New Salinas Ecuador Beach Project

by | May 31, 2009 | Archives

Last week we let our Ecuador Living subscribers know about a new Ecuador beach project near Salinas Ecuador.

Dr Andres Cordova has been our friend and attorney in Ecuador for more than a decade. He  has helped many of our readers in many ways.


See more about his Ecuador Kindness here.

Andres is also a property developer with an environmental ethic. He has developments in the Galapagos and near Mindo Ecuador.

Andres is now starting a new development near the coastal town of Salinas Ecuador.


Andres writes:

Punta Carnero is poised to become one of the most important coastal-development areas in Ecuador and if location is important (it certainly is) timing is too. International interest in Ecuadorian coastal real estate is growing by the day, prompted by international conditions, great values to be found in Ecuador, pressing demographics and boomer’s needs too.

For most of Ecuador’s coast, many compromises need to be made, but in Punta Carnero’s case, there are many elements already in place and so many more coming that its is quite “the” option right now.

For starters, there’s an airport just minutes away, currently overhauled and made into an international, open-skies operation; medical care, shopping, restaurants, parks, transportation and other amenities are easily within reach, barely minutes away.


There are rather excellent connecting highways and roads in the area.

The beach right across Punta Carnero is spectacular, with a wide stretch of white sand, spectacular waves and the most beautiful sunsets you are likely to see.

Punta Carnero lies barely a few minutes from the resort town of Salinas but without the crowded beaches and intensity. You can have the best of both worlds in Punta Carnero!

As the Punta Carnero area becomes increasingly prevalent in the investor’s radars, prices are bound to come up so the time is now.

For example, right now there is an 8.000 sq.ft. beachfront lot that is just perfect for a villa, a few condos or for a pure investment in land going for $51,950. You can have a spectacular ocean-front villa or do a few condos in a mid-rise and get quite a profit out of it. We are sure ready to help you make this a reality.

The time to act is now, to secure property in what should be Ecuador’s next beach-front sensation.

Neither Merri or I, or any associate or company is involved financially in this project.

You can see a brochure on Punta Carnero at pdf-pta-carnero31

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