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Super Thinking enhances health and wealth.

Most people are handicapped by the tyranny of reason and live lives with less potential than they realize they have.

A recent Time magazine obituary of Kim Peek provides a glimpse of the power our minds actually possess. Born without a corpus callosum–the nerve tissue that connects the brain’s hemispheres– Peek (whose life inspired the movie Rainman) was handicapped but had incredible recall.  He could read both facing pages of a book–one with each eye–in seconds and could instantly tell you everything from the day of the week for a bygone date to esoteric facts about sports history or Shakespeare’s canon.  Just about everything he saw… he could recall in perfect detail.

Yet most of us, so bombarded with information…  can retain and recall little of what we see and hear.

We live in a world of  enhanced technological evolution that continually improves the material part of our lives.  Yet as we are enhanced at a faster and faster pace, the rapid change can add stress.

We need super thinking to keep up and stay ahead so we can embrace and enjoy the benefits of change.


Delegates at our Super Thinking courses taught at the Cotacachi museum in Ecuador.

Super thinking shows how to untap the mind’s unlimited learning potential in a way that even improves health. Super thinking clears the memory plus enables a person to become more skilled and intelligent.  Our super thinking sessions upgrade the value of everything else we share… because it is more easily absorbed, retained, recalled and turned into usable information.

There are numerous little known, but scientifically proven, ways to enhance the speed, accuracy and efficiency of the mind, memory, recall, retention and decision making process for greater wealth, health and happiness.

This is not a gimmick or a trick… just advanced education. At least three best selling books, Superlearning, the Mozart Effect and Superlearning 2000 have revealed insights about how to learn and think more powerfully based on systems drawn from the Bulgarian educational master, Dr. Georgi Lozanov.

In 1980 Superlearning sold over two million copies and showed how the Lozanov learning system blended long-tested sciences of raja yoga with contemporary physiology and psychology so people could learn faster and better.

The book exposed this fact and made the system so popular that Dr. Lozanov was allowed to visit the US from Bulgaria to teach this system to just a very few people so they could pass on this vital information on how to learn and think in a more natural, powerful way so we can enjoy life and enhanced memory more.

My wife Merri was among those few who learned and is licensed to teach the Lozanov system. Merri and have integrated Lozanov’s system with Andean, Indian and Asian so one can think and learn more powerfully.  The learning system expands on Dr. Lozanov’s original work and offers new insights into tapping human potential, drawing from ancient and modern tactics for quick learning such as subliminal memory, music, nutrition, and productivity.

In 2010…


We conduct Super Thinking sessions at our Blue Rdge North Carolina home.  Here are delegates with us there on a previous course, plus…


at our home in Mt. Dora Florida and…


at the…


Mt. Sora’s Lakeside Inn a ‘National Historic Treasure’, listed on the
National Historic Register, that  has continuously 
operated as an Inn for more than 125 years,
the oldest operating Inn in Central Florida.


The Lakeside Inn is located 40 miles Northwest of Orlando
 in in Mount Dora… our shopping town and known as 
the “New England” of Central Florida.


For example, Super Thinking evokes the power of the senses thus gaining super-charged memory. Ever hear a song from decades past and in a snap know all the words, the tune and remember with whom and where you heard it years ago? Learn how to use ten cycle music to put this ability to work all the time providing almost super human memory  powers.

Improved memory is just one benefit gained.  The system teaches seven, easy to use learning techniques that help gain any skill, from computers to athletics to conversational languages…  in much less time than traditional learning techniques.

This course changes the way a person thinks and learns forever.

The Super Thinking course shows how to  learn two-to-five times faster, in exciting and innovative ways…but most of all it is a system that is stress free and full of fun.

The techniques help unlock the quantum potential that all people possess. This evolutionary program shows how certain types of music can enhance learning and how even altered nutrition can make anyone a startling 25% smarter, how subliminal messages can increase energy and thinking process, plus much, much more.

This Super Thinking system follows and builds upon what was taught in the Superlearning, the Mozart Effect and Superlearning 2000 plus includes techniques and strategies that Merri has gained in her 37 years of global travel and study with educational masters around the world.

This is a course that shows how to increase mental power for success in a 21st century that is overwhelmed by information. The system is built from old and new sources ranging from raja yoga to contemporary Russian science, and ultimate zone training already used by many Olympic champions.

“Super Thinking presents new ways to use subliminal memory, music and much more to supercharge the mind. Knowledge is provided about smart food and super nutrition that enhances productivity and creativity.

“Hi Gary & Merri, You two are the BEST!!! Your Seminar was fantastic! I am so excited. I had procrastinated fulfilling my continuing education for my Broker’s License and then just before my surgeries, I realized my expiration date isn’t Nov. 12th – it is Sept 12th. Well, as you can see prior to taking your course I had only completed 3 units of the required 45 units. I thought I would take your course and then complete my remaining 42 units over the next 2 weeks. However, I took one class exam on Saturday night, August 27th. I didn’t even take the cellophane off the required Course manuals until after I saw the two of you today less than 5 hours ago! I used your techniques and completed 39 units of continuing education today. I have now completed all 45 units. All of my test scores were in the 90.6-96% range. My course exam information is listed below. I just wanted to let you know how valuable your course was to me. Thanks again!” Suzy Kurinsky

Super Thinking integrates:

* Logic with intuition for increased prosperity from better adaptation to change.

* Desire with action for more enjoyment and fulfillment from life.

* Good health with everlasting wealth for reduction of stress, more energy and feeling better.

There are at least three simple ways to turn on this super thinking ability:  meditation, listening to 60 cycle music and taking Theanine.

Each of these three actions enhance the integration of  brainwaves, ranging from beta waves, the fastest of the four different brainwaves to alpha, theta and the final brainwave state, delta. Delta brainwaves are of the greatest amplitude and slowest frequency.  Deep dreamless sleep takes you down to the lowest frequency.

When we allow these waves to interconnect freely we gain unimaginable intellect.

Merri and I meditate twice every day to tap into this energy. You could count the number of times we have missed our meditation routine in the last 20 years on one hand.

Plus we listen to 60 beat ten cycle classical music as we work.  This helps us run our busy business without stress and without ruining our health.

This type of music moves the mind into Alpha and deeper states as well.

Health benefits are gained as blood pressure can drop, heart rates slow and the mind becomes calmed… and you become smarter.  You tap into your higher intelligence and are more likely to have… and  enjoy… success.

A third avenue that helps enhance intelligence is Theanine (chemical name: r-glutamylethylamide) one of the chemicals found in green tea. Theanine is used to reduce stress and anxiety without the tranquilizing effects found in many other calming agents. Scientific evidence shows that Theanine stimulates the brain’s production of alpha waves, making the user feel relaxed but alert and not drowsy. It also helps the body produce other calming amino acids, such as dopamine, GABA, and tryptophan. As might be expected from a calming supplement, Theanine may be able to lower elevated blood pressure as well.

Change brings destruction and problems.  Destruction and problems are good if you can handle the change and profit by solving the problems..  The three simple tips about how to integrate your mind can boost your learning power… and help you enjoy and prosper as upcoming waves of technology change the world.


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