Ecuador – Florida Lake Property Comparison

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Ecuador and Florida real estate offer value that can help turn the economic correction into profit.

Recently Merri and I found ourselves becoming more focused on investing in Florida. I explained why at Ecuador Shamans & Truth.


Ecuador and Florida property on lakes can offer great value.  Our recent real estate tour visited this Ecuador lake.

We have zeroed in on several areas all around Lakeland,  Florida (our son-in law-daughter and grandson are there). We will be looking again at the end of the month.

Our main goal so far has been visiting… feeling…. looking a a few properties and lots of numbers to understand where the real estate market is now.

This search has given us a chance to compare Ecuador real estate with Florida real estate.    Both appear to have great value… but Ecuador real estate is still much much less expensive.

Take for example one Florida lake house that looks especially good to us at this stage.  It is a troubled property, 3,200 square feet on three acres on a lake in a very nice area.

This 20 year old house has four bedrooms, two bathrooms, fireplaces, hardwood floors, barn, 10 years old, tile roof cathedral ceilings, spa room, salt water swimming pool, and rental apartment inside house, balconies overlooking lake, all fenced irrigation system, mature trees, sandy beach, a nice 2 bedroom guest house and a barn.   The land has 160 feet of superb lake front.

This house was on the market originally at 1.4 million dollars and was offered at auction for 1.3 million in October 2006.  There was no bid at that time. The property has now been foreclosed and is bank owned.  The last listed price was $850,000.

What a bargain… barely its original sales price.

Compare this with the Ecuador lake house that I recently wrote about.

The Ecuador lakefront property for sale sits on  5.43 ares with a 2,895 square foot 1970s built house on San Pablo Lake in Otavalo.

The land is zoned for business, home, or a lake house and is fully furnished and was built in the 1970’s  with  4 bedrooms, 2.5 baths, 2 living rooms, 2 dining rooms, kitchen/nook area, game room, porch and balcony. The  caretaker quarters are attached, plus a garage (for boats and car). The land includes 900 plus feet of lake front.


Compare Ecuador lake property:  2,895 square foot house on 5.43 acres on San Pablo Lake, Otavalo with 900 feet of lake frontage at $250,000 asking…

with the Florida lake property: 3,200 square feet on 3 acres with 160 feet of lake frontage at $850,000 asking.

Ecuador real estate offers twice the property at a quarter the asking price

This Ecuador lake property has fruit, pine, eucalyptus and palms.


B-B-Q  on San Pablo Lake property for sale .  The asking price is $250,000.


Mrs. Monica Arcos
Orlando, Florida
Telephone: 407-328-4777   (leave message)  or



In these times of change and turmoil understanding real value is harder than before. Comparing Ecuador lakefront property with Florida lakefront property can help us see value within value so we can turn the current downturn into opportunity.


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