Intelligent Protection From EMP Terrorist Attack

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Our intelligence beyond logic is eventually the ultimate protection from an EMP terrorist attack.

If  you have not read this entire series about the risks of an  EMP attack please click on  EMP Attack.

Intelligence beyond logic often leads to lucky coincidence.


See a lucky coincidence, beyond this oak at the entrance to our new house.

Messages at this site over the last week have looked at  seven steps you can take to assure that you are not destroyed by an EMP.

When we unite our logic and intuition, our intelligence works in ways we could never imagine. Let me give you an example that relates to our search for real estate in Florida.

Early this year, while visiting our daughter in Florida, my logic suggested that there were some really good real estate values here.

We were thinking about taking a look when our attorney-business intuitive contacted us.  She said… “I hate Florida, but you should look for real estate there.”

You can read about what the intuitive said at Ecuador Shamans & Truth.

We began looking!

You can read about our search for good value Florida property at Value Investing Diary

After nearly a year of research, studying hundreds of properties, making many trips to Florida and viewing dozens of places we narrowed the area down to Central Florida around Mt Dora.

In the meantime a kind reader and good friend sent me the novel “One Second After” written by bestselling author, William R. Forstchen.

The story takes place in a small North Carolina town after an electro magnetic pulse is detonated by terrorists over the United States.   The electrical grid and anything using a computer stops working.

Without central communication and distribution, mass devastation and chaos ensues immediately.   The agony is terrible and life almost unfathomably complicated. What makes this fiction meaningful is that the book really documents and details the West’s dangerous reliance on technological systems which are so extensive that no one even recognizes them any more.

Adding to the terror of this book is a forward by Newt Gingrich and and afterword by Captain Bil Sanders (USN) one of the foremost experts on EMP.   The comments  on how an EMP exploded over the US would create the Compton effect and how it would have “devastating consequences on our country”  scared me… a lot.

Then there was a front page article in USA Today about the risk of an EMP Terrorist attack.

Merri and I decided we needed to do something about this and we created our list of seven steps to take.

#1:  Move well away from the USA…. to an agriculturally based country.  This is one reason Merri and I have been active in Ecuador for nearly 15 years.

#2: Move to Small Town USA.  Our sites have been looking at the benefits of this for years and why we live on agricultural property.

#3:  Create our own source of food.

#4: Create a local source of hardened energy and communications.  Get a hardened generator and Ham radio.

#5: Keep some gold and or silver on hand.

#6: Know how to take care of your own health.

#7:  Hold some assets outside of North America.

We had already accomplished six of the seven steps!

I started working on the seventh step finding out what we needed to do to get and operate a ham radio and keep it operable if the national grid shut down. We started learning how to harden this communications system from an EMP attack.

Later, after looking at hundreds of houses, we found the one we wished to buy. This is a really nice house… at a price we consider good value… remote… agricultural with plenty of acreage and an existing cash crop.

There is the gated entrance to the house and walled security area to the land…


Merri and I love the house as a place to live.

We really like this property in part because of the trees.   Merri and I have a love affair with big oaks and this land would have called to us just with the trees.  Here is another of these numerous huge giants that surround our house but… guess what?


The house was owned by a Ham radio operator and already has a generator and ham radio antennae towering over these trees.


We asked that both be included in the sale… thus making it much easier for me to finalize my seventh step to have a Ham radio set up that…and the English engineer owner agreed!

Merri and I always pay attention to coincidences of this sort… because… we write about what we believe in and what we are doing.  Coincidences like this, I believe come from using our intelligence beyond logic.

In this case our logic and intuition led us to the seven steps and made the process of setting up a ham radio and generator have been dramatically accelerated!

Our intelligence is eventually the ultimate protection from an EMP terrorist attack.  Anything we can do to boost our intelligence can help us survive and prosper in the era ahead whether we have an EMP terrorist attack or not!


As international investors and real estate buyers, we are forced to deal with forces beyond our understanding and control. We must find simple ways to make decisions about complicated problems, knowing that many of the facts are unknown.   We have to deal with the future in terms of our past experience.

This is why I invited our friend Blaine Watson to repeat his popular course on Astrology and Intelligence Beyond Logic.   Astrology presents a “what if” that pushes our thought process beyond past experience and encourages us to think in new ways to deal with future events.  This is a simple but powerful way to add an extra dimension into your process of thought.

Blaine Watson teaching his Beyond Logic course… always one of our most popular courses each year.

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