International Internet Business Using Intuition

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An international internet business using intuition has the advantage of a wider field of vision.

Change, though often feared,  is our friend because it opens fields of opportunity.  Without change, we could never progress.

Problems arise however when our thought process resists rather than embraces change.  Combining our logic and intuition assures that this is less likely to happen.

Our Ecuador course on Super Thinking helps delegates learn how to absorb, retain and recall more information.  This helps improve our logic.

Delegates at a previous Ecuador Super Thinking plus Spanish course we conducted in Cotacachi.

Yet to go beyond logic we need to combine our thinking with intuition.


Many Ecuador shamans and shamanas teach the Eagle & Condo Prophesy… a time will come when the eagle and condor fly in the skies together.   Many believe that the eagle represents logic and the condor intuition.  The prophesy says that sharing of indigenous knowledge with the technologies of science will help balance mankind.

One way to blend intuition and thinking is through playing games.

A game is a structured activity, with a set of rules. This is important… because when we game… we can create a set of rules that is beyond the norm… outside the box.

Gaming is usually undertaken for enjoyment.  This makes gaming important as well.  When we do something fun… without risk…we do it better.  We can let our imagination soar so we can see eventualities in enjoyable, non threatening ways.

Games are formalized expressions of play which allow people to go beyond immediate imagination and direct physical activity and see life’s potential in different ways.

When games eliminate play… they lose impact… thus the demise of professional sports which are no longer games… but business.

Gaming allows us to use disambiguation in resolving future conflicts.  This is because our future is often ambiguous.  In other words, our life can take a number of  paths that lead in different directions.

This leaves us asking, “What should I do?”

Gaming allows us to create a set of out-of-the-box rules that direct us in ways we would never logically reach but can imagine.  Because it is fun and without threat… we can see future opportunity in numerous expanded ways.

One way we can game is to form ideas from our intuition. Then we apply the game’s set of rules that change the circumstances of the idea.

There are two ways to let our intuition to kick in.

One way is to let outward events kick start our intuition… such as spotting birds.

Recently I mentioned how I use the heron as an intuition initiator.

Other birds are meaningful to me also.  Doves, for example, are a sign of “Thinning the veil”.  “Crows represent “Magic & Creation.”  These concepts represent archetypes that we can apply in an out-of-the box game.


One way the Ecuador shamans taught us to trust our intuition is to hike steep trails with our eyes closed.  This is the first time we received this lesson when Merri and I along with our friend, Dr. Jay Glaser, and several others hiked into the sacred Llanganatis Valley in Ecuador.

Another way to connect with intuition is internally.

Here is how I start the gaming process when I have a question to process but have no external suggestion or archetype to use.

This is an ageless business solving technique that employs meditation, but is designed for the hard working businessman who needs to make numerous decisions at a faster and faster pace.

Whenever I have a decision to make (this can work for decisions about investing as well as business), but insufficient knowledge to make it, I sit down and write for a few minutes every single thing I can think of relating to this decision or question.

This is a private, personal brainstorming session, so I let any thought I have fly. This is an important part of the tactic because the process of writing integrates the neural muscular system. In short, I am locking the data about my decision into every aspect of my being.

Next I relax and meditate for ten minutes. You can use whatever meditative technique you know or use.

Forget (if you can) everything about the decision that has to be made.  If it stays on the mind though, that’s okay as well.  If you do not know or use a meditation technique, I highly recommend that you learn one (some sources are listed below). The power of meditation and prayer have long been scientifically proven. They move you closer to the Quantum state (in brain wave terms, you move into deeper brain wave patterns of Alpha and Theta and the integration of frontal and rear and left and right brain hemispheres improve).  Or you can say that prayer and meditation bring you closer to God. The reality is you think at a deeper level! (I have heard others say that prayer is talking to God and meditation is letting your mind settle down so you can listen to God.)

When the ten minutes of quiet is finished, I immediately write down whatever thoughts that come. These thoughts help clarify and bring to the foremost the keys to help bring forth the right decision.

This decision making process focuses the entire body on the decision, and then takes us to a deeper level of intelligence. The wisdom we all possess is profound and this technique taps depths beyond our logic.

I often come up with things I can never logically explain.  Answers often come in code, much like dreams.

If you use this tactic, you may find your thoughts are on green alligators or flying elephants.  Do not discount the thought whatever it is. Write down whatever comes to you! If you reflect on this, an answer will almost certainly appear or you will get a signal.

Maybe if you were asking yourself what new exciting thing can you do in your life and later in the day you see a circus wagon with green alligators and flying elephants the answer is “Join the circus!” or perhaps “go see or listen to Cirque du Soleil!” Or maybe if you are asking questions about your job and your mind was on rats running along a football field the answer in language may be “get out of the rat race!”

This process unlocks your intuition as well as uniting it with your intelligence.

Merri and I rarely make an important decision without using these techniques and then we pray asking for our intellect to come up with the right answer that is BEST for all parties concerned.

See other ways to turn on super thinking at

We live in a world of increasing change. How nice!   This means we live in a world of increasing opportunity.   We can improve our chances of opportunity if we let our imaginations unite our intuition and logic.


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