Brazil Market September 2009 Update

by | Aug 28, 2009 | Multi Currency Investing

Here is a Brazilian market update.

Earlier this summer we reviewed a Brazilian distortion.

The rise in Brazil’s market and the Brazilian real have been steady since.

Jyske Global Asset Management’s recent update points out that the global economy is picking up but they are not adding many stocks yet.

One investment they have added to some of their portfolios is more Brazilian bonds.

Here is the Brazilian real to the US dollar chart from


The Brazilian real has recovered well to the US dollar.

The Brazilian stock market has performed well also. Here is a chart sent to me from Keppler Asset Management.


The Brazilian market rose 40.9% in the last quarter to July 2009.


Yet fundamental values are still good.


These are statistics from Keppler’s latest top value emerging markets.

Jyske has three government bonds on its bond list.

Borrower  Coupon       Maturity      Price  Annual  Yield to Maturity

BRAZIL     12.5          2 05-01-2016 112.38         8.66             15.27
BRAZIL     12.5          2 05-01-2022 112.53         8.67             16.26
BRAZIL   10.25          2 10-01-2028 101.34       10.09               7.71

Investors who weant to tap into the overall growth (or fall) of Brazil’s stock market can invest in iShares Brazil (EWZ), writes or The Brazil Fund (BZF).


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