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There are many new era Ecuador export business opportunities created by technology.

Yet some old technologies can still be used … like fire.


Recent messages about terrorist EMP attacks have focused on negative aspects that technology can have on the global electronic community in the next new international era.  Humanity is so united and so dependent on electronics that a few dissatisfied souls could bring the entire system to a screeching halt.

Yet on the positive side, mankind has always overcome negatives and moved forward in a positive way.

Fire can burn down a house… but it cooks our meals and heats our homes as well.  So we cannot live our lives based around negatives and the remote chances that centuries of infrastructure will crumble overnight.

Plus we can use technology to actually help resolve terrorism and enhance our lives with a small international business at the same time.

Man cannot live by bread alone.  Yet we can earn income and make the world a better place with bread from Ecuador.  There is a type of Ecuador bread that  has export potential…bread from dough  that creates… green dough: cash!

At our Ecuador export courses we look at many ways to earn money abroad.  One export idea about Ecuador exports we share on our Ecuador exports tours is in Cotacachi and in the village of Calderon.  The exportable Ecuador product is called masapan. Masapan is made from bread dough that is glazed and baked rock hard.  Ecuador export delegates see masapan products being made and learn how they offered excellent Ecuador exports because masapan can be shaped into almost any form ranging from beautiful flowers to toys, nativity sets and much, much more.

They are excellent Ecuador export products because they are light to ship, cheap and can be customized to be marked up enormously.


As Ecuador exports they can be made into pins, refrigerator magnets, necklaces, earrings and ornaments.  One Ecuador exports tour delegate who owned a hotel used them as turn down treats with a small leaflet selling them. This is a hot Ecuador exports idea!


Here is masapan shaped into tiny fruits.


Here is it is masks.

ecuador earning

The origins of masapan came from the way the people of Ecuador celebrate “All Souls Day.”

Our friend, Bonnie Keough, sent us a note about this holiday and how masapan began.

She wrote:  Hi Merri, this was an interesting experience I had today with Mauricio and the couple who are renting the casita, they are making a documentary about the Indigenous so I tagged along.

In the United States, today is Halloween.

In Ecuador it’s part of an extra long holiday weekend celebration, El dia de los Muertos, All Soul’s Day.

Despite its morbid name, it’s a happy time when families gather and visit grave sites.  They often take food to the cemeteries to share
with their departed loved ones.  Graves are cleaned and decorated, family celebrations are held graveside.  This part of the celebration will happen
tomorrow and the next day.  Today everyone was busy preparing the special foods.

One of the traditional foods for this holiday is bread. In many small villages there is only one large oven for bread baking.  These ovens
are owned by one family but shared by many. I had the privilege of seeing this tradition first hand today.


We visited the village of Pilchivuela on the outskirts of Cotacachi.  The oven had been in use for several hours before we arrived, numerous pans of bread had already been baked to a golden brown.

Don Rafael Guitarra was busy chopping firewood to heat the oven and his wife was scurrying about gathering chilca, the special plant that is
used to clean the oven.  Both are in their 80’s.

Chilca is the special plant that’s used to sweep the ashes out of the hot oven before the bread goes in.  Interesting enough, Mauricio was saying that is also one of the plants shamans use during the purification ceremony, so I guess it’s believed to have cleansing and other special properties.
The wife of Don Rafael made a special point of telling Mauricio that this is the only plant they use to clean the oven and she was out cutting and gathering it fresh for each new fire they built.  It’s part of the tradition.


Here is the chilca plant.


They made us feel very welcome with their sweet smiles and gave us samples of warm rolls fresh from the oven.

Friends, neighbors and relatives show up throughout the day at appointed times for their turn to use the oven.  They bring their bread in large
bowls and buckets.

It is kneaded and shaped on a wooden table in a small room by community members. All ages were present and they chatted happily while forming
flowers, knots, circles, animals and other shapes.


A very hot fire is built in the oven, it heats the bricks and adobe which retains the high temperatures.  The ashes are shoveled out of the oven, the
chilca plant is used to cleanse the oven and the bread is baked.


This process is repeated all day for several days until everyone has baked their bread for the holiday.


Sometimes a small token of appreciation, such as a few rolls or some fruit is given to the owners of the oven.  It is not expected, but appreciated.
Such is the spirit of Ecuador.  Bonnie.

This is how masapan began.  In the north of Ecuador…early November is often a time when it rains a bit more.   All Soul’s Day Celebrants hated seeing the rain dissolve the bread they left on their ancestor’s graves… so they began baking it hard… and painting it… so the food remained intact.

From this root, this wonderful art form of masapan evolved.  This is the spirit of Ecuador… built on ancient traditions… honoring those who led the way and have departed… turning the loss of ancestors and a tiny problem created by the abundance of rainfall… growing in a way that we as global businesses can trade and create richness for ourselves and for all others involved.

We hope to share ways to learn and earn in Ecuador.

Learn more about earning with Ecuador exports here.

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