Warmer on Water

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Water share investments could get warm soon.

Sunday’s message on Green and Ecuador cars message looked at how wise investors can cash in by investing in green shares that are vital to society in the long term… but are more depressed more than the norm due to short term economic concerns.

This type of economic distortion may be especially true of water shares.

I love investing in water and have been recommending water shares for about a decade now.

We are in North Carolina at our farm and recently had a record number of days with measurable rain (13 days in a row I believe).  Our weather  man reported that this set a historical record.

Our creeks were roaring.  This is normally a small stream high up on the land.


Here is one of our waterfalls in normal times and…


after the rains.


Here is another fall normal… and


after the rains.


This creates a degree of aggravation… such as washing out our roads, like this but…


overall we are tickled. We love the water.  The large number of year round springs is one reason we chose this farm.  For example water gushes from the rocks at this one spring and…


fills our deep woods hot tub…


with continual fresh water, plus…


provides all of the water supply in our house and helps fill this pond, plus…


creates this water fall that fills a fish pond in our back yard as well as fills a stock tub in our chicken pen.


This is just one of dozens of springs on the land.  We feel blessed as water is becoming one of humanity’s most precious commodities!

This is why as I look for good value equities to buy now, I am studying two water ETFs (Exchange Traded Fund). One of the ETFs is the PowerShares Water Resources Fund.

This ETF invests in the shares that compose the Palisades Water Index which is an equal-dollar weighted stock market index that tracks the performance of companies engaged in the global water industry.   The PowerShares Water Resources Fund aims to match the performance of this index.

Shares in this index include pump and filter manufacturers, water utilities, and irrigation equipment manufacturers.

Here for example are the seven large holdings in the index:

* Tetra Tech (NASDAQ: TTEK) 4.58%
* Itron Inc (NASDAQ: ITRI) 4.12%
* Urs Corp (NYSE: URS) 4.07%
* AECOM (NYSE: ACM) 4.00%
* Danaher Corp (NYSE: DHR) 3.98%
* Badger Meter (AMEX: BMI) 3.95% (flowmeters)
* Veolia Environnement (NYSE: VE) 3.92%
This chart from Finance.yahoo.com  shows how this ETF  was clobbered in 2008.


Yet the need for water has not diminished.  This makes the fund especially worthy of research… for value.

I’ll be sending this full report to my multi currency investing subscribers shortly. For details about this service see www.multicurrencyinvesting.com.

Ecuador Water

This is why I recently sent a message about Ecuador property and water. Here is an excerpt from this message:

Some parts of Ecuador have great… even special waters like Chachimbiro Thermal Springs which are just over the mountain from our El Meson hotel in Cotacachi.

This is a wonderful natural place where we can celebrate and immerse ourselves in the pure water of Ecuador. When we visit the waters of Chachimbiro early morning weekdays, we are the only people there.

Cotacachi has good water as well… that comes from springs fed by the ice from Mount Cotacachi and Mount Imbabura.


Our hotel staff at Meson de las Flores ozonates the hotel’s water  supply so Merri and I drink out of the tap there.

Plus there are numerous lakes near by like Lake Cuicocha.


and high mountain lakes.

However, in general, the water service quality in Ecuador is suspect so keep this in mind when looking at Ecuador property. Read the entire article at Ecuador Property and Water.

The best proven way to make good long term investments is to always look for and invest in value.  Sometimes our search for value leaves us high and dry.   You can be sure that looking for value in water will not leave you all wet!


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