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Here is a paid advertisement for Ambato Ecuador condos & property for sale.


Ambato Ecuador condos and commercial shops… Ecuador income producing property for sale.

Ambato is one of Ecuador’s important cities but has been largely ignored by expats.  This gives readers a chance to have income producing real estate at a lower price than you’ll typically find in Quito, Cuenca or Cotacachi.


These are Ambato condos and income producing properties with this view.

San Juan de Ambato is a city of about 150,000 (half the size of Cuenca) located two hours + (depending on how fast you drive) south of Quito in the central Andean corridor.

The city is cut by the Ambato River and surrounded by tall mountains. This is the capital of the province of Tungurahua and is at an elevation of 7,500 feet (about the same as Cotacachi).  It is called the “City of Flowers and Fruit” and “Garden of Ecuador.”

Ambato’s economy includes fruit, tanneries, food products and textiles plus is a main transportation hub, since the Pan-American Highway passes through there.

The city of Ambato was founded in the late 1600s and declared independence from Spain in the early 1800s.  Ambato was the seat of the first printing press in Ecuador; this was originally installed in 1670 by Jesuit missionaries to print copies of the Bible.

Construction here is very solid due to a massive earthquake many years ago. It is described as one of the most earthquake-resistant places on earth.

Ambato is a modern city because all old buildings were destroyed by the earthquake.

Ambato enjoys a mostly warm and sunny climate. The average temperature during most of the year stays between 60 to 70 degrees F.


The views from these condos cover most of Ambato.


Long time reader Eddie Santamaria is an Ecuadorian living in New York. He began investing in Ecuador real estate years ago and wrote:


I have four buildings for sale in Ambato for investors who would like to have rental income in Ecuador.

All the buildings are on or about 10 minutes from the main Centro De La Ciudad.  They are all near public transportation.  Herfrei 1 is on the corner of a busy “cinco esquinas” five corners of Pinllo.  The main intersection of the comings and going to and from the city.



This is a corner building in the neighborhood known as Pinllo.

This building’s land is approximately 1,457 square feet.

This building consists of four floors.  On the first floor there are three store fronts:  One is appx. 235 square feet, one appx. 255 and one appx. 319 square feet.

The second and third floors are two bedroom apartments.   Apartment # 1 and # 3 are 689 square feet. Apartment # 2 and # 4 measure 825 square feet. The penthouse measures 1,431 square feet.


Hefrei I Penthouse living room…




dining room…







This building does not have garages or spaces for garages.

The asking price for HERFREI I is $399,000.

HERFREI II is larger.

This is the building shown on This building is also in Pinllo with a higher view.

This building’s land is appx. 4,465.40 square feet and the building has three floors, with nine apartment. Two are three bedroom and seven two bedroom.

HERFREI II has 9 garages. This building also has a communal garden for all tenants.  The asking price is $499,000.

The legal description of Santamaria 1 and 2 are not divided so they are for sale together.


These buildings are also in Pinllo and located near the two Herfrei buildings.

The land is appx.  5,604 square feet  with  Santamaria 1 having 6 apartments on four floors.   The first floor consists of the lobby and garages. Floors two through four each have one, three bedroom, and one, two bedroom unit of appx. 1,150 square feet.

Santamaria II has four smaller apartments.

These buildings have 12 garages, a children’s playground, automatic glass doors at the main entrance and automatic steel doors at the entrance for cars with remote control.

These two buildings could be divided by the new owner. The asking price for both Santamaria buildings is $699,000.

Here are some income figures for each of the apartments.

Herfrei I rents for $115.00 per apaartment.

Herfrei II rents for $140.00 per apartment.

Santamaria 1 and 2 are brand new and not rented but should bring  $200-250 per apartment.  Some units in these buildings are occupied.  Furnishing is not included.


These are…


all of…




quality construction.


Eddie is also willing to exchange these properties for other Real Estate in the South America, the USA or Europe.

For more information on this Ambato real estate for sale contact Eddie Santamaria in New York at:

Phone No. 718-472-2900
Fax No. 718-472-2909










of these…


Ecuador condos for sale…


in Ambato.

For more information on this Ambato real estate for sale contact Eddie Santamaria in New York at:
Phone No. 718-472-2900
Fax No. 718-472-2909

This is a paid advertisement so please contact Eddie… not me, with questions.


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