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Last week’s message shared an Ecuador health tip…. so here is an Ecuador shamanic wealth tip… the ultimate assets for everlasting, quantum wealth  are within… not without.

Living and working with the shamans and Yatchaks for years provided some great insights.

ecuador shamans

Merri and I at a purification ceremony with a Taita Yatchak.

There is a place where science and mysticism meet and knowledge in that juncture can help assure you’ll always have wealth.

This realization began to dawn on me long ago. Here is what happened.

Emerald sun sparks danced on balmy waters and dappled groves of coconut and palm. Setting sun rays cut moist tropical air filled with drum sounds dancing on ripe jungles and announcing that the day was done.

I was in Suva, Fiji.  The year was 1971 and I was watching one of the great wonders of this tropical island… the fire walkers. They walked on red hot coals, yet their feet are not burned.

Simple logic and science told me that this was impossible, yet it appeared true.

What was the trick?

This visit to Fiji was life altering to me… a totally middle class American… completely trapped by the tyranny of Western reason at that time.  Seeing those fire walkers blew the bars of my education that were restraining my mindset.  Seeing them cruise over the hot coals broadened my belief horizons.

ecuador shamans

Merri and I studied the concepts of architecture with Ecuador shamans. Here we are building sacred geometry huts at our Hacienda Rosaspamba… yet we never learned how the Incas built fantastic sites in perfect astrological alignment like this Inca site at Inkapirka.

ecuador shamans

This shot was taken of one of our groups on our shamanic minga tours.

The yatchaks and my studies of meditation helped me come around to believing that fire walkers are able to perform their apparent magic through the power of a sutra.

Not until 30 years later, (after I had studied meditation and lived with Andean yatchaks for decades) and my son went to a fire waking seminar did I understand how these fire walkers might be using quantum mechanics to walk on these hot coals.  After my son returned from this all day seminar (which thousands attended and walked on glowing hot coals without burning themselves!) I asked him what was the trick. “Cool moss”, he replied. “We just focused on the words ‘cool moss’.”

Sutras are words that bind the universe (like sutures – this may be a more realistic description than we realize).  Sutras are how yogis gain great strength and perform acts that appear impossible. Sutras are focused thoughts that are so organized they work at this deepest level of existence where quantum mechanics count.

Since we humans are part of this quantum universe we create, we are a part of this mercurial aspect of nature.  This means we literally can create our own universe.

The essence of quantum wealth is understanding this fact and learning how to use our mind and heart to be aware of this level and to actually think in and influence this part of reality.

Quantum science suggests that if we do this we can alter the very fabric of nature. So let’s try to understand this better by looking first at quantum existence as reflected through quantum computers.

An article entitled how “Quantum Computers Work” by Kevin Bonsor and Jonathan Strickland can help us understand how our union with the universe allows us to harness the power of atoms and molecules to perform memory and processing tasks.

Here is an excerpt from that article: Today’s computers, work by manipulating bits that exist in one of two states: a 0 or a 1.  Quantum computers aren’t limited to two states; they encode information as quantum bits, or qubits, which can exist in superposition. Qubits represent atoms, ions, photons or electrons and their respective control devices that are working together to act as computer memory and a processor.

This superposition of qubits is what gives quantum computers their inherent parallelism.  According to physicist David Deutsch, this parallelism allows a quantum computer to work on a million computations at once, while your desktop PC works on one.

Quantum computers also utilize another aspect of quantum mechanics known as entanglement. One problem with the idea of quantum computers is that if you try to look at the subatomic particles, you could bump them, and thereby change their value.  If you look at a qubit in superposition to determine its value, the qubit will assume the value of either 0 or 1, but not both (effectively turning your spiffy quantum computer into a mundane digital computer).  To make a practical quantum computer, scientists have to devise ways of making measurements indirectly to preserve the system’s integrity.  Entanglement provides a potential answer.  In quantum physics, if you apply an outside force to two atoms, it can cause them to become entangled, and the second atom can take on the properties of the first atom.  So if left alone, an atom will spin in all directions. The instant it is disturbed it chooses one spin, or one value; and at the same time, the second entangled atom will choose an opposite spin, or value.  This allows scientists to know the value of the qubits without actually looking at them.

ecuador shamans

This photo is from the article above. A link to the full article is provided below.

Now… imagine that our human form is a type of quantum computer. If so there is one valuable lesson here about the correct use of aphorisms or sutras.  If we put a thought or desire into the universe without attachment (without looking at it you might say) it can work.  But if attachment to desires is like looking at subatomic particles, the attachment changes the value.

This concept of entanglement has been pretty well proven.  Excerpts from the BBC article “Teleportation goes long distance by Paul Rincon of the BBC’s  online science staff explains: Physicists have carried out successful teleportation with particles of light over a distance of 600m across the River Danube in Austria.  When physicists say “teleportation”, they are describing the transfer of key properties from one particle to another without a physical link.  Researchers from the University of Vienna and the Austrian Academy of Science used an 800m-long optical fibre fed through a public sewer system tunnel to connect labs on opposite sides of the River Danube.

The link establishes a channel between the labs, dubbed Alice and Bob. This enables the properties, or “quantum states”, of light particles to be transferred between the sender (Alice) and the receiver (Bob).  The Austrian team encoded their qubits using a property of light particles, also called photons, known as polarisation.   Quantum teleportation relies on an aspect of physics known as “entanglement”, whereby the properties of two particles can be tied together even when they are far apart. Einstein called it “spooky action at a distance”.

The Nature study used an experimental method in which Alice performs a joint measurement on one photon in the entangled pair and on an “input” photon.  As a result of this measurement, Bob transforms the quantum state of the other photon in the entangled pair into that of the input photon.

The researchers were able to teleport three distinct polarisation states between Alice and Bob via the fibre-optic cable through the tunnel.

The significance of this research was that it took place under “real world” conditions.

Back to the human form as a quantum computer.

An article at the Phsyorg web site entitled “EphA4 — The Molecular Transformer”

EphA4 is a protein which is attached to the surfaces of many types of human cells and plays a role in a wide range of biological processes. EphA4 functions by binding to ephrin ligands, cell surface proteins which sit on opposing cells. The signalling cascades which result from this contact direct cells to move in a particular direction, to the right place in the body. This is critical in the development of the nervous system, and has also been linked with the suppression of melanoma tumours.

There are fourteen Eph receptors and eight ephrin ligands in the human genome. These are divided into two classes, A and B. Generally receptors and ligands can only bind strongly to others in the same class, i.e. a class A receptor will bind to a class A ligand. However, this is not always the case, and one receptor in particular, Eph4A, has been known to bind to both class A and B ephrins.

Researchers from the University of Oxford have been studying the EphA4 receptor because it has the potential to be a target in the treatment of cancer.  To realise this potential it is necessary to understand the mechanisms by which EphA4 binds to both class A and B ephrins on the molecular scale. They looked at the structure of EphA4 alone, and when bound to both class A and class B ephrins.

They found that when EphA4 is bound to a class A ephrin, it has a shape similar to other class A receptors, but when binding to a class B ephrin it actually changes its shape to resemble other class B receptors. This research has been published in the journal Structure.

“Our results show that EphA4 is a molecular transformer, able to change its shape depending on the ligand that it wants to bind. This explains how, at an atomic level, it is able to bind to both classes of ephrins. This is important in understanding how the nervous system develops, and also has potential as a future target for cancer treatments,” said Dr Thomas Bowden, University of Oxford.

ecuador shamans

Photo from article “EphA4 — The Molecular Transformer” which is linked below.

This article shows that proteins in the body… like atoms are: transformers, “able to change its shape depending” on what they need to do.

This leads us to the studies of  Dr. Candace Pert who over over 25 years of research into neuropeptide receptors in the brain and later, the immune system provided a biochemical basis for interdependent communication between mind and body. She has an international reputation in the field of neuropeptide and receptor pharmacology and has also lectured worldwide on these and other subjects, including her theories on emotions and mindbody communication.

Dr. Candace Pert is best known for her opiate receptor, endorphin and peptide research showing that our brain, glands, and immune system are in constant communication through the “molecules of emotion.”

Dr. Pert is an internationally recognized pharmacologist who has published over 250 scientific articles on peptides and their receptors and the role of these neuropeptides in the immune system.

According to her, “Consciousness is like light; emotions exist both as energy and matter, in the vibrating receptors on every cell in the body.”

She writes at her home page (linked below): The fact that the word “trauma” has been used to describe both physical and mental damage has been a key part of my theory of how the molecules of emotion integrate what we feel at every level of what I’ve called our bodymind. As a practical manner, people have a hard time discriminating between physical and mental pain. So often we are “stuck” in an unpleasant emotional event – a trauma – from the past that is stored at every level of our nervous system and even on the cellular level – i.e., cells that are constantly becoming and renewing the nervous system. My laboratory research has suggested that all of the senses, sight, sound, smell, taste and touch are filtered, and memories stored, through the molecules of emotions, mostly the neuropeptides and their receptors, at every level of the bodymind.

There is a lot of science and theory here… that hopefully supports but a lot of evidence suggesting that:

#1: The universe at the deepest atomic level is composed of scalar energy… in other words… pure undefined, and infinite. (The atom spins in both ways at nice).

#2: The act of observation creates a reality. (The atom when observed chooses a spin).

#3: Our mindbody is connected to this process.

#4: Our nervous system is the observer that creates our universe.

#5: Our nervous system can influence our thoughts.

#6: We can use thoughts (aphorisms or sutras) to influence our nervous system.

#7: We can use thoughts to influence the creation f our universe.

Thus most cultures… over most of mankind’s history have had programs based around the power of positive thinking… creating action through repetition of a word, phrase or an idea.  A sutra is similar to this, an idea or concept wrapped up in a word or two that is so focused it actually alters our universe as we know it.

Thus fire walkers focus on their sutra, “cool moss,” or whatever word they have, that alters the way fire affects feet!

Yet more than just a word is required.  Repeating an aphorism does not always work. People may say “I am great” again and again, but they really do not believe what they are saying. So nothing happens.  Repetition of a lie does not make it truth!

The correct word is required… pure and packed with emotion. (think about that word e… motion as in motion… to move).

We hear about miracles…  tiny women lifting large trucks or performing some other physical impossibility when a child is threatened. They perform impossible feats.

I often wonder about the truth of such stories, but a page at tells of an Associated Press article by journalist Mariana Minaya detialing how  a woman lifted a 1964 Chevy Impala and kept the car propped up for five minutes while her son was dragged from under this car where he had been trapped. A link to the article is below.

Why do so some fail and others succeed in these most unexpected ways?

The difference may be (which is why I recommend turning your passion into profit… because our real passions lead us where we are supposed to be) whether… or not… the thought is in touch with the realities of the universe.

In the examples of the mother miracles, perhaps the emotion of love and desire to protect a child allowed the mother to alter the very fabric of nature.  The mother ripped Newtonian realty with care and love.

Yet thoughts like, “I am great” or “I will have a new BMW” or “I’ll earn such and such” are not powerful enough forces to alter the momentum of who, what and where we are.  This type of attractor thinking is like a blunt force attack… using sponge hammers against hardened steel.

Think about how we think.

The key to quantum wealth is union of our thoughts with a reality that is the foundation of this apparent, solid universe in which we live.  This union is called “perfect yoga” (the word yoga comes from the word yoke) in Hindus philosophy.  In Christianity,” mystic union” is one well used term.  In business and sports it is often referred to in the modern vernacular as “being in the zone”.

Quantum wealth is to focus the thought waves of the mind so that abundance always flows. One could even say that quantum wealth uses thought waves to create a universe where one is the creator of prosperity.

So what is there to focus?

The mind is composed of three components, a recording facility that observes impressions collected by the senses, the discriminative aspect that classifies this information and acts upon it and the self-sense that makes these impressions personal, unique and seemingly real.

The book, “How to Know God”.. a translation of the aphorisms of Patanjali uses the example of a person on a picnic, out in some farmer’s field.  That person’s recording facility reports, “a large object is approaching”.   The discriminator aspect says, “that object is a bull that is angry”!   The self-sense screams, “that bull is after me”!  Later while sitting high in the branches of a tree, the same self-sense may exclaim “I know about bulls and I must beware.”

This process of observation to classification to personalization can create a fundamental error in the foundations of the thought process.   The personalization suggests that each of us are separate from the rest of the universe.

Yes the science of quantum mechanics suggests that we are all connected.

At the root level of existence quantum reality exists in all of us and in everything.

This belief that we are separate stops us from really believing at an emotional level that we can influence the entire universe. We think we are thinking and we think we are intelligent and that every event we observe is our unique event. Quantum science tells us this is not correct. We are only an instrument through which a universal knowledge flows.

We are like a light bulb that might think it is the light, but it is not.

The goal of the”Beyond Logic” portion of our courses is to understand Quantum Wealth & health better… to tap into our deeper level of intelligence… in such a concentrated way that we are better able to use the light that shines though us.


We are adding Beyond Logic studies in our investment, business and shamanic courses beginning this December.    We hope you’ll join Blaine Watson for his Beyond Logic course.

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These courses change lives! The shamanic tour helped Michelle Toole who provides a free internet course at our site.  Michelle was disabled and the ceremony helped her recover.  She now has a thriving business and here is what she wrote.

Hi Merri and Gary, I just wanted to take a minute to let you know how much I enjoyed Ecuador. The both of you offer an amazing wealth of information and experience and I am grateful for your on-going support and encouragement.  Although it has been a while since I was in Ecuador the experience still resonates with me, specifically  with the Shamanic Healing Ceremony.  As with most things unless you are open and willing your experience will be limited, but mine was not. It was a moving ceremony that I would encourage other readers to share.  Finding your center is a struggle for most of us and sometimes it takes outside experiences to help us get there, that is the gift the shamanic experience gave me.  Thank you for broadening my journey and sharing apart of yourselves.  Be Well,  Michelle Toole

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