Ecuador Roses

by | Aug 11, 2009 | Archives

Here is a new way to receive Ecuador roses direct into your home that we are about to launch to help the poor.


I took this photo of a new Ecuador rose package that is now available through our Land of the Sun Foundation.

We have been helping readers get Ecuador roses delivered by FedEx in large containers of 50 and 100 long stem roses. Here is 100 Ecuador roses that were delivered by FedEx to our North Carolina home.


50 or 100 long stem, Ecuador roses are fantastic to see.

They however take a lot of work arranging.

You have to have many vases or a very large vase!

Now FedEx can deliver a smaller package of 25 Ecuador roses… already arranged… including the vase.

Fedex can deliver these Ecuador roses to your home or to anyone you wish.

Here is the Ecuador roses delivered to our North Carolina farm.


The Ecuador roses and vase…


are tightly packed in here.

This assures that the Ecuador roses and vase arrive in good condition.


The Ecuador roses are beautiful.  This arrangement arrived Thursday afternoon before our July North Carolina seminar.  These pictures were taken Tuesday morning, five days after they arrived.


You can see the vase…


and the…


incredible colors and …


the size of my hand shows how large these Ecuador flower heads are.

No puny, tightly bound roses that never open here!  Plus…


these Ecuador roses will last.   I have had these Ecuador roses for five days old.

I have not treated them well.

They arrived Thursday.    Friday I hauled them in our van to our seminar.  Because they were so fresh they drank a lot of water.   On Saturday and Sunday, when I arrived at the seminar hall,  the vase was totally dry.

Yet my Ecuador roses are still lively and fresh.  They normally stay full for a week to nine days.


These Ecuador roses are very  inexpensive… delivered by hand… to your home by FedEx. 24 Ecuador roses, the arrangement… all greens and the vase… we are hoping only $59 including delivery.  We have sent out several arrangements and are awaiting the final costs to know for sure.

Plus $20 of this goes to our foundation Land of the Sun. Our current project is improving  a school in the Ecuador village of  Topo de Grande.


to help these kids and all the children who attend this school.


You can currently order 50  Ecuador roses at $79 here.  We’ll announce the new arrangement as soon as it is ready.

You can order fresh Ecuador lilies here.



You can order an Ecuador rose arrangement here.


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