Ecuador Birding Business

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Ecuador Birding Business

Ecuador birding is big business that can create a business opportunity for you… maybe even more.

Yesterday’s message looked at how birds reflect patterns of nature.  Perhaps this is why bird watching is such a popular sport.

Merri and I love watching Ecuador’s birds on the beach, the…


Frigate Birds as they swarm and…


pelicans sliding silently on a coastal cushion of air.


In the Andes the hummingbirds… flit into…


our hotel’s courtyard.


Ecuador’s Amazon has an abundant variety  of bird life as well.


Here is a reader’s question about birding in Ecuador… thoughts on where to see them… and how to profit from Ecuador birds.

The reader wrote: Does Cuenca have enough birds and rain forest for an avid nature lover?  I would want to experience these daily not just on weekends or occasionally?

My reply: Cuenca has some great birding nearby but is definitely not a rain forest.

Cuenca is more dry than wet.  The rain forests are a bit away.  In the nearby Cajas National park, there are more than 150 species of birds. There is a link on where to check for bird watching routes in Cajas.

There are even better places to watch birds. The closest is a cloud forest only an hour and a half from Quito in Mindo.


You can watch the clouds walk across the tree tops in the Mindo cloud forest.

Due to its critically important role in the conservation of numerous rare and endemic species, Mindo was designated South America’s first Important Bird Area (IBA) by BirdLife International in 1997. Mindo is an area of historic ornithological studies, where early collectors and ornithologists discovered or collected many species.

Mindo lies within the Chocó Endemic Bird Area (EBA) and Chocó Biogeographic Region, which is considered one of the world’s richest biogeographic areas. This area supports the largest number of restricted-range birds of any EBA in the Americas, over 50 species being endemic to the area.

The Cock of the Rock often observed in Mindo and Intag.

Mindo is also home to the greatest number of endemic montane birds of any place in the world (Birds of Ecuador, Ridgley and Greenfield).
2000-2005 Christmas Bird Count (CBC) – sponsored by the Audubon Society.  Mindo has been among the top three highest bird counts in the world for the last six  years. This is with over 2,000 locations participating. Each location is a 25 kilometer radius, and the count lasts for 24 hours. Mindo had the highest count in the year 2000 with 350 bird species recorded, and in past years has exceeded the 400 bird species mark.

This creates bird watching business opportunity.

Ecuador also offers many exciting export ideas based around bird life.

Our Ecuador export course helps you learn how to take unusual products, make them unique and then adapt them to a niche market.

Take for example this excellent botanical artist, Monteros.

We’ll see art from Montero.


Artist Montero produces exquisite watercolors for as little as $25 such as those below

P1030283 P1030284

He did this wonderful piece for us. This painting is great art and is exportable as is…but…to my way of thinking this is just the beginning.

I took this piece and made it my business card!


My US address and number are on the reverse side. The art, color separations, printing and paper (recycled velum) are superb. These are the nicest business cards I have ever had.

Now comes the adaptation that makes this product utterly unique. One of our guests here is a globally known naturalist and birding guide. My suggestion is that he creates a program for his bird watching clients.

Monteros paints their favorite bird. The water color (or in oil) is theirs to hang in their office or home and then they also get business cards with the same unique picture.

We are seeing more and more success by delegates from our import export course.

Former delegate Bonnie Keogh built a successful Ecuador export business and now conducts our Ecuador export tours reports:


Here is Bonnie with Consuelo at our hotel Meson de las Flores where our Ecuador export tour delegates stay.

Ecuador exports are a fun way to gain a second income, early retirement or build a substantial business. There is great opportunity and this type of business really helps the poor here as well.

It’s not often the case that a quick 1.5 hour drive takes you from a bustling metropolis to a virtually unspoiled nature reserve. Yet, that’s what you get in Ecuador. The country has 40 nationally protected areas, covering a staggering 12.2 million acres or 18.81% of Ecuador’s landmass.  And these protected areas do not even take into consideration the country’s numerous protected forests, known locally as “bosques protectores”. These represent natural reserve areas that are subject to a limited economic activity but whose primary purpose is the preservation of biodiversity and sources of natural springs and lakes. In a world where unspoiled nature is getting scarcer by the day, guess what is proving to be the biggest attraction of Ecuador’s tourism and expat sectors?

The other big attraction of Ecuador is the comparatively low prices.  Unlike in other countries, where properties in beautiful locations are already trading at a scarcity premium, Ecuador actually offers eco-properties at bargain prices.

Natural beauty and all that at bargain prices – how could an investor possibly go wrong with such a combination?

And because there is such a staggering array of nature reserves in Ecuador, you still have a chance to find one or the other truly undiscovered gem among the country’s protected regions. The kind of area that a few years down the road, people will say, “Oh, had I only known at the time so that I could have gotten in while it was still a bargain-priced ground floor opportunity.”

Learn more about our Ecuador export tour here.

Everyone has heard of the Galapagos Islands, the place that is now visited by 170,000 visitors per year.  Still, few people have heard of Mindo yet. Mindo is currently visited by just 20,000 foreign tourists per year. Type it into Google and you’ll notice that this place is only just being discovered. Our bet is that, the visitor numbers of Mindo will catch up with Galapagos.


First the cost difference is phenomenal.  Second, Mindo is a nature reserve wonderland that has few equals.

If anyone has ever even heard of the place, it’s usually because of the unusually high diversity among birds and plants. There are…

–    430 species of birds (more than on the entire North American continent; put another way, Mindo makes up 0.002% of the world’s land mass but 10% of the world’s bird species are found there)

–    370 species of orchids (out of the 4,000 species found in Ecuador, which makes it the country with the world’s highest number of orchid species)

–    300 species of butterflies

Mindo is actually a town, a river and an area. It’s 48 miles due northwest of Quito. The area is at 4,200 feet above sea level, which makes it the mid-point elevation between the highland Quito area and the coast.

Mindo is synonymous to harmony in nature.  It is a place for deep relaxation and provides an escape opportunity from modern-day life’s stress.  Yet, there is ample mobile phone coverage, Internet access and opportunities for community services.

Holidaymakers and tourist industry investors alike have recently started to realize what potential this area holds. The scenery appeals to photographers and explorers for its outstanding panoramic views. Eco-tourism in general is booming, and bird-watching in particular is one of the world’s fastest growing recreational activities. Many birdwatchers come from a wealthy demographic, i.e. it’s not backpackers who are pursuing this sport but well-off people in their 40s, 50s and 60s (or older).

Mindo is also a perfect area for anyone wanting to keep fit and entertained: Horseback riding, mountain biking, tubing and rafting can all be organized locally, just as much as you can go hiking, fishing and swimming. All this is set in a valley that is a subtropical cloud-forest and which is ideally situated between the upper temperate zone and the lower humid tropical forests. Mindo is made for tourism development.
It is ideally suited to invite your kids and grand-children on an adventure-filled excursion into the safe rainforests of Mindo, with activities such as hiking along trails, jumping off small waterfalls, river walking along the many streams, tubing down the major waterways, or just taking in the natural surroundings.

Best of all, it’s the natural playground of Quito. Most of the drive to Mindo is a scenic route on a well-maintained road. The government is continuously improving the area’s infrastructure, such as installing a new electricity distribution grid, improving the town’s police station and providing it with a new patrol car and motorcycles and by setting up an organic waste management facility. Private investors have started to move in. A number of weekend-home developments have sprung up, and new hotels and restaurants have opened. Nevertheless, Mindo is still a charmingly tiny and unspoiled village.

Mindo offers you all of the following:

– Owning a property set within pristine nature.

– A retirement home where you can afford staff, with first world health facilities just 90 minutes drive away in Quito.

– The ideal place in which to learn Spanish (or, where to give English classes to local children if you like volunteering work).

– Clean air, fresh water, fresh organic fruits and a de facto detox lifestyle without even having to pay a premium for it (costs of living are extremely low actually).

– Just about any outdoor sport you can imagine.

– Being in a bird-watching paradise year-round.

– Benefiting from Ecuador being an up-and-coming tourism and retirement haven (and from its new international airport in Quito).

– A base from where to explore Ecuador and South America

– And countless more aspects, which are best explored by doing a little tour of the area…

Yet, despite all its attractions, Mindo is still all a ground-floor opportunity. A yearly total of 20,000 foreign tourists is hardly noticeable. Investing in Mindo is a bit like investing on the French Riviera in the 1950s, buying a historic apartment in Venice in the 1970s, or a villa in Costa Rica in the 1980s. The attractions and the beauty are already apparent, but it has not yet become fashionable to have a property there and few people have heard of it.

Needless to say, this is the time to get in on the action.

This is why we included Mindo in our Quito/Mindo real estate tour.  As part of our Quito real estate tour, we’ll take you where Quiteños increasingly go to have a nice time with their family when they fancy a weekend break.

Mindo will become more accessible when the new airport in Quito opens in 2010.   This is why Mindo is likely to become one of the iconic cornerstones of the upcoming marketing campaigns of the Ecuadorian Ministry of Tourism. With its world class appeal, Mindo is bound to become better known.

What this means for property investors?

The formula is quite simple:

–    With growing local and international tourism, there is an opportunity to create rental properties for extra income.

–    Because of the purchasing power of nearby Quito, holiday homes in the Mindo area are set to increase in value over the years to come.

–    Anyone fancying the idea of living in unspoiled nature but with the hustle and bustle of a proper city nearby, should check out the option to actually live in the Mindo area.

The two areas are worlds apart in one way, but they are connected in many other ways. That is why we have combined a tour of Quito with a detour to Mindo.

Ecuador is a small country, and personal contacts go a long way.  That’s where Carlos Tobar comes in, the man who will be guiding the entire Quito/Mindo Real Estate Tour.

Carlos is assembling a preview list of available properties (including one special deal that has not been offered before). We’ll pass the list on to you as soon as it’s ready. You now know what’s special about Mindo in general. And you’ll soon get a much clearer idea about the kind of property deals available in this area.


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These extra tours create a dilemma for me. See how below.

Here are our multi tour adventure discounts.

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“Duh,” I said when this was pointed out to me.

So our only solution is to raise the International Club membership to $3,500… still a terrific deal… but $501 more than before.

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If you join the International Club, the entrance fee for 2010 is $2,999 (until January 2010).  Your attendance fees at all courses will be waived. You and your guest can attend courses worth $40,947.

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You may well wonder why I would make such an offer and ask why the cost is so low? Let me answer this question frankly and from the heart.

First, it helps us do a better job for you. We feel greatly enriched when we can really help our clients improve their lives. We have learned through years of experience the best way to do this is to meet with you regularly. We can best help you learn how to improve your health and wealth through continual expansion of knowledge.

Second, we gain enormous fulfillment from the many friendships we form through the years. Our friends have enriched our lives tremendously. Let me explain this in more detail.

As a member, you will be part of our international family that meets intensively over the next year to examine ways we can make our lives better. Our goal is beyond just having money. Our goal is to have quantum wealth… good health… wealth and fulfillment through service.

Though I give all course delegates my very best, I cannot help but to do a better job for those who come again and again. As we meet often; your particular wants, needs and desires become clear, and it is easier for me to point you in the right direction.

Another phenomenon is that repeat delegates help each other! They get to know one another, help each other learn, share their insights, make contacts and gain more wealth.

Out associates in Ecuador, are experienced business people who live or work and conduct our real estate and export courses.  They can also act as your local backup for the business.

Lifestyle for Two. There is more! I have learned at my courses that many repeat delegates were couples.

We want couples! As a member of the program, you are entitled to bring another person to every single course or tour. The cost for that extra person will be ZERO!  You can bring whomever you wish. Bring your spouse, a friend, son or daughter, partner, accountant, adviser. You can bring the same person each time or a different person, whomever you choose to accompany you. (Accommodations and air fares relating to the courses are not included for members, delegates or their guests.)

Won’t you join us in this exciting club and share Merri’s and my lifestyle for the next year? We look forward to seeing you at as many courses as possible and sharing this wonderful world of abundance and well being with you!


International Club 2010 Membership  Enroll here

Here is a link  to check  for bird watching routes in Cajas National Park.


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