Ecuador Organic Cheese and Wine II

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This series, on Ecuador & organic wine and cheese, shows how big problems create big opportunities.


Ecuador organic cheese factory for sale.


This factory make all types of organic Swiss cheese.

This is the second message in this series on Ecuador and business opportunity in wine and cheese.  See the first message at Ecuador organic cheese and wine.

That first message began:

We are enjoying a quantum shift and the way we work, live, invest and do business will never be as before.

Governments globally are trying to slow this needed economic transition and their stimulation efforts will most likely cause the loss of purchasing power in most currencies… global inflation.

The best ways to gain opportunity in this scenario is to own real estate, commodities, stocks and your own business.

The greatest asset is your ability to serve… to produce a product or service that adapts to the new ways.  This business must have  adaptability and be in tune with customer desires as they shift.

A recent Time special report entitled “The Way We’ll Work” said:

Ten years ago, Facebook didn’t exist. Ten years before that, we didn’t have the Web. So who knows what jobs will be born a decade from now? Though unemployment is at a 25‑year high, work will eventually return. But it won’t look the same. No one is going to pay you just to show up. We will see a more flexible, more freelance, more collaborative and far less secure work world. It will be run by a generation with new values — and women will increasingly be at the controls.

These words could not be more true.  Our website began eleven years ago as an adjunct to our print business. Today we don’t sell a single scrap of paper.

Imagine this… a guy sitting deep in the North Carolina woods reporting about Ecuador to tens of  thousands of people in a flash.

The way we work will change at a faster and faster pace! 

Markets created by customer desires will change as well.  Our businesses will have to stay tuned to this change.

The fastest subgroup of buyers when surveyed in the book, Cultural Creatives, showed that the following ideas were  important to them:

  • Nature and its destruction.
  • Problems with the whole planet such as global warming, destruction of the rain forests, overpopulation, lack of ecological sustainability and exploitation of the poor.
  • They would pay more taxes if the money would be used to clean the environment.
  • Developing and maintaining relationships.
  • Helping others and bringing out others’ unique gifts.
  • Volunteering for good causes.
  • Psychological and spiritual development.
  • See spirituality or religion as important but concerned about Religious right.
  • Equality of women.
  • Violence and abuse of women and children.
  • Politics should spend more on education, neighborhoods and sustainable future.
  • Concerns about the left and right of politics as well as the mushy middle.
  • Optimism for the future and distrust media’s negativity.
  • Creating new and better ways of life.
  • Concerned about big business’s focus on profit over environment, downsizing and human exploitation.
  • Having finances under control.
  • Dislikes overspending, conspicuous consumption and “making it”.
  • Likes exotic and foreign people, places and other ways of life.

So what could be better than inexpensive, sustainable  products that offer, exotic products in unusual places offered by a business that employees women as well as men and  helps the environment and the poor.

This brings us back to wine and cheese.

Ecuador wine and cheese is inexpensive, exotic and good for the environment.

Our real estate tours have been looking at this factory for two years.


Entrance to the Ecuador organic cheese factory.


The hacineda has everything… the land… the cows.

ecuador-wine-cheese barns…


The milking area.


The machinery


Storage caves.


They make a number of types of cheese with wine…


with salt…


large wheels and small.


Though we have taken many delegates to the hacienda on our Imbabura real estate tour, it has not sold yet.  I believe the sales price is still too high… but the owners are tired… there is some type of opportunity here for a person who wishes to be involved in Ecuador organic cheese.

The organic winery by the way is owned by the same family and is nearby.

Yet there is more… a surprise which we will see in the third part of this series tomorrow. Don’t miss it!


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Delegates visit Ecuador Organic cheese factory.

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