Funky Business IV

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A funky business can help pull us out of a funk.


Yesterday, Merri and I took a walk around the farm. I was concerned and the clear air helped crystalize  my thoughts.

My concern came from the New York Times headline: U.S. Economy Lost 263,000 Jobs in September; Jobless Rate Rises to 9.8%.

This article began: American employers cut 263,000 jobs last month, far more than forecast, and the unemployment rate rose to 9.8 percent from 9.7 percent in August, the Labor Department said.

That walk helped clear my min. Nature always brings back the realities and benefits of never ending change. I knew, as the first leaves of autumn crunched beneath my feet, that the dying days of summer would turn the path underfoot to this… soon.


Then it would still change to this.


By then Merri and I would be with our hound Ma… far south because the sun always shines somewhere… in Ecuador… Florida and other points south.

This reminded me of a fact. The US and global economy may be improving but jobs as we knew them for the last decades will not return… ever.

The September 11, Time article Jobless in America: Is Double-Digit Unemployment Here to Stay? by Joshua Cooper Ramo expands this dilemma. Here are excerpts that quote Lawrence Summers, director of the President’s National Economic Council:  Coping with bills due, dreams deferred and the need to plot a new life. What Summers proceeded to offer was, in fact, an unusually candid insight. And though couched in jargon, it was an insider’s confession of why our present economic moment is fraught with both danger and opportunity. There appears to be a strange bit of physics working itself out in our economy. The problem is related to a hiccup in an economic rule called Okun’s law that says when the economy grows, it produces jobs at a predictable rate, and when it shrinks, it sheds them at a similarly regular pace.

The American economy has been shedding jobs much, much faster than Okun’s law predicts. According to that rough rule, we should be at about 8.5% unemployment today, not slipping toward 10%. Something new and possibly strange seems to be happening in this recession. Will double-digit unemployment persist even after we emerge from this recession?

When compiling the “worst case” for stress-testing American banks last winter, policymakers figured the most chilling scenario for unemployment in 2009 was 8.9% — a figure we breezed past in May. From December 2007 to August 2009, the economy jettisoned nearly 7 million jobs, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. That’s a 5% decrease in the total number of jobs, a drop that hasn’t occurred since the end of World War II. The number of long-term unemployed, people who have been out of work for more than 27 weeks, was the highest since the BLS began recording the number in 1948. Jobless figures released Sept. 4 showed a 9.7% unemployment rate, pushing the U.S. — unthinkably — ahead of Europe, with 9.5%.

America now faces the direst employment landscape since the Depression. It’s troubling not simply for its sheer scale but also because the labor market, shaped by globalization and technology and financial meltdown, may be fundamentally different from anything we’ve seen before. The total number of nonfarm jobs in the U.S. economy is about the same now — roughly 131 million — as it was in 1999. And the Federal Reserve is predicting moderate growth at best. That means more than a decade without real employment expansion.

If you look at the three great job busts of the past 100 years — the 1930s, the early 1980s and today — you find an important difference. The Reagan recession ended with workers returning to jobs that were the same as or similar to the ones they had lost. But 1930s joblessness was structural. The jobs people lost — largely in agriculture — never came back. Workers had to move to the industrial sector, a transition helped by the demands of a war. It was massive national hysteresis. Sound familiar? “A lot of the jobs that have been lost will never come back,” the Peterson Institute’s Kirkegaard says. Which means that hiccup in Okun’s law is a warning: growth alone won’t employ America again.  The painful fact is that the 1930s option, to have the government directly employ millions of people in labor fronts, is not an option today.

Service jobs alone can’t support growth and innovation — which will be essential as we struggle to pay off a historic national debt and fund the retirement of the baby boomers.

There are millions of people who need work.

There you have it… the sad fact…global change dictates that employment and “historic national debt and fund the retirement of the baby boomers” in the US are at risk.

This means we need to create our own income with our own business (hopefully doing what we love).

This is why we have been focusing on our Tangled Web course that outlines how to have your own internet business.

One of the greatest problems we find is that readers have a hard time deciding what kind of business to do.   We have been sharing funky business ideas to stimulate this process.

Our hopes are that seeing crazy ways that others earn wealth doing what they love can bring ideas to you.

Here is Funky business ideas #IV from a reader.

Gary, here are a couple of really funky businesses I’ve heard of. Neither will make you rich, but I love the serendipity of them.

Once I interviewed a man for an article in a local paper. He made his living by blowing bubbles! He put on quite a show, and blew huge bubbles, multiple bubbles, bubbles attached to bubbles, etc. He had traveled all over the world and had a picture of himself with a bubble bigger than the front end of his VW bus. He was a kind of national celebrity in some Eastern European country – maybe Poland before the communists gave up. He was once invited to Japan for some very important celebration. It’s been too many years and I don’t recall the details, but what a character!

The balloon man told me about a time back in the ’70s when he lived in NYC. He sold peace buttons on a corner somewhere in Manhattan. Across the street another man had a different street corner business. He had a chair and a box of typing paper, and a portable typewriter on his lap, or maybe on a little table. He wrote 10-minute novels! He would ask his customer a few questions, get some names, etc., then set to work. In ten minutes he handed the customer his “novel”. What a kick!  Wish I could read one of them.

Sound crazy? Actually these are very stimulating, thought provoking ideas to get us going!

Shouldn’t we do something important… something that would get us invited to the White House instead?  Like this business outlined in an article that says:  Oakland man blows bubbles for Congress.  Sterling Johnson was shuffling through some legal documents at his home office in Fairfax when his phone rang. Someone who claimed to be calling from the White House invited him to go there and asked for his Social Security number and date of birth.

A skeptical Johnson declined to give the requested information, hung up and called information to get the general phone number of the Oval Office. When Johnson called he learned he was invited to blow bubbles at the annual congressional picnic Wednesday evening.

Five years ago he started earning additional income by blowing bubbles. It was something he enjoyed as a hobby since he was a teenager, when he discovered during a school science project that he could do wonders with them, he said. Johnson works part-time performing at variety shows, corporate events and private parties.

Here is Johnson at the White house… blowing bubbles.


Want more funky? How about a business training whales to blow bubbles?

funky-business-ideas tags

These whales have delighted thousands of visitors since being taught the impressive trick by scuba divers in a pool. They are given a breath from the diver’s regulator to give them enough air to blow the big bubbles.

Employment may be down but we do not need to be in a funk over this fact. We can earn doing anything and even the strangest, funky business ideas can take us far!


Because the ability to earn wherever you live is vital, we developed our course Tangled Web… How to Have an Internet Business.

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We look at many funky export ideas in these three courses.

For example when decoratng our latest rental unit we created wall art with these Otavalo scarves.


All it took was the scarves, a stick and a bit of wood.

We visit Otavalo on our Ecuador export tours.


There is so much…


style. This is the entrance to the Plazas de los Ponchos in Otavalo.


There is so much wonderful design….




textures and…


uses from ponchos to…


hammocks to…


sweaters to…


art and handicrafts to…


reed furniture… musical instruments and rugs… mats, that the experience stimulates funky business ideas.

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See more shots of Sterling Johnson blowing bubbles here

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