Guayllabamba Ecuador Property for Sale

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Here is a Guayllabamba Ecuador Property for Sale

One of the most popular areas for Ecuador real estate are the suburban valleys around Quito.   Guayllabamba Ecuador is one of these valleys and an Ecuador Living subscriber sent this information about Guayllabamba Ecuador real estate for sale.

Guayllabamba is marked with the star.


Guayllabamba (Quichua for green plain) is a small agricultural town (administratively, a rural parish of the canton of Quito) located about 15 miles northeast of Quito on the Pan American highway  heading to Cotacachi.

In the Ecuadorian national census of November 24, 2001, the parish had a population of 12,227.

This property has special appeal in that it is in a small village, but near Quito and near the new Quito Airport.

Here is the entrance to this 2.5 acre Guayllabamba Ecuador property.


The owner wrote:  The property is just five years old, it has four houses.


The main house has 5 bedrooms with bathroom and balcony, kitchen, living room, tv and game room, 2 dining room, pool, bbq area, social bathroom and a BREAD OVEN.  It has 4,000 square feet of construction and on floors.


The second house is two stories, three bedrooms with bathroom,
kitchen, living room and dining room. It has 1,500 square fee.


The other two houses are just one floor and are two years 
old.   They were built as conference rooms, one room inside with two bathrooms outside, for meetings or for conference purposes.

These  houses are in perfect shape as it has only been used on weekends for rest.

The total area of property is almost 2.5 acres.  There are many fruit trees around the houses, apple, orange, lemon, cranberry and avocado plus a large green area (grass) for walking, play soccer or just see the sunset.


The weather in Guayllabambaso is nice, around 78 F.

The property is just 15 minutes from new airport and 2 or 3 minutes from the center of Guayllabamba.

You can find details about Guayllabamba which is a magical place at   
The brand new road for the new airport will increase Guayllabamba property values.

The local bank valued this property in US$ 325,000 but we need to sell this property since we will move to another city so we are asking US$ 285,000.

We recently sent a full report on this property with contacts to the owner of this property. You can obtain this report as an Ecuador Living subscriber.  Learn how to subscribe here.

The Quito zoo is in Guayllabamba.

Learn below how to see this property on our next real estate tour.


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Or head south to Ecuador!  You can visit the Guayllabamba Ecuador Property on your way to or from Cotacachi.


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