecuador… is in the…


nature of the people.  Merri and…


I have enormous respect for the…


connection that Ecuador’s people have with…


the wonder of…


this land called…



I hope you find your weekend filled with wonder.


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