Smalltown USA – Revisited

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Smalltown USA – Revisited

Finally we get to revisit Smalltown USA.

Over these last seven years, we have learned to respect and heed our intuition even more.

When logic and intuition come together, it is a beautiful event that goes beyond wealth… calm… richness and fulfillment.

As Merri and I begin our 42nd year of international investing and business seminars and publishing, we gain great comfort and enthusiasm from the  feel of how our efforts in this last seven year cycle progressed. 

You’ll also be happy because this progress creates extra value and some enormous savings for you.

First we are excited that in this upcoming seven we can expand our focus on Small town USA as well as global investing and Ecuador.

Yesterday’s message looked at how the broader measure of unemployment in the US is now 17.5% and why living in Ecuador can help those who want to retire or are unemployed.   That message also reviewed the importance of seven year cycles in human affairs.

So let’s continue looking at seven years points of interest.

Seven years ago this site also began a “Great Places to Be” series that focused on Ecuador BUT ALSO looked at Smalltown USA.

We began to zero in on Cotacachi Ecuador, Ashe County North Carolina and places like Lake Placid, Florida and Bucksnort, Tennessee as great places to live and invest.

Here is an article that we posted seven years ago in 2002 about Lake Placid in Central Florida as a great place to be.

One reader who read that article shared with me that he really cleaned up from that advice.  He invested in orange groves in that Central Florida area and evidently his profits soon exceeded his investment.

We however grew so busy in organizing our Ecuador efforts we had little time to keep up with Smalltown USA beyond fixing up our farm here in the Blue Ridge.  Smalltown USA in Lansing, North Carolina by the way might be a misnomer. Perhaps microtown USA?  We love isolation!

Now after seven years of progress, our properties in Ecuador and North Carolina are in pretty good shape.   Our associates are now running things well in both places north and south.  This allows Merri and me to broaden our horizons and expand our Smalltown USA efforts to places like Lake Placid.

We can enjoy helping our readers in Ecuador, but also help those who cannot or do not want to come to Ecuador now.  We can help them in Smalltown USA North Carolina and Florida.

The benefit for you is that we can now serve you during the winter in Florida. Our North Carolina summer and autumnal seminars are great… but when we began conducting seminars in North Carolina, we tried one winter seminar.  The seminar hall and accommodations which we built to look like barns are fantastic in the summer, but in the winter they looked…


like this instead.


Water froze.  Cars stuck. Delegates were distinctly chilled.  Talk about a learning curve!

Now we have purchased an orange grove on…

ecuador-savings ]

a lake in…


Smalltown USA, Central Florida.   This is a nice lake and a pretty good grove as well… I think. My orange grove experience equals my hotel management experience when we bought Meson de las Flores, our Cotacachi hotel… in other words-zero.

Yet we keep matching our hunches with our logic and the results this next seven years will be interesting to see.  This is how we like business… as an adventure. The fun comes from not knowing, learning, growing and meeting the challenge!

We conducted international investing and business seminars in Florida Smalltown USA for years when we lived in Naples, Florida… until Naples was no longer a small town.  We fled and headed south to Cotacachi and north to the Blue Ridge.

We are back! We have chosen Mt. Dora as our small town this time… another little piece of paradise that most have missed.  I am stunned when talking with Floridians to find how many have never been there… and often do not even know where it is.

For the record, here is a map…. showing the 50 miles or so to Disney World and Orlando.


This is a charming town that sits on a huge lake over 7000 acres.

Here is a shot from the website of the Lakeside Inn in Mt. Dora.

The inn’s website says:

A ‘National Historic Treasure’, listed on the National Historic Register, we have continuously operated as an Inn for more than 125 years, the oldest operating Inn in Central Florida.
 We are located 40 miles Northwest of Orlando in the charming shopping village of Mount Dora, the “New England” of Central Florida.

Mount Dora is the Antique Capital of Florida, where the Renninger’s Twin Markets draw thousands to their Antique Mall and Flea Market, along with downtown Art Shows, Craft Fairs, Music Festivals, Theatre, Antique Shows, Classic Wooden Boat Shows, Sailing Regatta’s and Holiday Lighting Ceremonies and Parades.  The Captain Doolittle Eco Tours and Mount Dora Trolley leave right from the Inn for your daily excursions!

Here are shots of the Inn from its website.


That 50 miles between Orlando and Mt. Dora makes a world of difference.  This entire mid Florida area offers some incredible bargains. Take for example this listing Merri just received… a three bedroom, two bathroom house on a lake with a guest house. We track these listing and this started in the $400,000s. Now the asking price has dropped to $199,000.

ecuador savings

Our seminars in Mt. Dora WILL NOT  be about Florida real estate… but about International Investing and Business and Super Thinking. However when you visit us in Florida… if you like investing in real estate, I suggest that you take a look and we will be happy to put you in touch with brokers we have found helpful.

There you have… expanded horizons. In 2010 we serve you in Ecuador… Florida and the Blue Ridge. We look forward to meeting you in Mt. Dora.


Meet us in Florida and the Blue Ridge, yet see the best Ecuador property to0 with Split Sessions in North and South America.

Our new split session seminars help those who have asked to attend courses but who cannot make it to Ecuador right now.  These courses… both our International Business & Investing and Super Thinking + Spanish seminars will have the first session conducted in Central Florida (Mt. Dora) or the Blue Ridge in North Carolina.   Then those who choose the second optional session can travel to Ecuador for the remaining real estate or shamanic minga tours that follow immediately after the first session.

Find the best real estate offers.  Know more of Ecuador. To help encourage our split sessions and help you experience a bigger adventure in Ecuador  we are providing deep discounts in 2010 for those who sign up for multiple tours.

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2010 will be a truly exciting year in Ecuador…. more tours in more places. For the first time it is possible to get a feel for all of Ecuador in one continuous tour.

December 6-8 Blaine Watson’s  Beyond Logic & Shamanic Tour

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