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Here is an Ecuador dentistry rave in response to our recent article about Ecuador dentist Dr. Bayardo Bolano. The message was entitled Ecuador Dentists June Update 2009.

Hi Gary & Merri, I am Dr. Don Santini of Naples FL  I have been receiving your emails for several years and I have an observation to make concerning Dr. Bayardo Bolanos.

Dr. Bolanos has been my dentist for approximately 6 years.  I refer all my friends to Dr Bolanos for the best dental experience they will ever have.

I would like to inform you of an experience I had with Dr Bolanos in Sept 2007.  I went to see the local dentist in Naples that I had visited several times before meeting Dr Bolanos.  He performed an inspection and xrays of my teeth.  He informed me that I needed 3 root canals and 2 crown procedures in high noble metal.  I believe it also included a small filling.

The Naples dentist presented me with an estimate of approximately $4500.00 for his services.  I paid him for my examination and took his recommendations to Dr Bolanos in Ibarra.  When I arrived Dr Bolanos looked at the recommendations and said please have a seat and I will examine you and take some xrays.

When the examination and xrays were over, Dr Bolanos told me he was in complete agreement with the dentist in Naples, with two additions.  He then advised that the dentist in Naples had made no mention of my most important dental need.  He informed me I had two infections in my upper jaw bone.  One infection adjacent to the eye teeth on both sides of my upper jaw.

These infections resulted in a four hour dental surgery on the right side of the jaw bone and a three hour dental surgery on the left side of the jaw bone.  In the US I believe this would have added another $3,000.00 to $4,000.00 to my dental charges bringing the total cost to approximately $7,500.00 to $8,000.00.  I could be low on this estimate.  I have never had dental surgery before, but I believe it is very expensive surgery.

Dr Bolanos did outstanding dental services for me and at a cost of approximately $1,260, which resulted in a savings of approximately $6,740.00 for what I would have paid for inferior dental services in Naples FL.

My friend Bayardo always goes the extra mile to provide the best dental services anywhere.

As far as the complaint against Dr Bolanos goes, I am sure that your assessment that no matter how good services are some people are just born complainers is absolutely correct.

I wonder how well the complainer speaks Spanish.  It has always astounded me that we Americans in particular always expect everyone else to speak English when we are the foreigner  in their country.  For the record Dr Bolanos speaks easily understood English.  He explains his procedures so that you understand what is going to happen.  I have also noticed that when I speak Spanish in my limited ability, the people I am speaking to have a new level of respect and understanding for me.  They respect anyone who is trying to learn their language instead of expecting everyone in Ecuador to learn English.

I am moving to Ecuador as soon as I can get the papers I need to the Ecuadorian Counsel in Miami for translation into Spanish.  I believe my wife Charlotte and I will also need a criminal records check from Florida.

I will be renting a condo or small house for 2 or 3 months. This will allow us time to look for a larger home with acreage to lease.  Our first place to look for a home will be in Cotacachi.  If we can find what we want in Cotacachi, that will put me closer to Dr Vaca’s office where I will be doing volunteer work with Dr Vaca one or two days per week.look forward to meeting both of you in the near future, hopefully this year.

Don Santini, ND, MH

Ecuador dentists and doctors generally cost about 20% of what they are in the US.  We hope you’ll join us to share the delights of investing, business and living in Ecuador and the world and pay for the cost with your dental and medical savings.

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