Ecuador Dentists June 2009 Update

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We have many readers using Ecuador dentists and the feedback we receive is really good. Here is a note we received about Ecuador dentists this June 2009.

One reader just sent this note:

Hi Gary and Merri, you have asked me to write you and describe my experience with the Euador dentist I utilized in Ibarra re: your referral, Dr. Bayardo Bolanos.

I am very pleased to do so because he is beyond a doubt the best dentist I have ever experienced.

When I first went to see Dr. Bolanos, I was unsure whether he would engender enough confidence in me to allow him to provide the extensive dental work I needed done.  After meeting with him in his office for about a half an hour, I was very impressed with his professionalism, education, and experience.

His office staff provided me in advance with the cost of his dental work and it was 20% (and less) of the estimates I had previously obtained in the states.

Dr. Bolanos told me he would need at least 3 weeks to complete my dental work.  In fact, because he is a perfectionist, it took a month.

To say I am pleased with the work Dr. Bolanos did and the finished product would be a big understatement.  My mouth feels better than it has felt in years and I am regaining my self confidence in being able to smile with my mouth open.

In addition to being a highly competent professional, Dr. Bolanos is also very philanthropic.  He is head of the Imbambura Red Cross as well as President of Ecuador’s SOS Global Villages which manages six orphanages throughout Ecuador. Thank you for referring me to this highly competent, caring, and compassionate professional.  Appreciatively,

Also, I have attached a picture taken last week of Dr. Bolanos.


Not everyone likes every dentist we refer. We usually have someone complain about most things we have written about like this note that came in after I previously wrote about  Ecuador Dental Contacts

“Hi Gary, for your information. we have a friend who is extremely unhappy with the treatment of Dr. Bayardo.   He made several significant mistakes.

Some of the procedures he is using are out-dated. Ibarra has dentists that are better than Dr. Bayardo. A contributing factor has been that  his English is enough to say hello, how are you, but certainly not to explain or discuss any dental procedures. Far away from perfect!   They may not pay  a commission, as we heard Bayardo does.  Do you really want to make money out of people’s dental problems?”

My reply was: “I have never met Dr. Bolanos… have only heard good comments from guests at the hotel. We do not take commissions from him or anyone else.”

This reply came back.

“Good to know, that you do not receive commissions.  The other person  – (Full name Deleted by me) – who promotes him on his web-page  does.  Our friend who has problems with the treatment of Dr. Bayardo  heard that from (his wife’s name Deleted by me) directly.”

Usually, unless I receive repeated complaints, and especially when I receive a lot of raves, I do not give a lot of credibility to a complaint.  I realize first that no one satisfies ever customer no matter how hard they try.  Second, there is an element of gringo that comes to Ecuador wanting Ecuador to be just like the USA but cheaper.   This inexperience leads them to moan and groan about almost everything. Also third party hearsay complaints like this are often vastly distorted.

In this case, I especially dismissed the complaint because another email I received totally contradicted what I had been hearing about Dr. Bolanos English.

Here is one email that refers to that.

Both my girlfriend, and I have received extensive dental work from Bayardo.  Not only was his work very, very well performed (as measured by our results), but the work he did on my girlfriend was to correct mistakes made by dentists in the U.S. when they used too short of pins on some of her ceramic teeth and also left bacteria in her gums which needed to be removed and replaced with imitation bone where the infection had eaten into her bone tissue.

His English is really great.  He graduated after 3 years of graduate dentistry work in New York – all classes were taught in English.  He was able to explain to me in English when I first arrived exactly what he felt needed (and not needed) to be done.  (bold is mine). This took about 30 minutes for him to accomplish.

I was able to see some photographic pictures of his patients.   His work on many of the patients was mind blowingly and very positively transformative.  We feel blessed to have received his assistance and both unqualifiedly recommend Bayardo both as a dentist and a very trustworthy person.

Another reader sent this note.

My personal example for dental treatments consists of having one tooth pulled and a complete lower set of dentures made for a total of $190.00. I had a full set of upper in-plants for about $4500.00.

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Ecuador Dental Business Opportunity

Medical tourism is growing by leaps and bounds and creates some excellent opportunity.  This sector has risen so rapidly that a medical tourism association was started that says:

Medical Tourism is where people who live in one country travel to another country to receive medical, dental and surgical care while at the same time receiving equal to or greater care than they would have in their own country, and are traveling for medical care because of affordability, better access to care or a higher level of quality of care.

An internet based global medical tourism business is an “at the beginning opportunity.”

For example a recent article in the Korean Times says:

Han Yang University International Cooperation Hospital, foreground, a separate clinic dedicated to foreign residents and medical tourists, and Han Yang University Medical Center, background, in Haengdang-dong, Seoul. The international cooperation hospital saw its number of foreign patients almost triple in May, compared to a month ago.

Korea jumped on the bandwagon of fast growing medical tourism last year, hoping that it could become a new growth engine and attract more than 200,000 medical tourists in 2013.

Korea, often dubbed “The Land of Morning Calm,” is already seeing a surge of inbound medical tourists in search of better medical services at bargain prices.

According to the Ministry for Health, Welfare and Family Affairs Sunday, the number of foreigners visiting Korea for medical treatment jumped 32.1 percent to 9,075 in the first quarter of this year, up from 6,872 a year ago.

A recent Gallup poll shows how rosy the prospect of the global medical tourism market is. The survey found nearly three in 10 Americans would consider crossing the border for medical treatments such as heart bypass surgery, hip replacement and plastic surgery as domestic health care costs continue to rise.

This is just one of many countries (including Ecuador) that offer medical tourism opportunities.

Until next message, may your opportunities be great and your need for medical care be low.


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