International Investment Portfolio Update

by | Aug 12, 2009 | Multi Currency Investing

See an international investment portfolio update on Jyske Global Asset Management’s international investment portfolios below.

International Investment “Money & More”

To help readers understand international investments even more, Thomas Fischer at Jyske Global Asset Management  (JGAM) sends out a periodical Money & More missive to our readers.  Here is money-and-more-august-2009

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Currently JGAM does not see inflation in the foreseeable future.  They believe there are long term concerns of  future inflation created by present fiscal and monetary stimulus.  However, they state, “these concerns do not belong to the economic situation we are in today.”

JGAM portfolios are underweight in the US dollar as they expect the greenback to be in a long term downtrend against other major currencies.

The JGAM portfolios have neutral position on bonds and they favor high-quality corporate bonds because of attractive yield spreads against government bonds.

JGAM portfolios have an underweight position in equities, but they are ready to increase equity exposure,  maybe late summer or autumn.

Their portfolios are overweight in alternatives, including  gold to hedge against an increase in risk aversion and to take advantage of safe haven movements in the market.

JGAM is  ready to increase exposure in commodities when they think the present price correction is over with and they stay with a small overweight in cash.

The most profitable of the Jyske portfolios is their low risk portfolio with a one times leverage (100% loan) and they are keeping their loans in Swiss francs and US dollars at this time.   They are keeping their leverage below maximum levels as they maintain a cautious investment strategy.

The leveraged low risk portfolio rose 11.4% in the first six month of 2009 and JGAM  expects this bond dominated portfolio to continue to do well in the next six months. However JGAM emphasizes that
this leveraged portfolio is only suitable for investors with at least a medium risk profile.

For example the Low Risk portfolio currently has 80% in bonds denominated in US dollars, British pounds, euro, Danish kroner and Australian dollars.

9.32% is in equities denominated in Swiss francs and euro

Gold ETFs represents 4.48% of the portfolio.

6% of the portfolio is in cash.

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There are many international investment fundamentals beyond our control.  However if we use good economic research, balanced investment fundamentals and a sound, conservative investment manager, plus keep an open mind to outside the box thoughts, our savings and wealth should grow long term.

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