Ecuador Roses With Vase

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Here is a new way to receive Ecuador roses direct into your home and  help the poor.

You can also see a great way to earn extra income with Ecuador roses below… even if you never visit Ecuador.


I took this photo of a new Ecuador rose package that is now available through our Land of the Sun Foundation.

We have been helping readers get Ecuador roses delivered by FedEx in large containers of 50 and 100 long stem roses. Here is 100 Ecuador roses that were delivered by FedEx to our North Carolina home.


50 or 100 long stem, Ecuador roses are fantastic to see.

They however take a lot of work arranging.

You need many vases or a very large vase to hold 50 or 100 roses!

Now FedEx can deliver a smaller package of 20 Ecuador roses… already arranged… including the vase.

Fedex can deliver these Ecuador roses to your home or to anyone you wish.

Here is the Ecuador roses delivered to our North Carolina farm.


The Ecuador roses and vase…


are tightly packed in here.

This assures that the Ecuador roses and vase arrive in good condition.


The Ecuador roses are beautiful.  This arrangement arrived Thursday afternoon before our July North Carolina seminar.  These pictures were taken Tuesday morning, five days after they arrived.


You can see the vase…


and the…


incredible colors and …


the size of my hand shows how large these Ecuador flower heads are.

No puny, tightly bound roses that never open here!  Plus…


these Ecuador roses will last.   These Ecuador roses lasted nine days.

I did not treat them well.

They arrived Thursday.    Friday I hauled them in our van to a seminar we were conducting.  Because they were so fresh they drank a lot of water.   On Saturday and Sunday, when I arrived at the seminar hall,  the vase was totally dry.

Yet my Ecuador roses are still lively and fresh.  They normally stay full for a week to nine days.


These Ecuador roses are very  inexpensive… delivered by hand… to your home by FedEx. 20 Ecuador roses, the arrangement… all greens and the vase for only $59 including delivery.

Plus $11 of this goes to our foundation Land of the Sun. Our current project is improving  a school in the Ecuador village of  Topo de Grande.


to help these kids and all the children who attend this school. More on these kids tomorrow.


You can order the 20 Ecuador roses with vase here.

You can order 50 or 100 Ecuador roses without vase here.

You can order fresh Ecuador lilies here.



Earn Extra Income with Ecuador Flowers

Robert Ribadineira, our flower supplier,  has now created a Fresh Flower Party Plan for flowers that can help you earn income as you help the poor.

Party plans have been  a highly successful way to introduce new ideas by displaying and demonstrating a product to those gathered at a party.

Roberto’s Premium Flower Party not only develops income potential and helps the poor but also helps resolve a huge problem that the economic downturn has created in the US.

The problem is that in the last two years nearly 30% of America’s florists have gone out of business.
It is harder and harder to get fresh premium quality flowers.  The new paradigm is that low quality, short lived cut flowers now rule the market.

Roberto’s  Premium Flower Party creates a new, fun and fulfilling way for Americans to have top quality fresh flowers in their homes.

The party plan originated with the  Tupperware company in the early 1950s. Tupperware’s success was widely copied and the idea hosting a social event in homes to demonstrate a product has become a popular and proven business model that combines fun and personal customer service.

Party plans have been used to sell items such as kitchen products, home decor, jewelry, skincare and cosmetics.

Yet fresh premium quality flowers have never been marketed via a party plan…until now.   The demise of so many florists and new three day Fedex delivery capabilities have made the Premium Flower Party a logical entry in the new economic paradigm.   See more on the party plan here.

Roberto has now helped conduct two fresh flower parties and will conduct a fresh flower party at our upcoming Ecuador Export tour to teach delegates how to sell fresh Ecuador flowers they import.  See details of this course here Oct. 21-24, 2009  Ecuador Import Export Tour

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