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There are many Ecuador B&B opportunities around… but you must think of one important factor as you search for an Ecuador Bed and Breakfast.

A reader recently sent me this note:

We are Canadians with some savings and a desire to leave the rat race  behind and enjoy a higher quality of life.  We are 36 & 39 years old and would love to move part-time or full time to Ecuador.  Nature, rain forests, cloud forests, birds and animals of the region are of high interest to us.  We also love the idea of Cuenca, a colonial city.  Due to our age we could not retire but would need to work and have some income.  From what I read it sounds like we would need less than $10,000 annually to live a modest lifestyle.

We definitely would not want to hire a gardener, driver or housekeeper which sounds very commonplace.   We are thinking of buying a 3,000-4,000 square foot house and turn it into a bed and breakfast with a small cafe and gardens.   We are thinking of coming down in the next 2-18 months to purchase a place.  We need advice in putting this dream into reality.

I figure the B & B would need to be in downtown Cuenca or in the region above Quito somewhere.  I was also surprised when you told the story of the man who owned the 14 room small hotel but did not even make $1,000 per month which meant he barely ever had a room rented.

Our biggest problem is for our employer to give us any time off from work .  It`s not possible to have any unpaid leave.

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My husband thinks we need to go in 2 months because if we wait 12-14 months the prices may have escalated significantly .  What do you think ?.

My reply began “I think you’ll get a better price by taking your time… not rushing.”

Yes, it is possible to live on $10,000 a year in Ecuador.

See how Canadians Larry & Shirley live for $700 a month at Ecuador Cost of Living is Low.

Larry & Shirley moved into their new condo at Vistazul last year, just 133 steps from the beach.


Plus it is possible to have a bed & breakfast in Ecuador BUT…  see below the importance of marketing.

There are plenty of B&B opportunities.  Here is a property offering a B&B opportunity.


This is a new, large house with stunning views, and two bedroom guest house, located just two minutes walk from the center of Montanita, Ecuador.

See more at Ecuador B&B Montanita Ecuador Beach Income.

Here is another B&B opportunity, an Ecuador bed & breakfast for sale with a very low asking price (shown below).



Hammocks and pool plus…


many wonderful features. Room to expand.


Even a pool.


The seller is asking $90,000.  See more at Ecuador beach bed & breakfast for sale.

Here is another B&B potential with a $60,000 asking price.  This is an old hostel next door to Vistazul condos.


Here is our latest group inspecting this hostel,which is one block from the Ecuador’s Pacific.


This place has a huge front porch.


Large second floor veranda with ocean views.


Beautiful flowered front yard.


The building is really rough and needs work…but over 8,000 square feet of building.  See more at Ecuador Beach Hostel

Here is a Bahia Ecuador hostel for sale near this promenade.


This Bahia hostel is next to this park.


It’s a small hostal…


with this view.


See more at Bahia hostel for sale

Learn how to get in touch with the sellers and brokers of the Ecuador B&Bs for sale above with our Ecuador Living Service.

But the question is, can an expat with an Ecuador B&B or Ecuador hostel make any money?

The answer is… as with all businesses… marketing is a really important factor.

The 14 room hotel that the reader above asked about was in an out of the way place and the guy had no relation with travel agents nor a web site or any advertising at all.

Yesterday’s message showed how a subscriber has just developed this Cuenca Ecuador hostel.


This owner is out hustling… contacting services like ours offering discounts to our readers to get business started.  When Merri and I bought Meson de las Flores, it was empty most of the time.  We had to write about the hotel and talk to seminar promoters and travel agents to get the business coming in.  It has taken a couple of years with a lot of work to build up the occupancy factor.

If you plan to have an Ecuador B&B… the first question to ask… AND ANSWER is where will and how will I market to get my guests?

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