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Here is an excerpt from our course Tangled Webs – How  to Have an Internet Business. This excerpt can help you see how to earn in Ecuador.

This is the fifth message in this series on Ecuador and business opportunity.  See the first message at Ecuador organic cheese and wine. The second article in the series is at Ecuador organic wine and cheese II and Ecuador wine & Cheese III and Ecuador and green business.

Internet businesses are green and give you the freedom to work anywhere.

Here I am working at the Visatzul clubhouse on Ecuador’s beach.


Here Merri and I work in the sunny court yard at our hotel Meson de las Flores in remote Cotacachi, high in the Andes.


Here I am working under a maple tree at our North Carolina farm.  Our internet business gives us incredible freedom to be where we choose.


This excerpt from our internet business course shows how we teach subscribers of this course how to get business and profit through search engine rankings.

The excerpt begins:

This lesson looks at the importance of defined focus and immediate repetition to get good search engine rankings.

Here we look in detail at how to refine focus and use immediate repetition to get good rankings with search engines.

I often play a game chasing a phrase that I feel may be competitive, but worth while to our site.

For example this week we are working on the phrase “Ecuador Tickets”

This is a competitive phrase at Google with 108 millions rankings. This compares to 194, million rankings for the phrase “Ecuador” and  just 27.8 million for the phrase “Ecuador Travel”.

This is a pretty refined focus… but my theory is that many people who are looking to buy air tickets to Ecuador may search with this phrase.

I am also thinking that many of those wanting Ecuador tickets may also be great candidates for our Ecuador publications and tours.

This is an important rule of  focus… make sure that the focus you choose is likely to attract visitors to your site who will be interested, “at some time,” in buying your product or service.

Our philosophy here is not to worry about an immediate sale. We offer a lot of free data.  Yet our goal is to get their business by giving so much good content that we deserve their business.

A list that is not focused on what you offer is pretty useless. You won’t generate much income and your readers won’t visit often.

The directed focus at keeps readers coming to the site.  Our daily emailed message gets sent to just over 16,000 addresses (growing about 200 a week).

According to Statbrain, right now, the site gets 8,321 visits a day… more than 50% of the 16,000 addresses we send to.


This is a very good average!

To create a good ranking at Google for “Ecuador Tickets.”  I posted a message titled “Buying Tickets to Ecuador.”

After day one the site  ranked #12 at Google, for the phrase “Ecuador Tickets” and #15  for the phrase “Tickets to Ecuador.”

Not good enough!

So I employed the force of immediate repetition and posted an article the next day titled “Tickets to Ecuador Part 2”.

This raised my Google ranking for “Tickets Ecuador”  and “Ecuador Tickets” from 15 to 12.


A Google #12 ranking was also achieved for “Tickets to Ecuador” and “Tickets for Ecuador”

Google put me on the first page (#10) for the phrase “Tickets in Ecuador”

ecuador-ticketsThat’s  better.

However the site will employee more immediate repetition tomorrow and the day after by posting two more messages based on this phrase “Ecuador Tickets”.

Your home work is to check out these messages each day and then search the phrase “Ecuador Tickets” at Google to see how the four sessions of  immediate repetition fares.

Over a week we were able to push our Google ranking to fifth for the phrase “Ecuador Tickets”

Here is how money can be made from such ranking.

Once we attained a good ranking for the phrase “Ecuador Ticket,”  we then began working on derivative rankings around the ticket concept.  I worked on the phrase “Galapagos Tickets” in a way that would hopefully sell Galapagos cruises.

Immediately  we were  able to get an article entitled Ecuador Tickets to Galapagos offering Galapagos tours ranked #3 out of 122,000 pages for that phrase at Google.

The same article ranked #7 for the phrase “Galapagos tickets.”


These are rankings that can create sales (of Galapagos cruises) and generate commissions to monetize an internet business.

This is also the way to keep making money from a site.

The way search engines decide rankings continually changes because smart web salesmen figure out whatever the system is and abuse it.  So the search engines have to stay one step ahead.

Our site uses no tricks! Our site is not fancy. Our site does not have amazing graphics. Our site does not use any special SEO techniques.   We just keep hammering away, every day, with steady, content closely focused to our readers needs.

This has worked well  and seems to be working even better.   We continue to grow. Our email list size increases.  Our site visits rise.  Our sales and our profits continue to jump up even during this gloomy economy.

As the web matures… (internet businesses are still incredibly new)… authenticity and usefulness of content will grow in importance.  This makes it a great time for individuals to have small internet businesses (like ours) that are fun, fulfilling, sustainable and very profitable.

We look forward to sharing how to do this with you.

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