Ecuador Flower Longevity

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Ecuador’s flower longevity is one reason why Ecuador rose and Ecuador lilies make such a great gift.

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Recently I wrote how my order of 25 Ecuador lilies actually gave us almost 100 blossoms. There are three or four blossoms on each Ecuador lily.

I arranged three full vases of Ecuador lilies. Here is one…


two and…




These arrangements lasted over two weeks!

Then we traveled to our daughter’s home for a visit in Florida and some of the Ecuador lilies we sent her for Easter still looked good… even though they were two weeks old.  Here they are.


Now I have been able to see a good example of Ecuador rose longevity as well.

For Mother’s Day, I sent my mom red Ecuador roses.  They were delivered Tuesday May 5th.

Regretfully mom was then hospitalized.

We flew out to Portland May 11th.  Some of the roses had been brought along to the hospital where they did not receive any care… sitting in direct sunlight…not put in water immediately and then this was water stale.  They were almost gone.

Fortunately on May 12 we brought mom home (yea, she said!) and I dragged these wilting Ecuador roses along.  I snipped their ends and put them in fresh water.

We saw amazing results by the next day.

On the way back I also stopped at Safeway and bought a dozen yellow roses from Colombia.  Thus we can compare.


I took this photo on May 14, nine days after these mistreated Ecuador roses were delivered.

They still looked great.

I added in a couple of the super market Colombia yellow roses for comparison. The yellow roses were two days out of the store.

You can see the difference in the size of the heads.

History suggests that the Colombian roses never fully open and that the Ecuador roses will last two or three times longer.

The Ecuador roses cost $1.59 per stem delivered to mom’s doorstep… including over the one fourth of the price ($20 of the $79) being donated to Land of the Sun to help the poor of Ecuador.

The Colombia roses were .83 cents a stem at the store.

Plus the Ecuador roses are environmentally certified.

In short the 365 days a year of direct sunlight mean that Ecuador flowers are bigger, longer lasting and brighter than most roses you’ll find in any super market… plus thanks to Fedex they can be delivered directly to your door.

See how to order Ecuador Roses here

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