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The Tangled Webs We Weave…An eMailed Web Business Course

The recent, global economic transformation means that the way we work, live and earn will never be the same.  This will destroy the financial security of many, yet bring great opportunity to a few… who adapt and learn how to earn in the new era.

Now a new FTC regulation has made internet opportunity for the small guy even better! You’ll see why below.

We are enjoying a quantum shift and the way we work, live, invest and do business will never be as before.

Governments globally are trying to slow this needed economic transition and their stimulation efforts will most likely cause the loss of purchasing power in most currencies… global inflation.

The greatest asset we can have in the new era is an ability to serve… to produce a product or service that adapts to the changing ways.

A recent special report in Time magazine entitled “The Way We’ll Work” explained this financial dilemma in this way:

Ten years ago, Facebook didn’t exist. Ten years before that, we didn’t have the Web.  So who knows what jobs will be born a decade from now? Though unemployment is at a 25‑year high, work will eventually return. But it won’t look the same. No one is going to pay you just to show up. We will see a more flexible, more freelance, more collaborative and far less secure work world. It will be run by a generation with new values — and women will increasingly be at the controls.

These words could not be more true.  They mean disaster for many who plan to live in the old ways. These words spell great opportunity for those who adapt and enjoy the new ways to earn and live.

Take Merri’s and my business as an example. We are both past retirement age yet continue see our business and income grow and evolve… in truly fun and satisfying ways.   We have a business that works in Cotacachi, a small Andean village, in Florida, our home and in the Blue Ridge of North Carolina or summer place. Our business can help us earn anywhere we choose in the world.

Our website began eleven years ago as an adjunct to our print business. Today we don’t sell a single scrap of paper.

This is all possible because we have a web based business and we would like to share how you can have freedom, fulfillment and extra income with your own internet business too.

You can learn how to have your own web business from our eMailed Web Business Course… The Tangled Webs We Weave. Enroll here $299

This problem of being able to earn and enjoy the process in the new era is so acute and the importance of having more people do what they love so vital that we created this course…on how to develop your own international internet business.

Years ago, Merri and I  had 23,000 print readers… micro sized in publishing terms… but very, very profitable for us.  We made millions from this business.

Yet Merri and I saw this rapidly changing economy coming… and had learned that small is beautiful.

We decided to become even smaller… but wealthier and happier!

Money had stopped mattering as much, our children were grown, finished with university, we sold our print business and took a year off… lived with a shaman high in the Andes.

Then we morphed into an internet only business.  Our readership began small, with  about 1,600 email readers in 1998.  We expected to slow down and smell the roses more.

We even bought an isolated hacienda high in the Andes called Rosaspamba (Place of roses).

Here we are playing around building a hut at the Hacienda.


As crazy as it seems, we could actually run a business with this small readership and make a profit because our readers are so wonderfully responsive.

Why?  How?

This is what the new course I am creating will teach you….how to have a small, safe, profitable global internet business by creating wonderfully response, fun to be with, like-minded customers.

How small?

Today, our business remains micro sized but we have grown from 1,600 readers to four  main subscription lists consisting of 17,847 subscribers.

How safe?

The downturn of 2008 did not slowed us a bit.   In fact our sales  grew and continue to grow faster, in number of subscribers and income, than ever.   December 2008 was our busiest month on the internet ever…by about 50%.  2009 rose almost as much!

This is all at  a time when many say the world is economically depressed. Yet our sales are way up and growing almost every month.

How profitable?

Our list and sales are still tiny compared to many of our competitors and associates who make millions a month.   We make tens of thousands of dollars…sometimes hundreds each month… way more than our cost of living and we earn it in fun ways… traveling, writing… meeting interesting people.

Here I am at a seminar in Naples, Florida speaking, with a panel of economic excerpts from around the world, to 115 people mostly who came from our internet business.


Here are the delegates.


We enjoyed walking the Florida beach, talking to these wonderful people and basking in the sun.. yet were paid in two days more than most people make in a month.

Yet we have been able to add this extra income with a surprisingly small amount of added overheads.  This works perfectly for Merri and me…a fun sized readership. In our opinion, this should be the key in business… satisfaction… fulfillment and fun…through service along with the profit.

Yet, profits do matter. Almost every month our internet sales have been rising. In 2007, 2008 and into 2009 they have risen every month on month  and created a new record for web based sales for us.

These internet sales alone have given us the freedom to live in an isolated Blue Ridge farm during summers and in Florida and Ecuador the rest of the year…yet still earn many tens of thousands of extra dollars a month.


Merri and I walk to our Blue Ridge office to speak with a group about how to have an internet business.

Now you can learn everything I do to create this extra income and have fun and fulfillment in a micro publishing business.


Merri and I work during the winter in the sunny courtyard at the Cotacachi Andean hotel we own and keep profitable due to our internet business.

The syllabus of this course will help you learn how to find something that is fun, fulfilling and profitable for you to do.


We often take breaks and visit our Ecuador beach condo, where I can still work because my internet business keeps me earning wherever I am in the world.


In the summer I can even work in the woods with our hound dog, Ma.

Our growing income is one reason I want to share this course with you.

The economic downturn of 2008 and the fact that employment is not returning in 2009 means that more of us will need a new way to earn in the years ahead so my webmaster who helped me start this site has agreed to co-write the course with me.

In the course Merri and I explain what we do in the business.  The writing…the marketing…the product planning and such.

Our webmaster outlines the technical part. How to chose a server…set up a shopping cart…create pay per click systems…send thousands of emails a day.

The course comes is composed of three studies.

Study one of the course is a course in its own right entitled International Business Made EZ

Study two is the course Self Fulfilled How to be a Self Publisher

Study three is “The Tangled Webs We Weave” and looks at all the technical aspects of developing a web based business including:

* How to set up the website.

* How to use shopping carts.

* How to create pages.

* How to develop reader lists.

* How to create electronic products and income.

* How to get good search engine rankings. (See an excerpt below from one lesson on how to get good search engine rankings).

* How to gain tax advantages from an International web based business.

* How to stay small and yet create big profits.

Though we like to remain small, this does not mean all of our students will.  Our webmaster started with us first but since has grown to be the chief internet consultant for several much larger internet marketing companies that send over a billion emails a year!

This course entitled “Tangled Webs We Weave – How to Have Your Own Internet Business” is available at $299.

This is a bargain. Merri and I have been traveling and doing international business for 41 years. We have had a web based business for over ten years. You can share everything we have learned for just $299.

Plus we provide our standard full guarantee. Enroll.  Try the course for 30 days. If not satisfied we’ll give you an immediate, full… no fuss refund.

Enroll here $299

To enroll in three courses click here.   I will automatically send you the free Tangled Web course when you enroll.

Here is an excerpt from the third study in the course Tangled Webs – How  to Have an Internet Business.

This lesson reviews search engine rankings.

The excerpt begins:

This lesson looks at the importance of defined focus and immediate repetition to get good search engine rankings.

Here we look in detail at how to refine focus and use immediate repetition to get good rankings with search engines.

I often play a game chasing a phrase that I feel may be competitive, but worth while to our site.

For example this week we are working on the phrase “Ecuador Tickets”

This is a competitive phrase at Google with 108 millions rankings. This compares to 194, million rankings for the phrase “Ecuador” and  just 27.8 million for the phrase “Ecuador Travel”.

This is a pretty refined focus… but my theory that many people who are looking to buy air tickets to Ecuador may search with this phrase.

I am also thinking that many of those wanting Ecuador tickets may also be great candidates for our publications and tours.

This is an important rule of  focus… make sure that the focus you choose is likely to attract visitors to your site who will be interested, “at some time,” in buying your product or service.

Our philosophy here is not to worry about an immediate sale. We offer a lot of free data.  Yet our goal is to get their business by giving so much good content that we deserve their business.

A list that is not focused on what you offer is pretty useless. You won’t generate much income and your readers won’t visit often.

The directed focus at keeps readers coming to the site.  Our daily emailed message gets sent to just over 17,600 addresses (growing about 200 a week).

According to Statbrain, right now, the site gets 8,321 visits a day.


This is a very good average!

To create a good ranking at Google for “Ecuador Tickets.”  I posted a message titled “Buying Tickets to Ecuador.”

After day one the site  ranked #12 at Google, for the phrase “Ecuador Tickets” and #15 for the phrase “Tickets to Ecuador.”

Not good enough!

So I employed the force of immediate repetition and posted an article the next day titled “Tickets to Ecuador Part 2”.

This raised my Google ranking for “Tickets Ecuador”  and “Ecuador Tickets” from 15 to 12 (so far – as readers look during the day and visits rise… this ranking may rise as well).


A Google #12 ranking was also achieved for “Tickets to Ecuador” and “Tickets for Ecuador”

Google put me on the first page (#10) for the phrase “Tickets in Ecuador”

ecuador-ticketsThat’s  better.

However the site will employee more immediate repetition tomorrow and the day after by posting two more messages based on this phrase “Ecuador Tickets”.

Your home work is to check out these messages each day and then search the phrase “Ecuador Tickets” at Google to see how the four sessions of  immediate repetition fares.

Over a week we were able to push our Google ranking to fifth for the phrase “Ecuador Tickets”

Here is how money can be made from such ranking.

We then began working on derivative rankings around the ticket concept and I worked on the phrase “Galapagos Tickets” in a way that they could sell Galapagos cruises.

Immediately  we were  able to get an article entitled Ecuador Tickets to Galapagos offering Galapagos tours ranked #3 out of 122,000 pages for that phrase at Google.

The same article ranked #7 for the phrase “Galapagos tickets.”


These are ranking that can create sales (of galapagos cruses) and this is not only the way to monetize your internet business… it is also the way to keep making money from a site.

The way search engines decide rankings continually change because smart web salesmen figure out the system and abuse it.  So the search engines have to stay one step ahead.

This course teaches how to build a solid business because our site uses no tricks! This is really important because when a business relies on trickery its tactics are always at risk!

For example many web businesses have supported their sales by providing bloggers with gifts and editorial content about products and services. The trick they used was to pay gifts or commissions on sales that came from this editorial content.

Now the Federal Trade Commission has new regulations that require blogs, websites and social networks and tweeters  to state if they are paid for the endorsements.

Excerpts from a Wall Street Journal article entitled U.S. Seeks to Restrict Gift Giving to Bloggers by Amy Schatz and Miguel Bustillo explains this:

WASHINGTON — The government wants to make it a little harder for bloggers to shill products online for fun and profit.

New guidelines released by the Federal Trade Commission say bloggers must disclose any money or freebies they receive in exchange for writing product reviews, a fast-growing and loosely regulated way for companies to market everything from diapers to movies. The move is an effort to apply the same rules that already cover broadcast stations, newspapers and magazines to the Wild West marketplace of the World Wide Web.

A new lesson at the Tangled Course shows the new rules.

This gives sites like ours that do not take any commissions whatsoever a great advantage. First… we look better and second… we do not have to adjust our business plan. We can spurt ahead while other sites struggle to adapt to the new rules.

Our site is  not fancy. Our site does not have amazing graphics. Our site does not use any special SEO techniques.   We just keep hammering away, every day, with steady, content closely focused to our readers needs.   This has worked well  and seems to be working even better as we continue to grow, our email list size increases, our site visits rise, our sales and our profits jump even during this gloomy economy.

As the web matures… internet businesses are still incredibly new… authenticity and usefulness of content will grow.  This makes it a great time for individuals to have small internet businesses (like ours)  that are fun, fulfilling, sustainable and very profitable.

Enroll here $299


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Read the entire article U.S. Seeks to Restrict Gift Giving to Bloggers


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