Ecuador Thanksgiving Trek

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Ecuador Thanksgiving Christmas Trek Free


Today is Thanksgiving in the USA and we give special thanks to all of you who help support this site.  To show our appreciation we have organized a free Ecuador holiday trek for early December.   The savings on Christmas shopping are so great you can almost have a trip to Ecuador free. You can read everything about this free Ecuador Thanksgiving trip in a moment.


First may I share why Merri and  are so thankful.

A couple days ago, a reader sent this note:

As stated earlier, travel restrictions based on immunization status may be in the cards. This video indicates Ecuador will impose mandatory vaccinations in the near future: What are we going to do now?

I clicked on this link and saw that the video had been removed so I sent this reply:  This video has been removed so I cannot comment… but I suspect that the data was inaccurate hence the removal.  There are always some things we do not know… but I have heard this rumor for over a year and have seen nothing to support the claim or add any validity to it.

These may seem like times of diminished liberties and they are in many ways. I never underestimate the stupidity that governments will display in times of panic.   There are ways though to mitigate these dangers.  I invite you to read my article “Ecuador Diversified.”

Diversification is one important step in a freedom lifestyle, but the real freedoms come from changes within… not without.   We need to live in ways that protect our health, clear thinking and spirit so we have the best ability to embrace change.  When we are diversified and in top condition physically, mentally and spiritually, we can put ourselves in the hands of God and adapt gracefully.

This is a better way to live than always worrying about the sky falling.  This is our 41st year of business and we have seen so many panics… the Nuclear Halocaust… The US Bankruptcy of 1995.  Y2K…  the SARS Epidemic and many more.

Yet here we are!  The sky is still up there and looks pretty darn good to me and for this we give thanks every day.

The best way to adapt to any changes in your economy or society is to hone our abilities to serve.

Ecuador Thanksgiving Trek Free

On Thanksgiving Merri and I give special thanks to all of you who help support this site.  To show our appreciation we have organized a free Ecuador Thanksgiving  trek for early December.


There are innumerable types of textiles in Otavalo.  Cotton… wool.

Any delegate to any of our seminars, tours or paid subscribers to Ecuador Living, Tangled Web or our Multi Currency Course are invited to attend.

Christmas shopping savings for authentic Ecuadorian crafts can dramatically reduce the cost of your Ecuador visit.

This Ecuador Christmas Trek is especially suited for those who attending Blaine Watson’s December course on astrology.

Thanksgiving is a day of great power.  There is enormous strength derived from  family and friends uniting together everywhere in prayer and celebration to give thanks to the Divine for the gifts and good fortune in their lives.

There is an astrological aspect to Thanksgiving as it always falls on the last Thursday of November.  Astrologically Thursday is ruled by Jupiter, the planet called “the Great Benefic”.  Jupiter’s energies can actually increase the blessings and good deeds of this day. Jupiter also magnifies whatever is held in your prayers and good wishes.  Let us harness Jupiter’s intensified energy together to increase the power of gratitude to some important people in our lives; our parents and family   friends, or anyone who has done a good deed.

Express your gratitude to them through Secret Acts of Kindness. Whether you tell them about your gift to them or not, the weight of your good will make the world a more positive place.



Bonnie Keogh who will lead the Ecuador Christmas Trek sent the note below outlining what you can enjoy and how you can save on your Christmas shopping.


Shirts and pants in all colors and sizes.

Here is what Bonnie wrote:  CONFERENCE:  Ecuador Christmas Trek

DATES:   December 5,  2009 
ARRIVAL:  If you are not in Ecuador, pan to arrive in Quito by Friday, December 4, 2009.

You will be met and escorted to your hotel in Quito.  If you were to have problems or are late or change planes, we will probably find you.  If not, remember, it is OK to jump in a cab.  We can also send a driver for you to meet your plane and bring you directly to Cotacachi.

Please send all your flight data to Bonnie at  If you arrive on the 4th of December,  our ground crew will be there to meet you at the Quito Airport.  Sign says “Gary Scott Conference” or just your name.
We  depart from Quito at 9:30 a.m. Saturday, December 5 for our bonus day of holiday shopping.  We will arrive at the Otavalo market in approximately 2 hours.  This is the largest indigenous market in South America and  Saturday is the biggest market day.  Be sure to bring your gift list because you’ll find unique gifts at bargain prices for everyone on your list.  Enjoy lunch at one of the many restaurants surrounding the market plaza.  Plan to be back at the bus by  4pm so we can continue to Cotacachi, only about a 20 minute drive from Otavalo, and El Meson,  which will be our base for the next few  days.

DEPARTURE:  For those staying on for the shamanic course, the bus will return to Quito in the early evening of December 8.  You could be ready to depart back to the states on the early a.m. flights December 9. (If you are staying for the following courses, this does not apply.)

HOTEL DATA IN QUITO:  At the 5 star Radisson Hotel, you will enjoy a very high standard in a good area surrounded by charming restaurants.  We have an ideal price at $65 (online and elsewhere $120) plus tax.  We are happy to book this for you, just let us know
your dates.  Radisson Royal Quito Hotel, 12 de Octubre and Cordero 444, Quito.   593-2-2233-333

HOTEL DATA FOR THE BEYOND LOGIC COURSE:  Meson las Flores is on the plaza, Cotacachi, Imbabura. At El Meson, enjoy our country inn filled with flowers and sunshine and roaring fires at night.  It’s a 180+ year old hacienda converted into a small hotel.  The conference will be held here, and this will be your home while traveling around. Meson de las Flores belongs to the Land of the Sun Foundation.  It is the seat of our foundation. which supports education and employment among the local indigenous.   Rates are $59 per room plus 12% Ecuadorian tax and 10% gratuity , a sumptuous breakfast at El Meson is included in the rate.

We have wireless Internet here so feel free to bring your own laptop.  The wireless works in the courtyard, rooms, balconies, all over.  We also have a complimentary phone to call back to the US, Canada and all of Europe at no charge…so everyone should feel free to utilize these no fee services to stay in touch.  We have a safe in every room and the water is good…although we furnish (free of charge) bottled water.
Meson was purchased by our foundation over three years ago.  We are making progress throughout.  It is clean, comfortable, charming and full of character…but is certainly not pretentious or grand!  We are grateful for your attendance and for your support in our projects and appreciate your being there with us in this delightful garden inn situated in the high Andes.


There are bags of all types.

You’ll need a sweater for the evenings (sitting around a roaring fire and sleeping under alpaca blankets) but khakis, safari clothes, cotton pants, (shorts are really not appropriate) golf shirts for daytime.  (Buy a real Panama hat in the market for a few bucks!)  Comfortable walking shoes and sunscreen are also good to bring.


All Panama hats are made in Ecuador and are sold in the market for as little as $6.

El Meson de las Flores, Sucre & Garcia Moreno, Cotacachi, Ecuador.  Telephone from the US 011 593 6 291 6009.  Meson cannot take reservations by phone or confirm reservations by phone…so please correspond with me.

You can call or have your loved ones back home call Meson through a NC number 1-336-792-4767.  (Give them the number!)

The staff at El Meson is awaiting your arrival, they delight in taking care of our guests and enjoy having the Inn full of people and buzzing with activity.


Ceramic Inca Conquistador…


chess sets.

Please do not hesitate to contact Bonnie Keough with questions or concerns:

Please enroll for the free Christmas Trek as soon as possible at Christmas Trek


There are many types of jewelry… silver…


gems and…


precious stones at…


low prices.













Finally a Thanksgiving Inspiration and Business Idea

Todd Smith attended our self publishing course several years ago and has developed an excellent web business turning his passion for photography into a profit.

He recently sent this Thanksgiving note:

A Big Thank You.  I’ve had a lot to be thankful for around here lately.  Over the last month, thirteen people have helped upload new unframed prints to my website.  We now have 294 unframed prints, and a total of 479 products on the entire site.

There is no way I could have done it myself.  This Thanksgiving I’m grateful for these generous and hard workers:

Alice Warren, Debbie Bruce, Deb Chessell, Wendee Lee, Gail Cammerata, Joy Bolster, Shelley Spruit, Karen Kelly, Heather Farha, Sarah Miller, Inge van Rosmalen, Joy Bolster, and Heather Farha.

A Special Offer for You at Thanksgiving

I’m also grateful as always to you, my readers.  You make sharing photography a joy for me.  Your feedback always inspires me to keep on looking for another subject for these newsletters.

As a thank you, I’m offering you a special deal on my calendar this week only:  Until Sunday, November 29 you can Buy 3 Get 1 Free!

Shhhh… it’s a secret.  You won’t see this offer advertised on my site.  But now you know. Just between you and me, you can buy 6 and get 2 free, buy 9 and get 3 free.  The sky’s the limit.  :) But don’t delay.  This deal won’t last.

The calendars make perfect stocking stuffers or inexpensive gifts for your child’s piano teacher, dance teacher, or art teacher… or for your favorite health food store checker, postman or computer repairman.

Give something people will remember you for all year long.

An Easy Opportunity to Earn

Would you like to earn a few extra dollars for the holiday season?  Do you need a little extra cash to spend on gifts this year?

Why not become a rep for Todd Smith Photography?

If you have a few hundred friends on Facebook, you can earn money promoting my calendar.  If you can show my calendars or cards to your friends in person, you could make some extra money.

If you have a blog, you could earn some money pointing people to my site.  If you have a newsletter, you could do the same.  If you use Twitter or any social media, you could easily earn some money promoting my calendar.

If you belong to a club or sports team or choir, why not bring some calendars to show around?  You might be surprised by how well they sell.

If your kid’s school, or band is looking for a fundraiser, we can help.  If your kid likes selling door to door, here’s the perfect product.

I’m willing to pay you handsomely for your work getting the word out.

Sell 100 calendars and you’ll earn over $600.  Sell 10 calendars and earn over $60.  It’s that easy.

Please reply to this email if you’re interested.

Happy Thanksgiving!

See you with the next photo newsletter in a couple of weeks.  Todd

This is good marketing. You can see how Todd has developed his ability to serve at his Todd Smith Photography website.

Whether you are in the USA today or elsewhere… gratitude is one of the most powerful positive thought processes because it leads to joy.

Fear leads to anger which is more expressive than all emotions except joy.  Most people use anger as their main emotion because when it is such an expressive emotion, it helps them engage in expression and allows them to discuss their feelings and activate events.

Joy however is even more powerful and much healthier and effective.  Gratitude can get you to joy!



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