Ecuador Internet Business – Job Creation Opportuity

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Here is a great Ecuador internet business idea that can create a job for you and others as well. Create “notchups”  an idea you could say was raised from the dead.


Ecuador’s guild system creates an interesting “notchup” opportunity.

Here is why you can cash in with a “notchup” internet business.

Branding is a powerful marketing tool… sometimes good and other times… not.

For example Kellogg’s claim that their  ‘Cocoa Crispies’ cereal can boost a child’s immunity has to be in the all time “Disgusting Brands Hall of Fame.”

However good or bad… in marketing, branding works and one negative form of branding to my way of thinking is via prestige pricing.  Prestige pricing creates products that are so expensive that most consumers cannot afford them.  This is prestige or envy branding.  This type of branding really works.   To give you an example of how well envy branding works, when Forbes magazine released its annual list of top-earning dead celebrities for 2009, the biggest dead earner was fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent who raked in a staggering $350 million after his death last year.

Number two and three by the way were Rodgers and Hammerstein at $235 million and  Michael Jackson earning US$90 million after his death… all leaving the king in the dust. Elvis earned only $55 million.

I suspect that as soon as envy branding began… so to did notchoffs… a CHEAPER look alike product that looks like the expensive brand.


Ecuador has many master weavers.

Yet there are some other bigger more important internal benefits of living in Ecuador or anywhere different around the world.



These Ecuador musical instrument makers are famous around the world.

The great Ecuador Internet Business Idea is to make BETTER look alike products that I call “notchups”.

Teach Ecuadorians how to make high end products and then sell their inventory over the internet, without inventory costs.

This is a nice way to fight back against prestige branding… better for less so the man in the street can afford the product.

Here is how this idea came about.   A Businessweek article by By Douglas MacMillan entitled “Psst! Private-Sale Shopping Sites Are Hot” started the idea.

You can link to the entire article at the end of this message but here is an excerpt from the article: Saddled with unsold merchandise amid the recession, makers of luxury goods are selling their wares through members-only shopping sites.

During last year’s bleak holiday shopping season, fashion designer Lauren Merkin greatly overestimated the number of handbags she’d sell in upscale retail stores such as Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdale’s.

She found a good way to sell them elsewhere without consigning them to a bargain-basement rack that might tarnish the brand in the eyes of would-be customers. All year, she’s been selling the excess goods for half-price on the members-only Web site Gilt Groupe, during 36-hour sales that are hidden from the view of the general public. “What we’re selling is first-rung, but if it sits around at a sale I think the consumer gets the wrong impressions about the product,” Merkin says.

Saddled with overstock from the retail recession, makers of luxury apparel, home furnishings, and other high-end goods are selling their wares at reduced prices through Gilt Groupe and other private shopping sites. Many of these companies help fuel pent-up demand by limiting membership, forcing would-be clients to park on a waiting list or be referred by existing members.

The private-sale model also makes sense for Gilt Groupe and other sites that act as middlemen, because they carry no inventory and earn a wide margin on sales. Combined revenue at Gilt Groupe, Rue La La, and Ideeli, three of the top four players in the U.S., is expected to exceed $300 million this year. That, along with sales at other private-sale sites, makes up a significant portion of the estimated $1 billion a year in online sales of luxury apparel, says Sucharita Malpuru, e-commerce analyst at Forrester Research (FORR).

Enterprising business people can turn their passion into profit and take this idea one step further. They can create products similar to (but often even better) than existing luxury goods, have talented Ecuadorians make them and then sell them online.

For example, this Fendi Zucchino shopping tote in canvas with leather handles and trim, made in Italy is for sale on the internet for $819 bucks. Yikes!


Here is an Ecuador craftsman scrapping leaves of the Aguave plant to create…


fiber to make Shigra bags like this… green… hand made for the wearer.  Maybe $30 retail and they could look better than the Fendi!


Here are the keys to make this idea a success.

#1: Be involved in something you really love. This enhances your lifestyle as well as your wealth.

#2: Do not make knockoffs. Make something better…notchups!  Ecuador’s guild system created craft masters who no longer exist in Europe.  You can create handmade products similar to luxury items but are really better and with a better story because the items are hand made.

#3:  Offer experiences not just goods. Offer optional trips so buyers can come and be involved in the creation of their product.


There are great artists who can do wonderful reproductions like this religious art.

The concept of knockoffs have existed probably since branding began.  However you can create a business selling notchups and knock your competition as you enhance your lifestyle and create extra income.


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