International Investing & Business Wealth in Chaos

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International Investing & Business Wealth in Chaos.

We can gain everlasting wealth more easily and enjoyable… naturally when we understanding investing in chaos.

I began buying Ecuador real estate in 2000 when there was chaos in Ecuador.

Now prices has risen in Ecuador and I am taking profits as they rise and buying houses like this three bedroom house offered for $750 down at $23,900 in Florida where there is chaos.

ecuador chaos

See more on this and other Florida houses below.

Recent messages have looked at how I’ve spread my global portfolio and how I am investing in real estate.

What many readers do not realize is that the biggest investment Merri and I make is in our health, emotions and thoughts.

These are difficult times in many people’s view… but Merri and I see this as an era of great opportunity and we work hard at keeping our thoughts and emotions contrary to that of the herd.

This requires a special type of thinking that we all have but that must be cultivated.   Let me explain why.

Most investors find perspective a difficult companion in troubled times. Yet a positive viewpoint is the greatest asset during recessions. Caution on the other hand is a worthy partner during bubbles.  For this reason, let’s return for a moment to money’s roots.

When our economy crashes, what actually shrinks? In good times what expands?

When Wall Street tanks, what actually falls? Where do the trillions of dollars that disappear go and where did these greenbacks come from in the first place?

Economics, finance and markets are fictions based mostly on opinion. Never forget that money is nothing more than a figment of our collective imaginations.  The numbers showing our bank balance represent nothing more than pieces of paper that are worthless unless someone is willing to do something for them.  Other people must have a positive enough opinion about money to labor for it.

Labor is people… processing materials, time or space.  Products and services are a result of these labors.

A market is a group of people trading products and/or services for a value.

Value is an opinion in the market of what products and services are worth. Value is a measure of return over a period of time. For example a super-heated economy with rapidly rising share prices is caused when the value of labor and products is based on very short term thinking.  If a share is selling at 100 times earnings it may be considered good value if it is expected to rise to 150 times earnings soon. Investors in this scenario buy shares because they expect the value to rise very quickly.

But remember this is an opinion… not a natural fact.

Value is measured in more balanced terms when an economy is in equilibrium. Then good value will have to relate to the annual yield the share produces.  At times like this a share that once sold for 100 times earnings might only sell for 10 times earnings.

Value in recessionary times drops below reasonable prices. This is why business and the economy slow.  The market expects less for its labors, so it reduces that which it produces.

An economy is the mass opinion of how much labor each person should create.

Money is a fictional lubricant created by society to make it easier for us to labor and trade our products and services. A recession is a time when a portion of a market feels that others will not value their products or services highly enough, so they reduce their labor.

President Roosevelt said it succinctly, “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Fear is one of the opinions of society.

Contrarian thinking is a great asset because the nature of the universe is one of ups and downs.

One of my favorite books is Chaos by  James Gleick.  This book shows how every aspect of existence, including all markets, are affected by this expansion and contraction rhythm.

Since humans are a part of nature (a fact we sometimes forget) our moods are susceptible to these swings as well.  And because “What is above is also below” we feel down cycles within as well as from our outside view.

Yet all of this is a figment of our imagination! On most down cycles, the same number of people exist! The same resources remain. The same desires, transportation systems and all the abilities to produce and consume remain intact.

One new thought can sway a market’s entire mood. A sudden unexpected positive end to the invasion in Iraq is an example. The introduction of a new idea or technology that will raise the productivity of mankind (as did the railroad, car, TV, airplane, telephone, computer and Internet) could sweep our society. Just one event or invention can (and will) alter the entire mood.

If you buy when most others sell… you gain more on the next boom cycle.

History has proven again that the best investors are contrarian. True wealth goes to those who oppose the mood of the masses. Businesses that begin in recessions have heads starts when recovery comes.

So what can we do about this?

The answer is we must work to maintain a philosophy that is based on genuine truth… not social whims and to do this we must and learn to tap our deeper wisdom.  We have to look beyond logic to gain quantum (everlasting balanced wealth).

A reader recently sent this fascinating lecture entitled:  “Chaotic Nodes and Dimensional Attunements.”

An excerpt said:  When predicting chaotic events, one is presented with an enigma, since by its very nature chaos is unpredictable. Yet within the flow of chaotic events there is a substructure that feeds the flow of chaos, as you experience it. Based upon our understanding of this sub-structure (the quantum-field), we predict that a Chaotic Node will manifest somewhere in multiple ways, involving international finance, challenges to physical and mental health, planetary earth changes, including earthquake and volcanic activity, and increased weather anomalies. All of these events will strain the resources that your governments have to cope with such things.

How such events affect you resides in how you view them.

   There is a tendency for human consciousness to get stuck in a rut, to anticipate what things are going to be like, and to take actions based upon those predictions.

From an energetic standpoint, what happens to you in a given situation has more to do with your vibrational frequency, meaning the state of your consciousness, than where you are physically located.

  Thus, two people in the same location experiencing chaotic events can have vastly different emotional responses. Whereas one person might be paralyzed with fear, anger, and resentment, the other person might experience the moment as humorous. He or she “gets” the cosmic joke, which is the sudden and unexpected realization that the reality everyone experiences as “real” is nothing more than the fabrication of their own minds.

When chaotic events disturb the status quo, a doorway briefly appears, an opportunity if you will, to jump upward in consciousness, to wake up from the dream spell. But waking up from the collective dream only occurs if you are prepared to step across the threshold.


When you are in what we call a “coherent vibratory frequency” you move through chaotic events with a greater deal of mastery, heightened intuition, and greater awareness.

To help readers add Super Thinking to their investing, business and lifestyles so they think, feel and are better, we have added (at no cost) an optional one day Quantum Wealth workshop to our International Investing and Business courses in 2010.

We have been sharing this wisdom in our Super Thinking + Spanish courses for years.  Delegates really can gain from this knowledge.

One reader at our last course wrote: Gary – The Spanish Course and the Imburbara Real Estate Tour went as expected.  It was wonderful to listen to you and Merri.  I truly believe that (in one week) I gained the basis for being able to communicate in Espanol here in Ecuador.  As I mentioned to you the last day you were here, the additional information and insight about living a balanced life may prove to be even more valuable.  Thank both of you for time and effort well spent!

Another delegate sent this note.

I wanted you to know that the Spanish course has proven incredibly helpful. Dealing with internet service providers and shopping for appliances, etc., normally would have required me hiring a translator to follow me around. While it may not be pretty or 100% grammatically correct, I am understood. Thank you!

This delegate said: “WOW. That pretty well sums up our feelings about our trip to Ecuador, Cotacachi, El Meson, the staff, and, for that matter, everything. First of all, we loved it. We just plain loved it.  Just OUTSTANDING. No, we are not ‘fluent’ in Spanish, nor did we expect to be in five days. We are, however, a LOT further ahead with our learning curve than we were before we left, and with practice, I truly believe we can be ‘fluent’ in a matter of a few weeks.  My wife is dreaming in Spanish !!

The Spanish + Super Thinking course works so well because the system we share enhances intelligence.   Now the Quantum Wealth workshop workshop shows how to apply the intelligence to business, investing and lifestyle.

There are at least three simple ways to turn on this super thinking ability:  meditation, listening to 60 cycle music and taking Theanine.

These three steps integrate four categories of brainwaves, ranging from beta waves, the fastest of the four different brainwaves to alpha, theta and the final brainwave state, delta. Delta brainwaves are of the greatest amplitude and slowest frequency.  Deep dreamless sleep takes you down to the lowest frequency.

When we allow these waves to interconnect freely we gain unimaginable intellect.

Merri and I meditate twice every day to tap into this energy.

Plus we listen to 60 beat ten cycle classical music as we work. You could count the number of times we have missed our meditation routine in the last 20 years on one hand. This has helped us enormously.

This type of music, along with deep breathing exercises for relaxation moves the mind into Alpha and deeper states as well.  Health benefits are gained as blood pressure can drop, heart rates slow and the mind becomes calmed.

This is a simple as listening to relaxing Baroque music such as Handel’s Water Music. A few others compositions at this cycle include Corelli’s Concerti Grossi, Op. 6, Violin and Orchestra in No. 2, 8, 5, 9. or J.S. Bach’s Fantasy in C Minor and Trio in D minor or Vivaldi’s Five Concertos for Flute and Chamber Orchestra.

Music has been used for centuries to induce states…babies being lullabyed to sleep, sea chanteys and harvesting songs to ease workers while laboring. Eastern mystics and South American shaman have used music to carry them to unusual states of consciousness.

Your body relaxes and your mind becomes alert in these simple forms of relaxation.

The Soviet psychologist, I.K. Platonov, found it was possible to just use a metronome beating at 60 to enable the mind to take in and hold more strongly.

In choosing a recording of a slow movement, simply check that the tempo is about 60 beats a minute. When a composer writes a piece of music, he indicates the speed at which he wants each of the different movements or segments to be played.

These indications of tempo are generally given in Italian. You will often see them on the different movements of a concerto. For instance, allegro indicates a tempo of around 120 – 168 beats to the minute, andante around 76-108, adagio from around 66 to 76, larghetto 60 to 66 and largo 40-60 beats to the minute. Some performers and conductors may set a tempo somewhat faster or slower than what the composer indicated. To check out the tempo of a recording, be sure it’s at around 60 beats a minute. You can check it with a metronome or against a clock with a second hand. It’s LARGO that we are striving for.

Here is a portion of the music list provided with that study.

Bach, J.S.: Largo from Concerto in G Minor for Flute and Strings. Bach and Telemann Flute Concerts and Aria to The Goldberg Variations.

Corelli, A.: Sarabanda (largo) from Concerto #7 in D Minor.

Corelli: 12 Concerti Grossi op.5

Handel, G.F.: Largo from Concerto #1 in F. Music from the Royal Fireworks.

Telemann, G.: Largo from Double Fantasia in G Major for Harpsichord.

6 Fantasias for Harpsichord Vivaldi, A.: Largo from Winter. The Four Seasons

A third avenue that helps enhance intelligence is Theanine (chemical name: r-glutamylethylamide) one of the chemicals found in green tea. Theanine is used to reduce stress and anxiety without the tranquilizing effects found in many other calming agents. Scientific evidence shows that Theanine stimulates the brain’s production of alpha waves, making the user feel relaxed but alert and not drowsy. It also helps the body produce other calming amino acids, such as dopamine, GABA, and tryptophan. As might be expected from a calming supplement, Theanine may be able to lower elevated blood pressure as well.

Our Quantum Wealth workshop looks at how to tap into deeper intelligence and what do with this intelligence in business, investing and life.

We hope to share this workshop with you.

Here is the balance of our 20o9 course and tour schedule.  Blaine Watson’s Beyond Logic course helps delegates learn how to attain deeper intuitive intelligence as well.

Oct. 21-24 Ecuador Import Export Tour (SOLD OUT)

Oct. 25-26 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

Nov. 9-10 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

Nov. 11-14 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour

December 6-8 Blaine Watson’s  Beyond Logic & Shamanic Tour

December 9-10 Imbabura Real Estate Tour

December 11-13 Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour


Here is Blaine Watson teaching his February 2009 Beyond Logic course.  This has been one of our most popular 2009 courses. He will teach this course again in Cotacachi in December.

In 2010 Merri and I will personally teach Super Thinking workshop on five dates.

Arrival dates are always one or two days earlier. Please double check with us before booking flights.

Feb. 11          Super Thinking + Quantum Wealth Florida
Feb  12-14     International Investing & Business Florida
Mar. 11-14     Super Thinking + Spanish Course Florida
June 24         Super Thinking + Quantum Wealth North Carolina
June 25-27    International Investing and Business North Carolina
Oct.    7           Super Thinking + Quantum Wealth North Carolina ($749)
Oct.  8-10      International Investing & Business North Carolina ($749)
Nov.   4-7       Super Thinking + Spanish Course Florida

Why Florida and North Carolina?

There are three reasons why we have moved Super Thinking to the US.

First, many readers, who cannot come to Ecuador, have asked for the Super Thinking workshop. So we have created split sessions starting in the US and then traveling onto Ecuador.    This serves both the readers who are coming to Ecuador and those who are not.

Second, there has been more  chaos in Florida recently than in Ecuador. We were buying real estate in Ecuador when there were economic concerns as we are now in Florida.

This house shown above for example is offered at $23,900.

ecuador chaos

This single family, 3 bedroom with 1 full bath house, with a fireplace, was built in 1925. It is a 1391 square feet building on a 6,651 square foot lot.

This is not a short sale either. The house has all tile floors, spacious kitchen, a bonus room, and detached garage/workshop. It has an in town location, near a lake and can be purchased for as little as 3% down!

Americans who do not have a global view do not realize what value is availavle.  One European who saw this listng above wrte:

That’s unbelievable – my oldest son has rented 1 room (350 square feet) and he is paying USD 1,000!

Here is another European comment about the property we just bought in Florida.

Hi Gary, WOW – that’s great. I cannot understand that it is possible to get such a lovely house and so much land for that amount of money!

We live in a global economy so comparing property prices in the US and Ecuador to property prices globally matters. Such a comparison spells out the value… CHEAP!

Here is another Florida house offered at $35,000 that Merri’s research uncovered.

ecuador chaos

We look forward to sharing Everlasting Wealth from the 2010 chaos with you.