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Here is a tip on how to earn globally in your own business as we have done with our Ecuador business rankings.

Many readers wrote concerned about their loss of privacy in the US.  I never worry much about this though I have been warning people about losing our privacy for decades!

I wrote about this privacy in my first book, “Passport to International Profit” which was published in the 1970s.

Actually this personal erosion is pretty old news.  Eric Arthur Blair was way ahead of me in warning about this… for sure.  He wrote two great books about the loss of privacy.

This shows that loss of privacy is not just happening in the US either.  Blair was an Englishman who never visited the US as far as I can tell.  I feel close to Blair.  His first great book on privacy was published in the US almost on the day of my birth.

While finishing his second, he moved to Cranham a remote part of the Gloucestershire Cotswolds near Stroud.   I lived nearby in Minchinhampton and Chalford near Stroud.

You know Blair by a different name…. George Orwell. Animal Farm was released in the US just days before my birth and Orwell went to Gloucestershire after completing this book 1984.

So I have read the books… many times and heard the thoughts and understand the fears of losing privacy.

Whenever this loss begins to bother me, I remember that the purpose of life is joy, not growth…   not stuff… not acclaim… not legacy.  

All these things are good only when they are the result of the pursuit of joy. (More on joy in a moment.)

One of the greatest ways to gain joy is through our work… our service to our fellow human beings.   This fact… not the bad economy… not the loss of privacy…. not the chances of increased tax… not any of the problems so many of us perceive in daily life, is the reason we focus in our courses on how to develop your own business.

Our own business allows us to control the process of being joyful.

Interestingly enough such a business also brings tax benefits, resolution to economic ills and greater privacy.  These are the frostings!

In this era of the internet we especially focus on helping our readers develop internet businesses.

This is because we are good at this business so have a lot to teach.

For example, getting good rankings in the area of your business focus is one part of a successful internet business.

Our and sites have first page Google rankings for many Ecuador search phrases including:

Ecuador Organic


Ecuador Banking


Ecuador Banking


Ecuador Real Estate for Sale


Ecuador Beach Condos

ecuador-rankingsplus others like Ecuador Beach Property, Ecuador Exports, Ecuador Cooking and many many more.

Plus we have learned how to monetize these rankings with phrases that can lead to  larges ticket sales such as “Galapagos Tickets” and “Ecuador Tickets”.


Often we are listed two times on Google’s first page or… even three times on the first page of Google rankings.

In fact we have done so well, that according to our site’s traffic rank is in the top 20,000 US sites. Out of tens of millions.  Here is a recent Alexa report.


Now comes the interesting part… the followup.

Without the correct followup… rankings mean nothing!  Here is an excerpt from lesson 17 of the 24 lessons at our course “Tangled Webs We Weave, How to Have Your Own Internet Business”.

This lesson was written by our webmaster David Cross.


David is chief internet consultant to some of the largest internet marketing companies in the world and adds these important comments.

Search Engine Optimization doesn’t matter. Not one bit.

Gary’s story of the owl in Lesson 7 reminds us that you can easily get caught-up in the details, in this case of search engine optimization. But I know of many businesses with good…even great Google rankings but an otherwise flaccid online business.


Because they lost the big picture when focusing on the small details.

In Gary’s Lesson 7 he describes a walk and how he saw an owl. Then we see finer and finer detail of the owl as Gary focuses-in. But where are the rafters? Still there but out of sight.

In SEO it works like this:

1. Your business is there to serve and learn about your customers and to make a profit
2. You need customers to do this (duh!)
3. You need to know about and apply SEO to get good placements on search engines
4. You need to get good placements on search engines so more potential customers and well-qualified prospects see what you offer
5. You need the maximum number of well-qualified prospects to see what you offer so more of them click-through to your landing page or website
6. You need the maximum number of well-qualified prospects who land on that page to take an action, the next step, to becoming a customer
7. You need the maximum number of prospects taking the next step so they become customers. And then? See #1!

Search Engine Optimization IN ISOLATION doesn’t matter. Not one bit.
What Matters? (Not “Driving Traffic“)

Search engines are merely a conduit to drive customers to your website. It’s what they do when they are there that really counts.

So the real trick to succeeding at SEO is in providing something to people when they land at your website that would make them want to take the next step and encouraging them to make that next step. There are many ways to do this:

* Offer a free email newsletter
* Offer a free report that they receive by email
* Sell something, possibly a low-priced product like a newsletter
* Add testimonials from satisfied existing customers
* Free trial membership
* Signing-up for a series of lessons by email autoresponder
* Etc.

What matters is converting prospects to customers or at a minimum getting your prospect to take the next step to becoming a customer.

This is important and in our course we simply what to do by using the seven Ps…

Profitably Priced Product
Prospecting Path

The seven Ps are a simple and direct way to direct your ranked phrases towards the right prospect and then leading that prospect into doing business with you.

David will join us at our upcoming North Carolina International Business & Investing Course this July 24 to 26, 2009. He will speak about the technical aspects of how to run an internet business:

Search Engine Optimization
Pay Per Click
Landing Pages
Email Generators
List Controllers
Shopping Carts

Yet we’ll dig deeper, right to the essence of a successful internet business that successfully untangles the web because I suspect that this course has the possibility to go out of date faster than any I have ever written before. The Internet evolves so quickly and there are always new things being added. It’s enough to make your head spin.

There are two ways we (Merri, David and I) can share what we know about having an internet business with you.

The first way we share is with our emailed course “Tangled Webs We Weave, How to Have Your Own Internet Business.”

Learn more at Tangled Web

The second way is at our International Business & Investing Course, July 24 to 26 here in the green and cool North Carolina Blue Ridge Mountains.

Half this course is about international investing and Thomas Fischer at Jyske Global Asset Management helps me conduct this portion of the course.  The other half is about how to develop your own business. Merri and David help me with this.

Here is a special offer. If you enroll in the July 24 to July 26 course, I sign you up for the emailed course free. This is a $299 savings.

Join me and Thomas Fischer from Jyske Global Asset Management in North Carolina to learn more about economic trends and David Cross our webmaster to learn how to have a global internet business.

We’ll have lunch at the farm and enjoy the cool summer mountains. Here’s a shot of our front yard.


Thomas Fisher speaking to our delegates at the farm.




Delegates enjoying a private conversation with Thomas Fischer during a coffee break at the farm.

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