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Ecuador Living subscribers are involved in opening a new Cuenca Ecuador hostel.

Many North Americans look for ways to earn income.  Cuenca real estate is one way to do this and we looked at Cuenca real estate in yesterday’s message.

However there are other ways to earn income in Ecuador beyond property as an excerpt from the article Cuenca real estate and Ecuador income points out.

A subscriber wrote:  Gary We are doing very well in Cuenca.  We have recently become 40% non-operating partners of the local CURVES franchise which went into the black in its first month.

Next month sees the opening of VILLA NOVA INN, located on Avenue Third of December on the city side of the Tomebamba River.  It is about 20 yards  from SAKURA SUSHI, the best Japanese restaurant in Cuenca, perhaps in all of Ecuador.   This is  a new 12 bedroom hostel in which we are 25% non-operating partners that will open next month.

Now this five star hostel Villa Nova Inn in Cuenca Ecuador is open and offers a savings opportunity for you.


This is an attractive location overlooking Cuenca’s Tomebamba River and directly across from Parque de la Madre (Mother’s Park).


View from Cuenca Ecuador’s Hostel Villa Nova Inn


This Cuenca hostel is Ecuador’s newest intimate urban inn in this wonderful town.  Cuenca Ecuador is one of UNESCO’s World Cultural Heritage Cities.

This Cuenca hostel was developed and is run by a group of experienced Ecuadorian and American international travelers who have spent over 70 years experiencing the best in clean, friendly, comfortable, low-cost hotels, inns, and hostels throughout Ecuador, Europe, Canada, and the United States.  They put those years of experience to work in creating their motto  “Do It Right So The Guest May Sleep Tight!”

Here are a few of the initial guest comments sent to us by the management:

“First Impression – Excellent; Front Desk – Excellent; Room – Excellent; Staff – Excellent; Additional Comments – Feels like home plus Location, Location, Location” Penny Ripple (USA)

“I walked past the little hotel and went in out of curiosity.  After I set myself on staying (which was a very easy thing to do, considering the warm welcome and the looks of the clean rooms) I found that I didn’t lack anything during my stay.  The staff was very nice and helpful.  They took care of everything which was needed to make my stay a warm and delightful one, including quick inexpensive laundry service and clear explanations about Cuenca.  Oh, and plenty of smiles.  All in all, without a doubt, a wonderful place to stay.  Not to be missed.  I am looking forward to coming back.” Paul Memran (Israel)

“Thanks brothers and sisters.  Best treatment.  Best hotel.  Thanks for everything.” Guardarraya (Quito, Ecuador)


Room with a view of Cuenca’s river.

This Cuenca hostel has spacious guest rooms,. Each have have a private bathroom with plenty of hot water and and shower.


There is ample closet space, a writing desk, new comfortable mattresses, soft sheets, warm quilts — and a free continental breakfast served either in the unique Bananas Breakfast Restaurant  or on the Inn’s riverside terraces.


Ecuador Living subscribers who, at check in, provide their Ecuador Living password receive a 20% discount off the room rate.

Other amenities include the Japanese Sushi Bar and Restaurant, Sakura, located next to this Cuenca hostel.  Sakura offers an in room menu for guests who want to dine in their room or or on one of the Inn’s terraces.  The menu includes hot and cold dishes from a simple glass of wine and appetizers to a multi-course meal of sushi, teriyaki steak, salmon, or chicken topped off by a classic brownie and ice cream with chocolate sauce.


Villa Nova Inn provides its guests with a unique combination of affordable contemporary conveniences and a quiet restful night’s sleep. There is  broadband Wi-Fi throughout the hotel and its terraces and Direct TV in the Inn’s Main Lobby.  Snacks, cold drinks, beer, wine, and coffee are also available in guest rooms  and the hostel’s sunset terraces overlooking Cuenca, the river, park, and Andes Mountains.

Villa Nova Inn is within easy walking distance of a wide variety of Cuenca’s sites of interest including:  Cuenca’s Colonial City Center, the Central Square “Parque Calderon” and  its two cathedrals.  The Cathedral Viejo, built in 1557, houses a charming museum and the “new cathedral” built in 1880 conducts numerous services throughout the week.  The colonial center also features beautiful colonial and modern  architecture, numerous museums, dozens of art galleries and indigenous shops interspersed with totally contemporary stores, and restaurants galore for all pocketbooks from $1.50 for a lunch-of-the-day to five-star dining at internationally famous restaurants.

Cuenca’s Millennium Shopping Plaza has a multi-screen movie theatre, wide variety of shops, a Super Maxi.   The Esquina de las Artes is also nearby across from the University of Cuenca.

The Banco Central Museum in Cuenca has numerous early Inca ruins.  The Centro Inter-Americano de Artes Populeres (CIDAP) and Broken Bridge Gallery Cooperative offer contemporary art and display examples at the hostel on a rotating schedule.

This Cuenca hostel is near three of Azuay Province’s medical centers — Monte Sinai, Santa Ines, and Santa Ana. Each of these Cuenca medical centers is staffed by internationally trained doctors of all disciplines. Each of these Cuenca medical centers are within walking distance or less than a 5-minute taxi ride away from Villa Nova Inn.

Alejandro Serrano Stadium is nearby and features both class A international soccer and regional soccer league matches as well as frequent music concerts by national and international stars.

Villa Nova Inn also offers first-class guided tours of Colonial Cuenca, the surrounding Andes Mountains and national parks, into the Oriente (Amazon Jungle), to a wide variety of nearby indigenous “guild villages”, and of course to the Galapagos Islands.

The management of this Cuenca hostel  offer Ecuador Living subscribers a 20% discount.  When you subscribe to Ecuador Living, we provide you with a password that entitles you to the discount.

Cuenca is one of Ecuador’s most popular cities. Three hotels in Cuenca, Ecuador offer Ecuador Living subscribers discounts.


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