Cuenca Real Estate

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Cuenca Real Estate


Cuenca real estate offers excellent quality and value for exapts visiting Ecuador. Here is a shot of downtown Cuenca.

One of the first cities that Merri and I visited when we began looking for Ecuador property was the Spanish tile roofed colonial city of Cuenca which sits in a broad valley surrounded by lush green mountains. I have always loved the real estate opportunities in Cuenca and am happy to report we can now share this with you in our upcoming 2010 Cuenca real estate tours.

Here is an example why Cuenca is such a popular place.  Our friends, Bill Bushnell and his wife, Leita Hulmes live in a spacious and modern condo in Cuenca within walking distance to the historic colonial city center.

Cuenca condo building
Cuenca Condo building

Cuenca condo living room

We’ll look at more Cuenca property pictures below.

Cuenca is easily Ecuador’s (and perhaps all of South America’s) most beautiful city with a distinctly European look and feel. In a previous
article I reported that MSN has named Cuenca the best retirement city in the world.

It is both modern and classic in its architecture. This is an aristocratic town with hard workers and a solid middle class. The downtown area is remarkably clean and is built around a central park bordered by a huge golden cathedral with brilliant ceramic domes. There is a sense of order in the narrow cobblestone streets which for the most part run on a grid. The markets are filled with color and exotic design, and there is no sense of crime or poverty found here.

Tall Willows and Eucalyptus are abundant along the river banks of the four rivers running through its center where you’ll see locals washing their
colorful clothes. Red tiles on white stucco sparkling in the brilliant sun are the predominate vista.

Cuenca has perhaps the largest North American population in Ecuador though it is a much smaller city (350,000) than Quito or Guayaquil which have many millions of people. It’s large enough to offer almost all goods and services one could want without the hustle and bustle of a big city.

The beautiful sites are not the only joys Merri and I have experienced  in Cuenca. Property prices are startlingly low. Values have certainly risen
since we first began looking almost 15 years ago, yet asking prices still seem like bargains.

For example brand new apartments just down the road from the 5 Star Oro Verde Hotel are offered at just $42,000.

Here is that condo, just…


four blocks from the center of Cuenca.


Quality is not lacking.

Here are some more shots of our friends Cuenca condo with all hardwood floors, cabinetry and top quality fittings and additional lighting.

Cuenca condo hardwood finishes

There’s is a 1,690 square foot condo cost  that they bought for under $100,000.

Cuenca condo studio
the studio

The views from the 5th floor living room of the Ecuadorian Sierra Mountains show Cajas National Park in the distance.

View from Cuenca condo

There is space throughout this Cuenca home.

Cuenca condo master bedroom

Hardwood excellence is seen throughout this Cuenca house.

Cuenca condo kitchen

Currently there is a lovely first-floor 2-BR apartment located just across  the Tomebamba River from Cuenca’s historic district. It is within walking distance of El Centro which is Cuenca’s version of Central Park and is offered for $35,000.

If your preference is a house, only four blocks from downtown there is a new 4 bedroom, 4 bath house with 1991 sq ft of living space on 1/3 of an
acre for $77,000.

Another delightful opportunity in Cuenca is within a 10 unit gated community where there are only two townhouses left. The 1600 sq ft 3BR, 3
bath units have solid wood cabinetry, doors and windows and feature an open floor plan connecting the living area, dining room and kitchen for
$89,900. These units are within walking distance of supermarkets, shopping malls and some great restaurants for which Cuenca is renown.

Here are the these brand new condos, outside and…




You can find superb spacious country homes in an area called San Joaquín which is known for its agricultural heritage still evident today. Numerous
farms and livestock abound in this area just 10 minutes from downtown.

Here houses sit above the city on gentle slopes with commanding views offering tile, hardwoods and marble, plus exquisite workmanship not found
in the U.S. Yet prices are as low as $145,000.

Just a few kilometers down the road from Cuenca is Challuabamba which has seen a fair amount of new construction in the last few years. It is a
slightly lower than Cuenca so is a bit warmer. Because of the highway, it is more accessible than in the past and many locals have moved out of the
city to be in a more rural locale. New homes range from the low $70s to over $200,000 so there is a wide variety to be had.

In the country you may find the best buys as is the case in most parts of the world. In-town prices are always higher than in the country and if
living closer to nature is your preference, you can have a large hacienda with plenty of land for farming and livestock at unbelievably low prices.
We’ve seen prices starting at $1.50 a square meter ($15,000 per acre) for land featuring stunning views, flowing streams and rich dark soil.

Yunguilla, about an hour from Cuenca via the newly paved highway, is one of the most beautiful valleys in the world. It’s like a Swiss mountain
valley covered in Irish emerald green – all in South America! Explosions of white pampas grass line the road and paisley swaths of forest and
cotton wool clouds cover the broad valley floor. Huge waterfalls spring from the hillsides like gigantic white snakes crashing hundreds of feet.

Here is a shot of Yungilla.


Currently there is a house with outstanding views sitting on just over an acre. It has 4 bedrooms and 2 baths in 2045 sq ft with an asking price of $80,000 or how about 5 acres with a river running along one boundary for $35,000.

Further on you can find plantations with entrances lined with sugar cane, bananas, mango, papaya, mango, naranjilla, babaco, orange, lemon, lime,
yucca, coffee plants, bread fruit, guavas, achote, grapefruit, coconuts and all the vegetables you could eat. Also abundant are avocado, bamboo,
corn, potatoes and tomatoes.

These veritable gardens led to rustic old farm houses graced by birds of every type, humming birds, toucan, choco, bromeliad fly catchers,
tanagers, finches and animals include agouti, tapir, fox and deer.

You can find land with horses, cows, pigs, numerous dogs, chickens and even llamas which are indigenous.

I viewed one plantation there some years ago that had its own .7 kilowatt hydro electric turbine and sugar cane crusher, distillery where they
distilled 50,000 liters of schnapps a year overlooking the San Francisco river, a broad cascading mountain stream bounds the land and the smaller
Sarayunga river runs through it.

All in all Cuenca, and the area immediately surrounding it, has a great deal to offer no matter what your preferences. Whether you want to live in
an apartment, a home or buy land and build your own – it’s all possible at prices that are a throw back to times past.

Speaking of prices that are from times gone by, our friends and representatives in Cuenca, Stephen Milden and Leanna Palermo, reported today that they went to a local co-op and bought 12 bags of organic fruits and vegetables for only $20.91! If they had purchased the same items in the US it would have cost them close to $200.00 and everything was locally grown. They will be delighted to be your hosts and show you their adopted home during the first tour of 2010 which is set for January 22-23 2010.

Not only will you have an opportunity to see a cross section of available land, homes and apartments, you will be able to experience the local
culture by way of fantastic restaurants, galleries, artisan shops and a walking tour along cobblestone streets that will take your breath away.

Cuenca is one of Ecuador’s most popular towns and we look forward to sharing Cuenca with you on our 2010 Ecuador real estate tours.


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