Ecuador Roses Help the Poor

by | Sep 20, 2009 | Archives

A recent message looked at how you can now order Ecuador roses with a vase delivered direct to your home by fedex.

Beyond the beauty in your, or a loved one’s home, here is another benefit these roses bring.






the village of Topo Grande and children there.  They provide benefits in…

ecuador-roses three

ecuador-roses ways.

One is…

ecuador-roses building a…


security wall around the school in Topo Grande.


Here we are… Merri inspecting the wall with…


Franklin Sandoval, manager of our hotel and the head of the village.



ecuador-roses helps…

old and…




help.  Everyone.


Carrying rocks.

We also distribute fruit to the village.



We are helping them add a water supply to the village school as well.

The entire village has mingos… village work projects. Here they are working on the water.

ecuador-roses to clear their The villages watershed is far…


above the valley floor.  The village below is Cotacachi. Our hotel meson de las Flores is next to the Cathedral.


Everyone works at this as well.





Young.  This is Maria. Our foundation is supporting her school enrollment as it does numerous students.


and old. This is Maria’s mother. She wants Maria to have a better life.


This party cleared the water lines to this storage box.


Here is Franklin and Franklin checking out the…




Everyone is happy.


and pleased to help.

You can order the 24 Ecuador roses with vase here.

You can currently order 50  Ecuador roses here.

You can order fresh Ecuador lilies here.



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