Low Ecuador Airfare Update

by | Jan 12, 2010 | Archives

Here is an excerpt from our latest Low Ecuador airfare update sent to our Ecuador Living subscribers.

Since the Ecuador air fare war began last week, we have been showing our Ecuador Living subscribers how to grab the lowest Ecuador airfares.

Here is a great feed back from a reader far north.

If you are living up north, you know why…


When we are at  North Carolina farm this time of the year our hound dog Ma is disgusted with us. “Go South, Young Man” she exclaims.

Temperatures were consistently hovering and below zero F this last week there. Yet…


Florida was not far enough south!  Temperatures have been freezing in the 20s for almost a week. Here is ice on our orange grove.  We hope that the trees are saved… but this was not the best time to have just purchased an orange grove here.   Such are the plans of mice and men. Our hound is really disgusted. “I said go south… really south” she barks.  She prefers…


roaming in this field on the outskirts of Cotacachi where it never snows… where it never freezes or ever gets near freezing and there is enough sun to burn the unprotected most days.

Travel to Ecuador is now cheap as this note about Ecuador airfares from a reader up north shows who wrote:

Hi Gary & Merri, I plan to travel to Ecuador in March to simply look around and attend your April, 2010 import/export class.

Avianca air fares Toronto to Quito is $715.32 total, taxes @ fees included if you fly Wednesdays & Thursdays.

From Buffalo NY, which is actually closer to us than Toronto, it is only $507.00 return total if you fly on Mondays.

The taxes on Avianca’s flights are much less than USA carriers. Avianca is a Columbian carrier and stops in Bogota
on its way to Quito.

Maybe you can pass this on to your Canadian customers. Johan

507 bucks!  That’s less than my heating bill this month in Florida. If you are up north its probably less than yours as well. Learn more about Avianca flights as an Ecuador Living subscriber.  Learn how to subscribe here and beat the frost.


You can use this tactic to join us for our February or March split sessions in Florida and Ecuador. Use the current fare war to save money and get out of the cold.

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Enjoy a Split session and join us in Florida and Ecuador.  After the Florida course, on Feb. 15-16  we’ll travel to and visit Quito.

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