Ecuador Organic Wine & Cheese

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Ecuador organic wine & cheese started me thinking about a way some readers can have an interesting and fun business.


Ecuador organic wine.


Ecuador organic cheese.

We are enjoying a quantum shift and the way we work, live, invest and do business will never be as before.  The cover of the May 25, 2009 TIME describes it well when it says:

Throw away the briefcase: you’re not going to the office. You can kiss your benefits goodbye too. And your new boss won’t look much like your old one. There’s no longer a ladder, and you may never get to retire, but there’s a world of opportunity if you figure out a new path.


Ecuador organic wine and cheese being served at a wine and cheese reception hosted by Jyske Bank at our recent Ecuador Investment and Business Course.

Governments globally are trying to slow this needed economic transition and their stimulation efforts will most likely cause the loss of purchasing power in most currencies… global inflation.

The best ways to gain opportunity in this scenario is to own real estate, commodities, stocks and your own business.

Even real estate, commodities and shares are at risk.  In the end the greatest asset is your ability to serve… to produce a product or service that adapts to the new ways.

This is why I am always looking for business ideas to share which brings me to organic… wine and cheese.

One great coincidence is that though Merri and I live in two very remote mountain places, (Lansing North Carolina and Cotacachi, Ecuador) both are near a manufacturer of organic wine and cheese.

Our Ibarra real estate tour delegates have looked at a hacienda for sale that contains an organic Swiss cheese factory. The factory includes its own real cave full of Swiss cheese.

Here is the entrance to the hacienda.

Here I am at the entrance to the cave.

Here I enjoy a look round the cave! The factory produces 20 of these cheeses a day. Each sells for $30.

In Lansing we are near the New River Winery lodged in the Lansing Old Schoolhouse.

ecuador-wine and cheese

Here is the Ecuador wine and cheese business thought. Have a wine and cheese business in Ecuador and Ashe County.

Many readers are like Merri and me.  They want to live in quiet places.  They want to work at something they love.  They like coffee, wine and cheese.  Why not offer tours to these interesting remote (AND inexpensive) places?

A set of peculiar circumstances creates this dual wine and cheese opportunity now.

I explain why tomorrow and next day in Ecuador Wine and Cheese part II and Ecuador wine and cheese part III.

Until then good business to you!


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