Green Investments are EMP Terrorist Protection

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Green investments are EMP terrorist protection.

Green international investments can help investors prosper as green investing potential accelerates due to the threat of an EMP terrorist attack.

Yesterday’s message reviewed the power of green investments.

Wednesday’s message looked at the importance of securing food in an EMP terrorist attack.

Tuesday’s message at this site saw seven steps that could help us survive and prosper in a new era that could unfold due to a terrorist EMP attack.

Investing in Green Investments has been created great success in recent years.

Big problems create big opportunity.  There are few problems the world faces as big as protecting the environment.  This problem creates huge profit potential in green investments.

Yet the risk of a new terrorist EMP attack may speed up this potential especially in the field of non grid alternative energy.

Here is an excerpt from a recent Multi Currency Update sent to our multi currency subscribers.

We have proven the potential of green investments with our Green Portfolio that rose 266.30% in the first year (2007 to 2008) that Jyske Bank’s staff created and we tracked.

Now the same staff sends this thought:

There is a lot of focus these days on the climate changes and  the “Green Energy” solution.  Our capitol Copenhagen will actually host the UN Climate Change Conference (COP15) in December 7-18th 2009.

US President Barack Obama and his Chinese counterpart Hu Jintao have committed themselves to strive for a wide consensus and a successful Copenhagen climate change conference. According to Xinhuanet, both parties expressed the wish that the two countries should set up common targets and carry out constructive, practical cooperation in developing clean energy and addressing climate changes.

Countries in Asia have been using a large part of their stimulus packages on “Green solutions.”   South Korea has spent up to 79% and China has used 34% of the above stimulus package on investments in green technology. They have at the same time announced, that they intend to be a leading player in Energy Technology.  At the same time India is investing massively in solar and wind energy.

Therefore, these investments in “Green Energy” will be a driving force on future growth in the area.

We believe that the “climate aspect” has to be integrated into future investments, and that such a strategy can offer good returns.

We suggest investing in iShares S&P Global Clean Energy Index.
This ETF aims to track the S&P Global Clean Energy Index and offers exposure to 30 of the largest publicly listed companies around the world that are involved in clean energy related businesses. The index is comprised of a diversified mix of Clean Energy Production and Clean Energy Technology and Equipment Providers companies.

We recommend an allocation as below:

If you have a Low Risk profile                  : up to 5%
If you have a Medium Risk profile           : up to 8%
If you have a High Risk profile                 : up to 10%

iShares S&P Global Clean Energy Index. is traded on the New York Stock Exchange (code ICLN).

This ETF tracks the S&P Global Clean Energy Index and generally invests at least 90% of its portfolio in shares that are in the index.

US investors can get more information from Thomas Fischer of Jyske Global Asset Management at

Non US investors should contact Rene Mathys of Jyske Bank at

The top shares held in this ETF are:


The fund currently holds 25.51% of its portfolio in US shares and the balance in:

China 16.24%
Spain 14.37%
Germany 13.62%
Denmark 5.68%
Chile 5.15%
Brazil 5.07%
Norway 4.70%
France 3.82%
Australia 3.35%

Here is a sector breakdown of the fund.


Big problems create big opportunity and the risk of a new terrorist EMP attack generate a bigger problem that could create a new international investment era and extra profits with green investments.  The S&P Global Clean Energy Index may gain extra profit from this fact.


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