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The Ecuador shamanic way is a good one… just like so many other powerful spiritual… and health philosophies.


This Ecuador Shaman is a Cotacahi Yatchak.

Merri and I thank the many of your who sent your condolences to Merri for her loss of her brother.  Your kind words were a salve on our souls.  We were also comforted by the Ecuador shamanic way and their philosophies on endings.

One Ecuador shaman once shared the thought that one problem in the Western world is that the culture does not honor endings.

So we took time last week to grieve and honor the end of an era in Merri’s life.

Because we were not answering emails this last week… we have extended the November multi-course discount until December 10, 2009.  If you are planning to join us for a tour, see more about this here.

Many delegates who arrive in Ecuador are surprised to learn that the root of the Andean language Quichua is Sanskrit, a classical language of India.  There are many  Andean Indian connections… such as rites of purification and during this last week we rested in a quiet time of transition and peace…with Panchakarma.

In a moment I’ll share a wonderful Ecuador shamanic purification recipe. First, more on Panchakarma.

Herbal oils flow, soothing ointment, tactile and warm on the skin. The soft quietness in a heated room. For 7 years Merri and I spent weeks at an Ayurvedic spa in Lancaster, Massachusetts where three medical directors, Dr. Deepak Chopra, Dr. John Douillard and Dr. Jay Glaser helped us dramatically improve our health with Panchakarma.

Panchakarma is a purifying therapy that works through the metabolic process… a specialized massage with herbalized oils and pastes, steam, food and herbal medicines.  It is used to root out deep seated chronic disease as well as correct seasonal imbalances by eliminating wastes from the body. Pancha means five and Karma means action. So Pancha Karma means five types of actions or techniques each a different form of elimination therapy.

This is the most enjoyable way I have ever experienced to clean up the system and Merri and I took panchakarma every six months for many years.

Having missed this for a couple of years we found it delightful to clean up and rebalance our systems again.  Now there is an opportunity to enjoy this incredible health benefit in a most wonderful place to be… Alachua… Smalltown USA.


Alachua City Hall.

Many readers have asked Merri and me what we do to have energy and good health. Our lifestyle program is aimed at helping us stay young, healthy and vital through seven practices. Our disciplines have been developed over 35 years of study while traveling and living in Asia, Europe, the Amazon and the Andes as well as in the U.S. We utilize our own blend of information, garnered from healers, shamans, scientists, physicians, spiritual and philosophic leaders, that has evolved over long usage of trial and error. The seven practices deal with:

#1:  Consciousness

#2:  Nutrition

#3:  Exercise

#4:  Purification

#5:  Rest

#6:  Ritual

#7:  Growth

We enjoyed an intensive five day purification program. This message shares our recent experience of PK at the Ayurveda Health Retreat.

There is a saying that man can achieve the impossible, but cannot overcome the inconvenient. This has been true for us regarding this excellent rejuvenative treatment. All the panchakarma centers we knew were far away from where we now live and had become just darn inconvenient or they had become very expensive.

We knew that one of our friends and long time readers, Richard Masla, owns the Ayurveda Health Retreat just a short distance from Mt. Dora and our new Florida home.  We have been trying to get to the retreat for a year but between the growth of our business, my mother’s off and on hospitalization all year and various other events, we missed on several attempts in 2009.   So, though it is not normal to take Panchakarma in times of grieving we took last week to have Panchakarma at Richard Masla’s  Ayurveda Health Retreat.

Panchakarma works on the tridosha principle… that the body has three aspects- fire, water and air. Good health comes when they are in balance.  Ecuadorian shamanic healing embraces a similar philosophy… balancing sun, wind, earth  and water.

The importance of purification is to rid the body of toxicity so nature’s energy can flow properly within.

Modern science has also leaned this way based on the thoughts of a 1970’s Nobel prize winning physicist, Ilye Prigogine. He had shown that all that is necessary for non-equilibrium systems to create order out of chaos is the influx of energy.  The simplest and most elegant example of this is when he put a thick, viscous fluid in a beaker and put it over a source of low heat. As expected, after awhile the fluid at the bottom rose to the top, cooled, and sunk to the bottom, at first in a haphazard way. But with time, if the beaker and heat distribution was symmetrical, the rising and falling fluid would create convection cells, with a smooth laminar flow. Eventually you could look at the top of the beaker and see a dozen perfectly polygonal columns surfacing at the top where the rising fluid turned around. Symmetry and order had been created out of a chaotic fluid.

The ingredients of this system are #1: the beaker – (water/earth)…  #2: a source of energy (fire)… and #3: a flow of material (air). These are the requirements of a living system, because biological systems are essentially structures that create and maintain order amid chaos. Viruses, bacteria, amoebas, fungi, ferns, trees, insects and mammals all contain these three ingredients: (1) a physical structure or channel through which (2) flows a material due to (3) the release of energy.

In a nutshell, we take in food, we move it via channels throughout the body where it gets burnt to release its energy which we then use to maintain order (keep our temperature constant, repair tissues, seek shelter, etc.). Health is simply a matter of keeping this basic process in balance.

The ancient Vedic rishis (seers) also observed this biological phenomenon and recognized the same 3 elements: an element of movement or flow, vata (air); the release of energy or metabolism, pitta (fire); and the structure, kapha (water).  They recognized that disease was a dysequilibrium between these three physiological operators called the three doshas.

For example, vata, being movement or transport in the body, is like the wind: light, cold and always moving or shifting. Vata governs elimination, nervous system activity and locomotion. If imbalanced, vata creates a drying, cold, brittle and irregular influence. Think of a tree at high altitude, exposed to the wind and cold. It grows up dry, brittle, cracked, and irregular in shape. Vata dosha has an similar influence on our physiology, and vata imbalances include osteoarthritis and osteoporosis (dry, brittle joints and bones), insomnia and anxiety (excessive and irregular movement in the mind), constipation (irregularity and internal dryness) and aging. There are many ways to aggravate vata in your constitution, but one of the best is to take on excessive activity, staying up late, and keeping irregular hours.

Pitta dosha, being metabolism or transformation of energy, is by nature hot, red, sharp and penetrating. When imbalanced it expresses itself as inflammation or heat, so any disease ending in -itis (meaning inflammation) is generally a pitta disorder. Hot flashes, heartburn, rosacea and most other skin disorders are also due to aggravated pitta.  Spicy or sour foods, overheating exercise, anger and frustration are examples of causes of pitta aggravation.

Kapha dosha governs the fundamental quality of structure in the physiology, so its nature is solid, stable, heavy and inert. When aggravated (or increased out of proportion), kapha manifests as obstruction as well as heaviness or swelling. Sinus congestion, obesity, diabetes, and edema are examples of kapha disorders.

One important principle of Ayurveda called the law of similars and opposites states that the presence of a quality in one’s life or environment increases the effect of that quality in the physiology; opposite influences decrease the effect of a quality. Health can be maintained or restored by using this principle to structure a balanced routine and environment. In other words: eat heat, get heartburn; eat fat, get fat. If something is dry and brittle, it needs to lubricated and nourished. This sounds so simple, but I am sometimes amazed to see how we fail to grasp this concept.

Ayurveda is a delightful science, because the ancient texts describe the effect of nearly every environmental or dietary influence in our lives on our natural state of equilibrium: different kinds of drinking water, fruits and vegetables, even 215 kinds of meat. The texts describe what to avoid or favor to treat chronic disorders and make it easy and motivating for us to follow the proper program. For vata, naturally, we take warm, rich, nourishing food. Pitta disorders need a cooling influence. Kapha disorders are the least fun to manage, because they are helped by habits that require deprivation and austerity: light diets, more exercise, less salt.

One of the premier Florida retreat centers that offer traditional Ayurvedic medicine and panchakarma treatments is the Ayrveda health retreat.


Here is Ma at the Ayurveda Health Retreat.

The retreat is located in North Central Florida in the small town of Alachua so the five days was a study in peace and enjoying Smalltown USA.


Main Street Alachua.

There are clear water springs, rivers, and a wonderful wooded 7,000 acre state park nearby.

The retreat is just a minute’s walk to the small downtown’s center…. decorated this time of year for the holidays… colorful.. especially at night.


Main Street Alachua at night.

This is one of the dozens of historic homes in Alachua near this Ayurvedic Retreat.


Meyer House at night… a private residence. Alachua, Florida.

Anyone who suffers from stress… wants more energy and better health, I recommend check out the Ayurveda Health Retreat.

Here is a traditional Ecuador shamanic purification tea to be drunk and bathed in.

One part sweet pepper pictured here (called black cardomom in the US).

ecuador real estate

Boil this spice with cinnamon bark and chamomile five gallons worth.  Drink a cup.  Step in a shower or bathtub. Relax. Meditate.  Slowly ladle this delicious warm tea over the head while sitting in a bathtub.  Refreshing!  Rejuvenating. Purifying!

Since truth is truth it is not surprising that we find similar philosophies for health all over the world. Whether our forefathers had great communion on the physical plain or through a unity of consciousness, health philosophies I have studied over the world over 40 years all agree that humanity exists on a temporary physical plain and an eternal spiritual existence.

We are all connected on that spiritual plane, animal, vegetable, even mineral and when we cleanse the body so the energy of this spiritual existence can rise, our health improves as we become more aware of our connections to all things.  This is the Ecuador shamanic way.


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