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Our last two message started a series on Ecuador beach property.

Today the series continues and shows how to have Ecuador beach property with views like this.


This shot was taken in Crucita Ecuador on a recent Ecuador Coastal Real Estate Tour

I am adding a stronger buy signal for Ecuador beach property from Salinas to Esmeraldas and today we’ll focus on Crucita as shown on an excerpt of this Ecuador map at


Those who have been reading our messages for any length of time know that I have focused my efforts on the middle portion of Ecuador’s beach from Manta to Bahia in the province of Manabi.

You can see why I consider Manta the key to Ecuador beach growth here.

I especially like the area from Crucita to San Clemente.

On the map above you can see Manta at the lower left, Crucita in the middle and San Clemente on the upper right.

What makes this area so attractive is the excellent weather and this wonderful curved beach that runs from Crucita to San Clemente.  Here is a photo of that beach taken from Crucita.   San Clemente sits just before the cliff and point in the distance.


This picture was taken from the house of Jim Cheek who has been helping our real estate tour delegates in Crucita.  More on Jim in a moment.

Here are the condos, from their roof gardens, I have purchased in San Clemente.


They have ocean and floral views.


Delegates on our real estate tours enjoy staying here.


Here delegates enjoy the roof garden.

See why I like these San Clemente beach condos any why I have invested in here.

However there are many other great Ecuador beach areas I would like to share so I asked a few of the many contacts I have made, up and down the coast, to tell us more about the beaches where they are in Ecuador.

Today we look south of San Clemente at Crucita… the village on the other end of the long  crescent beach.

Our friend, James Cheek, owns a gated community there and his wife Lorena Anton is a real estate broker who has helped many of our real estate delegates there.

Here are delegates visiting Jim and Lorena’s home, enjoying their views and …


seeing their house…




inside and…


in the…



Here is what Jim shares with us about Crucita.

Crucita la Bella.

By James Cheek

Crucita la Bella means beautiful Crucita.  The translation for Crucita is Little Cross.

Hello, my name is James Cheek and I have lived in Crucita since 2001 on a permanent basis.

Allow me tell you about Crucita and the area.

Crucita is located on the coast of Ecuador in the province of Manabi at the ocean end of a seven mile wide valley and some 25 miles long, which is very rich in agricultural products year around.  With the combination of land based foods and seafood close at hand, we have the finest selection of low cost very healthy eating.  Fresh ripened tomatoes, 3 lbs for $1.50, potatoes .40c per pound, cantaloupe for .75c , prawns $5.00 per pound, mahi mahi $1.75 per pound and on and on.


If I look out my window I can see Manta off to the south of us across the bay and 30 minutes by car.

If one goes inland within 30 minutes can be in the capital city of Portoviejo.

Both Manta and Portoviejo are major cities that offer all services modern, malls, transportation, building supplies and movies in English.

Manta has an airport with daily service to Quito and is expected to become an international airport within the next year or so.

Portoviejo has an airport with service to Quito also but with fewer flights.

Bus service is good and inexpensive. A 3.5 hour trip to Guayaquil, which by the way Guayaquil has the most beautiful new bus station which is like a modern airport, the trip is $5.00. So as you can see, location is everything here in Ecuador, being close to modern transportation services is a must for many.

Crucita is classified as a “village” with a population of 10,000 inhabitants.  When I first came to Crucita in 2000, I felt as if I had stepped back in time to around 1950.  Fishing boats on the beach and one could purchase freshly dispatched pork from a local butcher and dogs sleeping in the middle of the road.

Things have changed in the short nine years I have been here.  Land values have tripled, we now have wireless broadband internet, water from a treatment plant, a new four lane highway is being built from Portoviejo to Crucita and is near complete, a $5 million sewage treatment system and the tourists are increasing in numbers to the beach.

We have a development called Villa Balsamaragua, which is located on the south end of Crucita high up on the side of a small mountain overlooking all of Crucita and the Pacific Ocean. The development is modern with all services in place including a bar/restaurant where the sport of Paragliding is practiced. We offer a gated community where we hear the birds singing, not the car alarms and sirens of the cities.


Paragliding above Crucita and…


the Pacific Ocean.

What I have determined about Ecuador and the Crucita area is that our location is very important and tranquility is the order of the day.

Come visit us.  Sincerely,  James Cheek

Jim and Lorena live at Villa Balsamaragua overlooking Crucita. Here are some of the houses in Villa Balsamaragua that…

ecuador-beach-crucita our delegates have viewed there.


Jim and Lorena also have a restaurant where our delegates stop and…


enjoy the views of Crucita.


Lorena also shows delegates other gated communities like this.


Here are…


some of the homes n the Crucita Beach front gated communities.


There are also houses for sale on the beach.  Here delegates take a look at one ($110,000 asking price) beach front home, in front and…


and back.


For more information about Crucita, contact James Cheek at

or see his website

Until next message, may all your views be good!


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