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Here are two more Ecuador rose suggestions that can add beauty in your home

After sharing an Ecuador Rose Tip on how to turn wonderful Ecuador roses like this (that have wilted) into…


an Ecuador rose bowl like this…  a…


reader sent two more Ecuador rose tips.

Here are the two new Ecuador rose ideas.

Gary, I have a rose tip for Merri.  I noticed your Ecuador rose bowl, where several roses have brownish petals.

You may gently pull these off with a quick pull from the outside of the rose, until all you see are fresh unblemished rose petals.

I learned this ‘trick’ when I worked for a very classy, expensive flowershop in La Jolla, California.

Another tip: I like to use one rose and let it float in a shallow glass dish (or a brandy glass),  held up by a few fresh leaves. This makes a lovely plate setting for a special dinner…

On another note: Gary, I have been reading your daily Ecuador newsletters for probably a year now and they have really whetted my appetite for Ecuador! So I will be going there in January on a 10 day plants, flowers and garden Tour.

This is the last day that our Ecuador rose supplier can accept orders for New Year roses delivered next Tuesday December 29, 2009.

There are three ways to obtain 50 fresh cut roses.

One. We provide a service called Ecuador Living to assist those with a genuine and immediate interest in Ecuador. This service shares our continual research and experiences in global business, living and investing in Ecuador plus our contacts. We feel the service is a bargain at $119 a year.  If you already subscribe you can take this choice and add two years to your subscription.

If you subscribe for two years, I’ll reduce the price from $238 to $159 and also send you 50 fresh cut, premium roses FREE.

Fedex will deliver the Ecuador roses directly to you from Ecuador.  Open them. If you are not satisfied that these are truly remarkable roses, give them back to the Fedex driver and let me know. I’ll give you a full $159 refund.

To assure the refund, your address must be correct and you must inspect the flowers with Fedex when they are delivered. If you are not satisfied, the roses must be returned at the time of delivery.   You must assure that someone is at the receiving address who is available to inspect and sign for the roses to assure the guarantee.

Subscribe to two years of Ecuador Living.  Save $79 plus receive 50 roses free.

If you do not have a great interest in Ecuador but just want these incredible, fresh roses. Simply buy them for $79 for 50 fresh cut roses including delivery by Fedex. ($10 surcharge for red & white roses).

This is not a deal that helps my pocketbook.  We are paying $60 ($70 for red  white roses) to deliver these roses to you. We donate $20 to the charity. We pay my credit card discount. At the $79 price ($89 for red & white), I lose two or three dollars for each 50 roses shipped.  That’s okay…the cause is worthy.  Merri and I will share the joy of the gifts you help make…Christmas gifts for poor children in Ecuador.

You can order the 50 fresh cut roses for $79 ($20 is donated to help Ecuador’s poor) here.

You can order 50 red and white fresh cut roses for $89 ($20 is donated to help Ecuador’s poor) here.


Learn more, including terms and conditions, about Ecuador Roses here.