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Ecuador property values are dramatically affected by water supply.

Some parts of Ecuador have great… even special waters like Chachimbiro Thermal Springs which are just over the mountain from our El Meson hotel in Cotacachi.

This is a wonderful natural place where we can celebrate and immerse ourselves in the pure water of Ecuador. When we visit the waters of Chachimbiro early morning weekdays, we are the only people there.

Cotacachi has good water as well… that comes from springs fed by the ice from Mount Cotacachi and Mount Imbabura.


Our hotel staff at Meson de las Flores ozonates the hotel’s water  supply so Merri and I drink out of the tap.

Plus there are numerous lakes near by like Lake Cuicocha.


and high mountain lakes.

Lake Donoso is above Cotacachi at 12,000 feet.

However, in general, the water service quality in Ecuador is suspect.

Water supply services are often interrupted and are well below standard, particularly in poor outlying areas.  According to Wikipedia in 30% of the urban areas, there is no treatment of superficial potable water. 92% of waste water is discharged without any kind of treatment.

The outlook for improvement is not great either.  According to a 2004 sustainability study only 13% of the water systems are considered sustainable.

So when looking at Ecuador property, but sure to check the availability of water.

On Ecuador’s coast for example many villages do not have a piped water system. Water is delivered in trucks like this.


The water delivered in this way is pretty good and inexpensive (drivers are not paid a lot and obviously not much is spent on the trucks).  However water sources are always worth checking.

Don’t rely on what you are told on paper either. Make sure the supply is real. We made an offer on one farm… being told there was a huge water supply.  We were shown the papers proving the supply existed and we hiked up to see the enormous beautiful spring itself.  However,  further research showed that the local community had always objected and had disturbed the pipeline.

This is one reason I like the Vistazul condo project. They have their own wells and have placed a huge water tank at the top of the cliffs behind the condos for excellent water pressure.

Here are delegates on our last Ecuador coastal real estate tour going over to look at the Vistazul model which is 75% complete.


For more details on the Vistazul beach condo project contact  Kjetil Haugan at

This is one reason I also like the Arboretto Mindo property project developed by Dr. Andres Cordova and Carlos Tobar.

Water in this area is plentiful plus Andres and Carlos have made a great effort to make this a successful green project that is in tune with the environment and the water. The Mindo Project has now taken a qualitatively superior dimension and is poised to become a statement project for Ecuador and beyond.

Here are plans for houses on water at the project.

cloud-forest design

Arboretto also has a wonderful river flowing through it.


For more details on water at the Arboretto Mindo property project contact  Carlos Tobar at

Here are more shots of Lake Donoso… water…  recreation…. sport.

Ecuador is a land of great beauty.  There is plenty of water but…

be sure that some of that water is…

in the area…

where you buy.

We have been recommending investing in water for the past ten years or so. Water is important. This belief has good numbers to support it.

  Investments in water have outranked most other investment sectors.

  There are other solid reasons to invest in water:

 The first is obviously supply and demand. Water will become scarcer in the future because there is a growing global population that will consume and pollute more water.

Increased government regulations about water create opportunity.

Opportunities exist in many areas of the water industry from bottling to replacing water infrastructures to water line and water main replacements that create growth in pipe companies.

The increasing demand, reduced supply and enhanced value of water worldwide is a most basic fundamental even more important than oil!

When you invest in real estate… in Ecuador… or anywhere check the water supply before you buy.


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