Cotacachi Real Estate Opportunity

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There is new Ecuador real estate opportunity offered by a new Cotacachi Real Estate project designed by Patricio Falconi.

This message looks at a new premium Cotacachi real estate project and has information about Ecuador jobs and how to earn income in Ecuador.

Last year I visited land on the periphery of Cotacachi. The owner asked me what I thought about plans he was developing.

This is an excellent piece of land feeling rural, but


the property is close to the center of Cotacachi…just a short walking distance to the Plaza.


I took this photo of Cotacachi Cathedral and our hotel in the center of Cotacachi from the property.  The real estate  is an easy walk into the village.

The owner of the Cotacachi property, Milton Proano and his son Angel, are now developing this Cotacachi real estate.


Here is Milton and Angel in the first house being developed on this Cotacachi real estate project.

This will be Cotacachi’s premier real estate development because Milton and Angel have had it designed by one of Ecuador most famous architects, Patrico Falconi.


Architect Falconi.

The first house has been started and…


you can see the Falconi touch.

Start with the beams.


Here are the beams in a completed Falconi house.


Here are the beams in the first house being built in this Cotacachi real estate development, and…


the beam’s trim… a Falconi house signature.

Positioning to gain a great view is one of Falconi’s attributes.   We can see this in a competed Falconi house and…


here is the front window view in the new Cotacachi house designed by Falconi.


This will be Cotacachi’s premier project developed by one of Cotacachi’s prominent families on their ancestral land, next to their estate.

The first houses in this Cotacachi project are offered at a discount and you can see an entire introduction to this Cotacachi real estate project here.

Ecuador Jobs

A reader just sent me this note: Hi Gary, I would like to know if I subscribed to this would this let me know how to get a job in Ecuador, visa, wages, rent and job sites available. I do Love the U.S.A, but I feel it may be time to go, can you help me, Thanks Steve

My reply discouraged this reader from coming to Ecuador to look for a job.

I wrote: Jobs are difficult for non Ecuadorians unless you speak perfect Spanish and even then… mainly in teaching. We focus on helping readers learn how to have businesses. Gary

This chart clarifies the…


high unemployment rate that has grown.  This chart and the numbers below used the CIA Fact Book as its source. You can see more at but…


with a lot of underemployment and a 16.98% rise in unemployment…  jobs will not be easy to find.

Plus without a resident visa… the task of finding a job is complicated even more.

In fact the mission of our foundation is to help create employment for Ecuadorians.

Our mission for our readers is to help relieve them of the burden of finding a job because the greatest freedom of all comes from the ability to labor at what you love wherever you live with your own business.

This brings everlasting wealth.

This is why we are providing a special three for one offer with our  course Tangled Web… How to Have an Internet Business

This course can help you create your own internet business.

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