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Ecuador beach condos offer great value.  Only $89,000 (with 80% financing) for brand new units and resales.

Here is an update on Vistazul Ecuador condos on the coast.

These condos offer great value and come with a club membership at Palmazul Boutque Hotel & Spa.


This is the Palmazul Boutique Hotel and Spa which is also the Vistazul club house right at the condo project.  You can enjoy massages, swimming pool, tennis.

The owner Kjetil Haugan is currently adding upgrades at the club house with a loan received from an Ecuador business agency, upgrading rooms, building a new spa in front of the ocean, adding a new bar, along with bikes and  kayaks.

There is a children’s play ground and…


Here are children of two of the first families with children who have condos at Vistazul.


You can enjoy fine dining overlooking the beach.


There are also several Vistazul condo resales offered at $84,000.  The benefit of these resales is that the units are finished. You can move in or begin renting them at any time.

Kjetil has also started to promote the hotel heavily in Ecuador, Peru and Colombia and is getting an average of 10 requests per day.  This should be very good for the apartment rentals once Vistazul is ready.

Here is an update on the Vistazul project.    Units 101 t0 1o5 are now finished and sold.

103 is available as a resale at $84,000 including club membership.ecuador-sea-real-estate-401

Here is the front of units 101 to 105.


Here is unit 102 also there is a resale at the same price…. finished and ready to move in at the same price… $89,000.

For those with patience five units that are not ready… are still for sale…  for Ecuador Living subscribers.  The price is just $89,000 including the club membership.

Here are the unfinished units in Building two…


and six.


Here is the site plan.


Every unit has a sea view from the bedroom or roof and of course has great sunsets.


Let me walk you around the project with these pictures so you can tie the units and progress to the sketch above.

Here is a shot from the Palmazul hotel which is also the condo development’s clubhouse which sits right on the beach.


The first building you see on the left is Block #1.  This block is 133 steps to the beach…just a bit over the distance of a football field.  I counted the steps myself!

Block #3, is  done.  There is one resale here at $89,000.


Phase one of the project has 38 units in total.  Phase II is scheduled for 32 units.

Keep in mind ownership of these condos also include a free four day Galapagos cruise worth $2,230.

If the current owner has not used this cruise that benefit also passes along with the sale.  The tour is also offered in the resale units.

Patience is a great virtue in business and investing.

Though Vistazul owners have the right to use the pool and tennis courts at the clubhouse, Vistazul is also adding a swimming pool and tennis court at to make it easier for those in the upper to rent their condos.

Phase II units have better views but also higher prices at $115,000

See for more information.


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