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Learn about Ecuador Imports and much… much more.

Many of our readers are looking for Ecuador export information.  Anyone planning to visit Ecuador to find exports gain extra potential if they take Ecuador import ideas down when they go.


Groves, near ours, in Florida,  New ideas in agriculture create…


new Ecuador import opportunities… plus more. Here are tangelos at our orange grove in Smalltown USA.

In a moment I’ll share three new ideas about Ecuador import potential plus opportunity in Smalltown USA and why investments in agriculture look even better to me now as a hedge against inflation.

First, as we approach Christmas and the New Year let me say that these are really exciting times… so much change… so much opportunity.  Without this change… those who have little would not be able to find ways to create a lot!

Change gives the little guy a chance to break barriers because the big guys are never flexible and innovative enough.   The big guys want to hold onto the old ways.  The little guys secret weapon?  New ideas… new solutions to new problems.

This message is about taking advantage of change and new ideas at an early stage.

Technology creates new problems for mankind as it brings humanity wonderful things… but also offers new solutions to the new problems as well.

For example oil, electricity and the automobile have provided quite the new opportunities over the last eighty years.  These innovations made the Fords, Firestones, Edisons and so many others rich.

The new problems? Pollution in many ways.

A new solution?  Renewable biofuels that do not eat up the food supply.

This is why I found the Time magazine article “Biofuel Test Flight: – 30 December” so exciting.

Here is an excerpt:  The world’s first commercial aviation test flight powered by the sustainable second-generation biofuel jatropha has been successfully completed in Auckland.  More than a dozen key performance tests were undertaken in the two hour test flight which took-off at 11:30am (NZ time) on Tuesday 30 December from Auckland International Airport.  A biofuel blend of 50:50 jatropha and Jet A1 fuel was used to power one of the Air New Zealand Boeing 747-400’s Rolls-Royce RB211 engines.

At 1.30pm, Pilot in Command Captain Keith Pattie and Air New Zealand Chief Pilot Captain David Morgan stepped off the aircraft back at Auckland International Airport and informed invited guests about the outcomes of the flight.

“We undertook a range of tests on the ground and in-flight with the jatropha biofuel performing well through both the fuel system and engine, just as laboratory tests indicated it would,” said Mr Morgan.

My enthusiasm grew further when I discovered that Jatropha grows exceptionally well in Smalltown USA Florida… very near where I have started buying agricultural land.

The Times article “Going Green – The Next Big Biofuel?” by Tim Padgett says:

A Boeing 747 was recently test-flown using a 50-50 blend of jatropha and jet fuel.  Renewable energy, it turns out, does grow on trees. The fruit pods plucked from jatropha trees have seeds that produce clean-burning diesel fuel. But unlike corn and other biofuel sources, the Jatropha doesn’t have to compete with food crops for arable land. Even in the worst of soils, it grows like weeds. Sound too good to be true? That’s why brothers Paul and Mark Dalton chose to name their Florida jatropha company My Dream Fuel.

The article points out that jatropha, like algae, does not divert food from hungry mouths. It says that India has set aside 100 million acres for Jatropha and expects the oil to account for 20% of its diesel consumption by 2011.


This is Ecuador agricultural land in the Andes near Cotacachi.  Ecuador has rich soil and sun 365 days a year.  See how this creates an Ecuador import agricultural idea below.

The Daltons have planted nearly a million Jatropha tress near Fort Myers, Florida and they thrive so well it is believed they may yield up to eight times as much oil as they do in places like India and Africa. That translates into as much as 1,600 gal. of diesel fuel per acre per year, vs. 200 gal. for stocks that grow in the wild.

Fuel from Jatropha emits negligible greenhouse gases, and the trees can capture four tons of carbon dioxide per acre (which might make growers eligible for carbon credits on the global market).

Jatropha isn’t the only new bio fuel idea.   A  November 2009 Greenwire article “KLM Carries Passengers in Biofuel Test Flight”  by Katie Howell says:  KLM Royal Dutch Airlines today successfully demonstrated the use of renewable jet fuel on the first test flight to carry passengers.

The KLM demonstration is the fifth biofuel-blend test flight in the past two years. Like previous flights by Continental Airlines, Air New Zealand and Japan Airlines, the KLM test used renewable jet fuel developed by UOP, a subsidiary of Honeywell International Inc.

The flight was powered by a blend of 50 percent traditional kerosene and 50 percent biofuel derived from camelina running in one engine of a Boeing 747.

The aviation industry has rallied behind development of drop-in replacement jet fuel derived from plants that provide high energy content, are not eaten as food and do not displace food crops. A report released this summer detailing results of the Continental, Air New Zealand and Japan Airlines tests said the biofuel blends were more efficient than typical jet fuels (E&ENews PM, June 17).

Here are three ideas that may offer enormous profit in years ahead.

New Profit Idea #1: Check out shares in Honeywell International Inc. and UOP.

New Profit Idea #2: Check out buying low cost agricultural land in Ecuador or Smalltown USA  where you can grow biofuel plants like Jatropha or Camelina.

New Profit Idea #3: This is an Ecuador import idea. Import the idea of Jatropha or Camelina to Ecuador. Buy low cost agricultural land there and export the product from Ecuador.


Ecuador has the same bio diversity as land from the equator to the arctic circle… so anything gos and grows!

See three more new profit ideas in tomorrow’s message “Ecuador Imports Part 2.”

Until then, Merri and I send our best wishes to you for happy… peaceful…. low stress holidays.  We’ll be here at this site sharing ideas with you every day including Christmas and New Year’s Day.


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