Ecuador Funky Business VI

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An Ecuador funky business ideas can create extra income.

Funky businesses can succeed because they are funky, different and sweet…

Let’s look at how to to find new funky business ideas that are already tuned to a specific market that we can identify and study.

This is the sixth funky business idea our funky series. See links to the other five funky business idea below.

Our Ecuador export delegates have been at Otavalo market and we talked about how to create an entire export product based around a known market.

There are many ways to find existing markets for Ecuadorian funky business ideas.

For example magazines represent markets.  You can create an entire export product by searching for funky ideas in North American magazines.

Here is why this works.

Ecuador’s Otavalo market is rich with textiles.


Combine this fact with an article in the February 2010 Country Living, entitled…


“Knitwit… Transform old sweaters into clever covers for lampshades, vases and more


The article shows how to make lamp covers…


bowl covers… sconces… vases… bangles and…


pillow covers from sweaters.


The directions for creating these funky products from sweaters can be applied to creating products from Ecuador textiles.

Here you have it… one magazine article helps you create Ecuador export products.

There is far more this magazine can do to help us create an Ecuador funky product. The clues and secrets of success are in the magazine itself.

The editors of successful magazines (and Country Living is a successful magazine) know what their readership want.  So that article is already focused toward the Country Living readers.   This means we can trust the magazine as a prospecting pathway.

If we find or design a product similar to the old sweater products… it is likely to appeal to the Country Living subscriber.  The magazine is a good place to advertise… in print or at the Country Living website. If one is direct marketing… the Country Living subscription list would be a good one to rent.

We can learn a lot about how to sell to the readers by studying the advertisements in Country Living and at Country Living’s website.  Other advertisers in Country Living are likely to know their buyers as well.

Connecting two simple dots… #1: plenty of colorful… inexpensive textiles in Ecuador and #2: Country Living’s editorial and advertising focus can help you create and market a funky business from Ecuador… or anywhere.

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