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Many readers are writing and asking about being in Ecuador in 2012.

2012 is a year according to some interpretations of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar that there will be some huge changes in the world.

There are a variety of popular beliefs about what the change in 2012 will be ranging from a spiritual transformation to some apocalyptic shift.

Interestingly enough 2012 also is the last year of a bear cycle in the 30 year economic/stock cycle we track.


We have discussed 2012 with a number of Ecuador shamans and they feel that this prediction may be off by several years due to inaccuracies in tracking the movements of the stars. Some even believe the economic upheaval of the last two years has kicked off the shift.

One reader sent this question:

Gary,  This may sound harebrained, but is there any ideal place to be on 12-21-2012?  I’ve read that the Bush family has purchased a large tract of land in Paraguay.

Here is my reply: We have our places in Ecuador, the Blue Ridge of North Carolina and in Florida.  Each could be a positive place.

We hope that the shifts will be positive spiritual shifts not the disaster some predict… and we plan accordingly.

Here is my logic. If we are wrong. If there is an  apocalypse, then no amount of planning can assure that one will be in the right place at the right time. Thus we focus on making our minds, bodies and spirits strong so we’ll do the best we can with whatever comes, good or bad.

Another reader sent this note: Is the 2012 doomsday scenario just a replay of y2k?  Or is it something more?  Apparently, the planets will align.  But are we really part of a galaxy that is tilting into the Milky Way galaxy?  (This presupposes that the Milky Way galaxy is not our galaxy.)  Do you expect serious solar activity?  Is 12-21-2012 going to be a non-event?

I’m very worried about the U.S. economy in 2010.  (Let’s take it a year at a time!)  Many mortgage resets begin in May of 2010 and continue throughout October of 2011.  I think the economy and job losses will get a lot worse, soon.  I don’t know how this will affect the stock market.  Do you have any thoughts on this?

What about the Schiff method of buying stocks of large dividend-paying offshore companies?  As the dividends are repatriated, they will supposedly rise in value as the U.S. dollar continues to fall.  How far will the U.S. dollar fall?  (I’m thinking it’ll find a floor of around 72 on the $USD chart.)

Like you, I have done very well in business.  Now, though, I’m a deer in the headlights of an oncoming train.  I want to preserve capital–that is, purchasing power–but I don’t know the best method. Hope you and Merri are well and continuing to prosper in 2012.

Here is more of my thinking. Life is for living… not scampering around just to prepare for doom.  We should be concerned about imbalances in the world, yes… but not afraid.  We should look for ways to resolve our concerns… in ways that are fun and fulfilling if our fears (as they have so far) turn out wrong.

For example, another reader wrote about the article Intelligent Protection From EMP Terrorist AttackGary; Good article.  I have heard a couple more recommendations.  First, if you have a swimming pool change it to a salt pool, so you can use the water for household use, if the water supply goes off line.  Second, install a natural gas backup generator, as natural gas will flow even if the electrical grid is down. Fritz Biermeier

We do have a pool and this is a great idea… but not because I believe we are going to have a terrorist attack. Salt pools are healthier and easier to maintain… so we had plan to make this conversion for good reasons.   If it is every needed for survival well that’s good as well.


We also have a large generator.


This is not because we believe in a terror attack. Storms here seem to shut the electricity down here.  Last week power was off for much of the day, but… I was still in business.

Do things you want to do anyway that help allay your concerns about 2012. Take steps you’ll be happy to have taken when everything turns out better than before.

I’ll make a bold prediction about 2012.

One of three things will happen.  Life will get worse. Life with get better or life will stay the same.  None of us really know.  There are many reasons why we should have some concerns for the future.  Problems will arise in the years ahead… big and small.  Just remember if you are tuned… physically, emotionally and mentally… problems will become opportunities.


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