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Ecuador Singles are very safe in many parts of Ecuador.

A reader recently sent this note. Hello Gary,  I have thoroughly enjoyed reading all your emails on Ecuador.  I would love to visit you when I have some funds available, and because of the economy my funds are non existent for travel now.  I have been told by several people and particularly by a Panamanian friend (female), that Ecuador is very dangerous because of the Colombian drug situation.  Crime is big and is it dangerous for a single female such as myself, to go there.

Here is my reply.  There is a popular misconception that Ecuador is a dangerous place.

This is like saying New York City  is a dangerous place.  Sure there is danger in some parts of New York. My research suggests that if you are in Manhattan and go to East and Central Harlem it can be a bit sketchy. Ditto for Washington Heights.   In Brooklyn, East New York, Brownsville and Crown Heights may not be good places to stroll at night.

Yet overall New York City has the lowest crime rate among the ten largest cities in the United States.  Since 1991, the city has seen a continuous fifteen-year trend of decreasing crime.

Then there are those who know what to do and are safe even in dangerous places. One site I researched said of East Harlem:  I have an uncle, who lived with his wife in one of the housing projects in East Harlem and manage to raised three children there since living there in the 80’s and 90’s. But he just moved out about a year ago. He said that the changes in the area got much better after the 2000’s. He said, he would stay, but they already had saved enough money and already buy property in Puerto Rico.

This is true of Ecuador as well. There are places you won’t find me walking around and I pretty well know what to do… how to look out.  I have only been robbed three times in 41 years of global travel… once in London and twice in the US… all at home or within two blocks of home.

Yet many parts of Ecuador are far safer than in North America.  We have dozens of single women readers who have moved from the US and Canada now living in Ecuador and have never heard a single complaint. They are probably safer in Ecuador than in most US cities.

I have written about this extensively at this site. If you have concerns please search the phrase “ecuador crime” at this site.  You will see numerous recent articles we have published.

There is also a good BBC article about crime in South America.  You will notice that the article does not mention Ecuador as one of the high crime areas in Latin America.

Ecuador has always seemed like a very safe place to us. We have taken thousands of people to Ecuador and though groups and tourists are always targets for crime… wherever they travel in the world… we have never experienced a violent incident.

From a security point of view one has to be on the lookout for pick pockets in tourist areas but other than that our thousands of readers who have visited Ecuador report few problems…  as mentioned not one incidence of violence.  We advise people at this time not to stay or visit the area of Mariscal Sucre nor go anywhere near the Colombian border or in the province of Esmeraldas.  Crime in Guayaquil in the 14 years we have been there was once bad but due to government measures is not as bad now.  Parks in Quito have trouble with theft and the like and it is good to just avoid these areas.

Our site covers our thoughts on risk extensively.

Here are links to just a few of the numerous articles we have posted about Ecuador safety.

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