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Our Quito real estate tour is a great place to start understanding Ecuador’s real estate market. Quito is Ecuador’s capital and is a modern sophisticated city originally known as the Paris of South America.

Quito will soon have the country’s largest airport – to be finished in December 2010.  The existing Quito airport is chronically congested and the short runway slows down the number of tourists to Ecuador.  The new Quito airport will enhance Quito’s reputation as a tourism destination.

New flight routes will connect Quito to more US and perhaps even Canadian as well as elsewhere.  Advertising by Ecuador’s tourism ministry will increase awareness of Quito’s attractiveness.

This future airport enhances the profit potential for those who know about Quito, Ecuador real estate now.


There are many others reasons for coming to Quito…


Old Quito

Colonial beauty and architecture. The Church of the Society of Jesus is one of the world’s most outstanding pieces of church architecture. It took craftsmen 160 years to build it, using 7 tons of gold leaf to decorate the ceilings, columns and walls.


Inside Dome Church of the Society of Jesus

Quito has the largest, best-preserved and least-altered historic center of any Latin American city. The historic center measures 790 acres and in 1978 was the first city declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Low Cost of Living. 20 cents is still the cost to have your shoes polished in the square of the Presidential Palace.  Labor, real estate, food, gas ($1.50 a gallon), taxes and utility prices are all very… very low for living in a modern city with full infrastructure.


Ecuador Presidential Palace Quito

Views & Nightlife. You can enjoy an aerial view of most of Quito from Café Mosaico, a day-time and night-time hotspot frequented by the locals and so far little-known among tourists.  We take all our real estate delegates there.   A taxi from downtown Quito to Café Mosaico is only three dollars.   If you manage to take your eyes off the panorama, you’ll find the food excellent as well!


View we took with our last group at Café Mosaico.

Art & Culture. Quito has many famous artists and marvelous outdoor art markets, where you can buy up-and-coming art at a fraction of the price that you would pay in any US gallery.  Artists who originally started selling their paintings at these stalls have become famous.

Nature. A cable car up Mount Pichincha, provides panoramic views showing that there are few other cities on earth that offer such a breath-taking vistas.  Quito is surrounded by towering mountains, some are permanently covered in snow. On a bright day, Quiteños and Quiteñas (as the residents are called) can even see the almost symmetrical cone of Cotopaxi, the 19,347 foot world-famous volcano to the South of Quito.


Mt. Cotopaxi

Quito has so much to offer, museums, language schools, soccer, dance venues, restaurants (both world-class and super-cheap), an entire district with bars and nightclubs, parks where to go for a walk or work out, several nearby nature reserves for hiking, bicycling or horse-riding, and of course plenty of fellow American expats as well as 1.4m inhabitants Ecuadorians, most of them really friendly, to get to know.

Plus there are neighboring suburban valleys, Cumbaya and Tumbaco with even more residents and attractions.

Cumbaya in particular, offers a more relaxed lifestyle set in a scenic, green valley – but is close to Quito, easily accessible via a tunnel.

On top of all that, real estate estate prices are still low.

Take for example this Quito condo that we wrote about and showed previous tour delegates.  This condo was located opposite the 5 star Swiss Hotel.


“This penthouse apartment (11th floor) was over 3000 square feet with beautiful views of the city and mountains in all four directions.



Each of the thee bedrooms had its own private bathroom), plus there were two other bathrooms, many living and dining areas, a large kitchen and maid’s quarters.


There was gorgeous hardwood floors, trim, and cabinetry in the apartment. All bathrooms were completely redone with upgraded tile, faucets, fixtures, etc., including a large jacuzzi tub in the master.  The kitchen cabinets, flooring, and appliances had  been replaced, as well as all the pipes in the apartment (and in the entire building).



The building offered 24-hour live security, a fitness center, and a private parking area (with 2 parking spaces that will sell with the apartment as well as a large storeroom).  Yet…


the asking price was $229,000.  This was a really top end place. Many Quito properties you’ll see will be far less.

If you like the idea of first world living in a Latin American capital, there is no better opportunity to get an overview of the Quito real estate opportunity, than by joining our upcoming Quito / Mindo Ecuador real estate tour.

You’ll see the entire spectrum of Quito real estate. To make it all yet more fun, there’ll be a small dose of other activities thrown in for fun. You experience Quito.

In the next few days, our tour leader, Carlos Tobar, will send us a briefing of the kind of properties that will be viewed on the tour, so we can share.

The experience you gain will give you a deep understanding of …

–    What is on offer in Quito
–    What different areas there are and which one might work for you
–    Which areas are set to profit the most from the growing number of exapts moving to Quito
–    How you could rent a property to generate extra income
–    Why this opportunity is not going to last forever, and what else you need to do to make use of it now.

To make this tour yet more interesting and to help you get a broad understanding of the Ecuadorian real estate market, we are combining the tour of Quito with one day of touring Mindo – an area that couldn’t be any more different from Quito, but the fate of which is closely connected to the country’s capital.

Mindo is a pristine nature reserve about 1.5 hours drive from Quito. It is currently becoming a place where the inhabitants of Quito go to enjoy a relaxed weekend or holiday while enjoying the amazing nature that Ecuador has to offer.

As a matter of fact, Mindo could be a tourism magnet in the making. Being close to Quito, with its residents discovering the place as a weekend destination and with more tourists coming in thanks to improved flight connections, it could well be that Mindo is a gem that other property investors will discover soon.

Enroll in our Quito / Mindo Ecuador Real Estate Tour here. $499. Couple  $749.

Be sure in the comments section to state “Quito Mindo / Real Estate Tour.”


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